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PocketMac Ringtone Studio 2 for iPhone – Video Review

I’m not a huge ringtone fan but my use of PocketMac’s RingtoneStudio 2 for iPhone may change all that. At $29.95 the application isn’t inexpensive, but after creating just 30 ringtones it will have paid for itself. Let’s take a look… A free trial is available. Get it from createiphoneringtones for $29.95

ColorSplash – iPhone App Review

Yesterday Larry posted about his favorite new iPhone Photography app Pix Remix. It made him go “Wow” and, after following his advice and purchasing it, I had to second his “Wow!” It has now been added to the collection of image editing apps I keep on my iPhone.

ScreenFlow Review – GD Must-Have Mac Applications

I made the leap to the Mac less than two years ago. When I first made the move I read a number of posts which describes some of the best Mac applications. Over the last 20 months I have found my collection of applications I swear by. Some are from those initial lists but most I stumbled upon along the way- often by accident. With so many of us here on the site using Macs these days I thought it would be worthwhile for us to begin sharing some of our favorite Mac applications. Hence our new “GD Must-Have Mac…

Taking Notes iPhone-Style – A GD How-To

So here was the dilemma… I was sitting outside in the sun rereading a book I purchased a number of years ago. (Yes, a dead tree book!) I remember some insights in it that might prove useful for some talks I need to be giving in a few weeks. So there I was on vacation reading it for the second or third time. And I was right, there was something worth noting on every other page. The problem was I didn’t have time and paper nearby and, quite honestly, I didn’t feel like sitting there and taking notes while reading in…

Create Podcasts On The Go With AudioBoo- A GD How-To

This began as a review of Audioboo, a relatively new service that allows you to create voice podcasts either on your computer or on the go using an iPhone, or an iPod touch in quickly and easily upload them to the net and share them with the world. In the process of creating this review I decided to make a brief podcast of my very first recording and realized that it actually might be more useful and, I hope, more interesting, if I did this post more as a “how-to” than a review. Step One — Visit the AudioBoo website…

How to Create Perfect Panoramas

There you are standing on the edge of a beautiful lake on a warm July day. With the naked eye the scenery is magnificent. Unfortunately while the upgraded camera on the iPhone 3GS works well, any given image only captures a small portion of the view. Fear not! For there is a simple way to capture and share a beautiful panorama of the entire image in just moments. Here’s a quick “iPhone How-To”.

Instaviz Review

In a post comment last week Wayne referred to using a mindmapping application on his new iPhone. Fact is, mindmapping is a great way to brainstorm and organize your thoughts and the iPhone lends itself to this technique surprisingly well. On the iPhone my mindmapping app of choice is Instaviz. It is a powerful, yet easy to use app that can’t help but impress. Let’s take a look and, if you like what you see, you could win one of five copies we are giving away this week.

Rivet VERTICAL LEATHER BAG for Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Review

Some people like shoes while others like jackets. Me… I’ve always had a thing for notebook cases. There is something about the combination of function and style that draws me to a new case when I see one. So when the opportunity to take a look at Rivet’s new Vertical Leather Bag came up I jumped. It looked nice and, perhaps more importantly, it looked DIFFERENT from the other bags available. Let’s take a look…

DOOM Resurrection – an iPhone Gaming First Look

I have to admit that when it comes to gaming I have a weakness for 1st Person Shooters and… Zombies. But can games that combine the two really work on a device as small and “buttonless” as the iPhone or iPod Touch? After spending the last 45 minutes or so playing id software’s new release DOOM Resurrection the answer is a definitive “YES!!!” DOOM Resurrection, currently $9.99 in the App Store, combines great graphics, a good story line, and truly usable touchscreen controls into a fantastic gaming experience. While other games have done a good job with using the touchscreen…

Is the iPhone 3G REALLY a Good Deal??

