Cross-Promotional Spring Sale: Limited Time Deals from Nomad, Nanoleaf, Camp Chef, BYLT Basics, and Toad&Co

Nomad is a long-time Gear Diary favorite, and we’ve just got word that they’ve teamed up with four other sites to offer a cross-promotional sale with great incentives when you shop at Nomad, Nanoleaf, Camp Chef, BYLT Basics, and Toad&Co. Read on to find out why this is a great time to see if any of your gear needs updating—the price is right, but the sale will be over on Sunday!


To start, Nomad offers 20% off sitewide on its full-price, in-stock gear with the code SUPERSPRING2024. The only exceptions to the sale seem pretty reasonable: limited editions, third-party gear, and back-ordered items.

I will list the Nomad items I use daily for your perusal, but trust me, there are plenty more to explore in their catalog.

Nomad Titanium Band

The $300 Nomad Titanium Band is a gorgeous fusion of style and functionality. Made to complement Apple Watches, it’s available in two sizes: 40mm/41mm and 45mm/49mm, and you can choose between black or natural titanium.

Constructed from Grade 2 Titanium, this band is lightweight, comfortable, and strong. The custom Magnetic Clasp ensures a secure fit that I can attest to — it will not come off your wrist unless you actively remove it. It also has a diamond-like carbon coating that helps it resist scratches and look great forever.

The Nomad Titanium Band comes with everything you need to easily adjust the band’s length for the perfect fit. It works with a variety of Apple Watch models, including the Ultra and Ultra 2, Series 9, 8, 7, 6, SE, and all previous iterations.

Best of all, it looks great on everyone’s wrist! I absolutely love mine.

Nomad Modern Leather Case

The $70 Nomad Modern Leather Case is crafted from the finest USA-sourcedHorween leather, and I see it as an investment in both style and durability. Available in Black or Rustic Brown, the case is thin yet luxurious. The bonus is that it will develop a beautiful, worn leather patina as you use it, complete with healed scratches and hand stains.

The case has anodized aluminum buttons that provide tactile feedback, dual lanyard attachment points, and is fully compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging.

The Nomad Modern Leather Case has raised bezels around the screen for facedown protection and a protective bezel around the rear camera module. If you drop your phone, you can rest easily as it provides up to 8′ drop protection.

I’ve had this case on my iPhone 15 Max Pro since last October, and though I have tried plenty of other cases, this is the one that I always return to. It just looks and feels so nice!

Nomad Stand One Max

The $180 Nomad Stand One Max is available in Carbide or Silver. With it, you can say goodbye to cluttered charging stations. This sleek device combines MagSafe and wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to power up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously.

The Stand One Max has a gorgeous metal and glass design that looks great on your desk or bedside table; it weighs almost two pounds, so it feels quite substantial and won’t move around if you touch it wrong.

Its 3-in-1 charging capabilities are so convenient: It provides official MFi MagSafe charging speeds of up to 15W, a dedicated Apple Watch Fast Charger, and a Qi charging spot for your AirPods.

The Stand One Max comes with a 2.0m USB-C to USB-C cable for fast and seamless connectivity; for optimal performance, you just need to provide a 30W USB-C Power Adapter (Nomad sells a great one for $30).

This is the charging station I have sitting on my office Desk, and when it’s in portrait mode, I love being able to glance at my iPhone and see what’s onscreen versus having to pick it up.

When the iPhone is turned to landscape mode, it automatically enters iPhone StandBy, a great way to have an always-visible clock and calendar.

Plenty of other goodies are waiting to be discovered on the Nomad site; I highly encourage you to take a look!


Nanoleaf also offers 20% off sitewide for US shipping only with the code SUPERSPRING2024. The only exceptions from the sale are Skylights, Outdoor String Lights, and bundles, but that still leaves tons of items to choose from, including these …

Nanoleaf Matter BR30 Smart Bulbs

Having smart lights at home adds a touch of sophistication, especially when they seamlessly transition from white to any color of your choosing. If you, like me, have recessed lighting, you’ve probably considered upgrading to smart floodlights. However, renowned brands often come with a hefty price tag, sometimes reaching $50 per bulb!

Enter the Nanoleaf Matter BR30 Smart Bulbs, which, at $49.99 for a 3-pack, offer affordability without compromising quality.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a world of vibrant hues and endless lighting possibilities, you’ll appreciate these smart color-changing LED light bulbs, which seamlessly integrate with Thread and Matter technology. The setup is simple, and you can control them with your favorite voice assistant or through the app.

The Nanoleaf Matter BR30 Smart Bulbs offer a palette of over 16 million colors with customizable whites, so you can tailor their ambiance to suit any mood or occasion. If you want even more personalization, the Nanoleaf App offers additional customization options, giving you plenty of options.

To unlock this smart bulb’s full potential, you’ll need a Matter-compatible smart home hub, a Thread border router, and either iOS/tvOS 16.5+ or Android OS 8.1+ to seamlessly integrate it into your smart home ecosystem.

Wondering which hubs are compatible? Look no further than devices like the Apple HomePod mini, Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen), or Amazon Echo (4th Gen), among others. For those who prefer a streamlined setup, control via the Nanoleaf App is possible with just Bluetooth connectivity.

I have the Nanoleaf Matter BR30 Smart Bulbs in my kitchen, and I love changing their colors to match the occasion. They are great for bright white lights when you want to go plain vanilla, but they really shine with cool multi-color scenes for chilling out in the evening or creating a holiday vibe.

