Mophie Brings Portable Power to Your Daily Arsenal

Once, at a CES several years ago, a member of the Gear Diary team had something unthinkable happen — she ran out of battery on her phone. Yes, we obviously had access to wall chargers, but running out of juice on the go was still a major issue. No one understands the importance of not losing power like our friends at mophie, and they’ve got some new power solutions to ensure it doesn’t happen to you!

Mophie Brings Portable Power to Your Daily Arsenal

First, mophie is bringing back its iconic juice pack for the iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. It’ll retail for $99.95 and will boost the iPhone’s battery with an additional 2,400-2,800 mAh battery integrated right into the case.

The juice pack will sport raised edges and a high-impact protection system as well as a soft-touch finish because mophie always makes sure the case portion of the battery case gets plenty of attention.

And mophie has another trick up their sleeve where pass-through charging prioritizes charging the iPhone first and the external battery second.

Mophie received a CES Innovation Award for the $69.95 snap+ powerstation mini with stand. It’s not just a charging station; it can roll with you on the go, thanks to a big battery and small chassis for pocketability.

Mophie Brings Portable Power to Your Daily Arsenal

The mophie snap+ powerstation mini with stand sports a 5,000mAh battery, is compatible with Magsafe and Qi charging standards, and can handle phones, earbuds, or anything else that uses wireless charging. There’s also an aluminum stand so you can easily charge while streaming.

In addition, the mophie powerstation family also features snap+ 3-in-1 ($129.95) that can charge your Apple watch, iPhone, and AirPods simultaneously, as well as the snap+ wireless charging vent mount ($69.95) that lets you wirelessly charge your iPhone while mounting it perfectly on your car vents.

These new mophie power solutions will be available in the first quarter of this year; you can keep an eye out for them and check out the brand’s other products by clicking here.

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