If you have spotlights instead of recessed lighting, Nanoleaf has you covered with its Nanoleaf Matter GU10 Smart Bulbs, which start at $49.99 for a pack of three. For regular light sockets, look no further than the Nanoleaf Matter A19 | E26 Smart Bulbs, which sell for $19.99 each or $49.99 for a pack of three.

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes

If you want even more unique and striking lighting, look no further than the Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes, which are available in Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles. You can mix and match them to create something truly original.

With a sleek black finish that seamlessly blends into any space when turned off, Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes burst to life with vibrant, high-contrast RGB lighting animations when switched on. Their smart features include a Rhythm Music Visualizer, Screen Mirror, Touch controls, and customizable schedules; the possibilities are endless.

They are easily mountable on any flat surface using the included adhesive Mounting Tape; no extra tools are necessary. With a lifetime of 25,000 hours and WiFi (2.4 GHz b/g/n) communication, these hexagons offer dimmability through the Nanoleaf App, voice control, or touch.

Compatible with a range of smart home systems, including Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and more, Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes will integrate perfectly into your existing setup.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef epitomizes the joy of outdoor gatherings, where good food cooked over an open flame enhances every experience, whether atop a mountain, by the sea, or in one’s backyard.

Their dedicated team of outdoor enthusiasts and culinary experts is committed to bringing gourmet flavors to outdoor settings with durable, versatile gear for wilderness adventures and backyard feasts.

Camp Chef Pro60

Since its inception in 1990, they’ve revolutionized camp cooking with products like the Pro60, which set the standard for portability and power. Over the years, their product line has expanded to include griddles, grill box attachments, cast iron pieces, and pellet grills, all applauded by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Camp Chef strives to create inclusive products catering to casual users and seasoned chefs. It offers modular cooking systems that support a wide range of culinary creations.

When you use the code SUPERSPRING2024 at checkout, Camp Chef will offer a free Flat-Top Griddle by purchasing a Pro60 Camp Stove.

BYLT Basics

Embrace versatility with BYLT Basics, which are tailored for the go-getter, the pioneer, and the ambitious. Designed to elevate your lifestyle, these transitional apparel, footwear, and accessories empower you to conquer life’s challenges confidently.

A man wearing the BYLT Basics Bayside short sleeve Polo in Black.

BYLT Basics Bayside short sleeve Polo in Black.

Crafted from premium materials using advanced cut-and-sew techniques, BYLT Basics redefines comfort, quality, and style. Their signature LUX Blend combines cotton for comfort, polyester for durability, and spandex for the perfect fit, ensuring you look sharp all day.

Experience the BYLT difference with their exclusive blends, including Signature, Elite+, and Performance+, each engineered to meet the demands of your active lifestyle. From intense training sessions to casual outings, their fabrics offer moisture-wicking properties, breathability, and enhanced flexibility, keeping you comfortable and focused on your goals.

BYLT’s Kinetic Fabric products for all-day comfort and unrestricted movement, or indulge in the Allday Blend for moisture control and secure fit.

With BYLT Basics, you’re prepared for every opportunity that comes your way, from the office to the gym and everywhere in between, and right now, you can get 25% off sitewide with the code SUPERSPRING2024.


Toad&Co, formerly known as Horny Toad, has evolved from humble beginnings in a garage in Telluride, Colorado, to a nationwide presence with stores from California to Maine. Founded in 1991 by a woman crafting fleece hats for friends, the company quickly expanded, opening its first store in Telluride in 1995 and later relocating its headquarters to Chicago.

Notably, in 1997, Toad&Co partnered with Search, Inc. to establish Planet Access Company, a warehouse providing career opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Since then, Toad&Co has grown its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

By 1998, all inventory was processed by the Planet Access Company, employing up to 70 adults with disabilities annually. Additionally, the company launched Search for Adventure, offering outdoor experiences for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Over the years, Toad&Co has supported environmental protection and employment initiatives, funded organizations, and sent hundreds on outdoor adventures.

In 2010, Toad&Co was recognized as one of Outside Magazine’s best places to work, reflecting its dedication to environmental activism and community engagement. The company joined 1% for the Planet and invested in renewable energy certificates for its locations.

In 2015, Toad&Co’s name change reflected its broader commitment to global change through partnerships focused on sustainability.

Looking ahead, Toad&Co continues to prioritize sustainability goals, aiming for certifications in responsible wool standards and increasing the use of recycled materials. They aim to reduce water usage and ensure ethical sourcing of materials like organic cotton.

By 2025, they plan to have trained 1,000 additional individuals with disabilities through their warehouse program and implemented sustainable packaging practices.

Toad&Co’s Planet Access initiative extends its impact beyond manufacturing, with stores offering job opportunities for people with disabilities and programs supporting emerging artists and disability awareness training. The Search for Adventure program further promotes inclusivity by facilitating outdoor experiences for individuals with disabilities.

Toad&Co stands out as a company committed to social and environmental progress. Their dedication to sustainability, inclusive employment practices, and community engagement make them a compelling choice for anyone seeking ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products.

With the code SUPERSPRING2024, you can get 30% off Toad&Co’s sale items for a savings of up to 70%!


We’re a bit more familiar with Nomad and Nanoleaf, but it was fun to look at the items offered by Camp Chef, BYLT Basics, and Toad&Co. I bet you’ll find some new favorites if you check them out!

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