TechCrunch has an excellent post up answering the question “Should you get an iPhone 3GS” from a number of perspectives. Overall it is a fantastic piece that looks at a wide range of variables and offers answers to the question based upon each, and I must say I agree with the authors conclusions. Well, that’s not COMPLETELY true. He had me at “Hello” but lost me at the end when he wrote… Overall? Maybe. As I said, there’s really no clear-cut answer as to if you should get the device. You really need to look at the functionality above, and…

Stanton T.55 Belt-Driven Turntable – Unboxing and Review

Whoever thought I would be using a belt-driven turntable in 2009? And yet, that’s what I did over the weekend. Sure, we all know DJs love vinyl, but me, the typical end-user? What gives? Well, it turns out there are a host of treasures to be found if you “go retro”. LPs stored in the attic are just waiting to be broken out once again. And if you don’t have any disks left you can just go to your local record store where your favorite music can be had for a song. (Ha, music… song… get it???) If you DO…

Monitor – A Gear Diary Video QuickView

Applications like Prism and Fluid make it possible to create site-specific applications allowing “users [to] split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop. Prism lets users add their favorite web apps to their desktop environment When invoked, these applications run in their own window…” [from Prism landing page] It is a great way to have a direct line to some most-used sites without having to deal with the entire browsing experience. They work well and are free. Unfortunately, for many of us it can quickly mean having five, ten or twenty “site-specific” applications. It…

Tasty Accessories for Netbooks

Just as the right side dish can make or break the meal, the right accessory can take a good device and make it even better. Something as simple as a case or an external battery can be the difference between a nice device and a truly great one; between a device that is usable and one that is a pleasure. Accessories have the power to remedy shortcomings, increase usability and, in some cases, save the day or a trip to the repair shop. This post is the first in a series of device accessory posts that begin with the question……

iPhone 3.0 and 3G S Impressions Tips Tricks and More

As the dust continues to settle on “The Week Of The iPhone” we’re all getting increasingly used to devices with a new OS or entirely new devices. That’s means the list of wishes for OS 4.0 begins now. It also means increasing familiarity and impressions that are more valuable than the initial “OMG did you know it can do this?” and “Wow! Wow! Wow!” What follows are some likes, dislikes, tips, treats and more, disappointments and dreams for future updates.

An Open Letter To Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

The following email was sent directly to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Dear Mr Bezos, My name is Dan Cohen and I am an editor for the tech website I am also a proud Kindle owner. In fact, many of us on the site’s staff have, and love, our Kindles. I’m writing to you regarding an experience I have had over the past few days that clearly struck a cord with readers and Kindle owners worldwide. It began last Friday when I got a new iPhone and iPod touch and was unable to load some of my kindle books on them….

KindleGate: Confusion Abounds Regarding Kindle Download Policy

I’ve been on top of KindleGate most of the afternoon. It took speaking with three MORE customer reps today, plus the one yesterday, to finally get accurate, or what I hope is accurate, information. This sordid tale began last night when I was setting up my iPhone 3G S, and a book I went to download to the Amazon Kindle app would not download.  I called customer service to inquire about the issue. In short order the customer representative told me that each publisher determines the number of times a book can be downloaded, and once that download number is…

To Dad On Father’s Day- Thanks For All The Toys

I love technology and gadgetry. Even though I’m in a field that isn’t normally associated with such things I can’t get enough of it. For the longest time I thought that my interest had to do with my maturity level which, as my wife will tell you, can be rather low. 🙂 A while back, however, I realized that the real source of my interest was far closer to home. You see I grew up in a household with a father who was on the leading edge of new technology. We had a touchtone phone before it was even released….

Kindle’s DRM Rears Its Ugly Head… And It IS Ugly

I love my Amazon Kindle. I love reading with it, I love how light it is,  and I love the battery life. I also love the fact that it automatically syncs with the Amazon Kindle application on my iPhone and iPod touch. That means any book will open to the last page read regardless of the device last used.  it is an amazing bit of technology   that makes reading books across multiple platforms beyond simple. It’s a perfect situation — right? Well, it’s an almost perfect situation. This afternoon I discovered a huge Achilles heel in the whole Amazon Kindle…

iPhone 3G S Awesome For Everything But Calls – Activation Issues Plague Many

New iPhones are reaching customers throughout the world today. People are excitedly opening the boxes, putting away their old iPhone’s (or dropping them on the ground) and hurrying to set up activate their “Zippier” phones. Unfortunately, it’s “déjà vu all over again” as many, including myself, are having problems activating the darn things.

Swapping the Drive On A 13″ MacBook Pro

Yesterday Mitchell posted a first look at his new 13″ MacBook Pro. In his terrific overview he showed a few pictures of his swapping out the installed drive for a mammoth 500GB drive. As luck would have it the 120GB Solid State Drive I ordered from NewEgg earlier in the week arrived while I was reading it. As a result, the iPhone 3G S that is “Out for Delivery” isn’t the only piece of “zipper” Apple Hardware I’ll be enjoying. Instead of taking some shots of the install I figured I would grab my Flip UltraHD and film it. So…

Unboxing The iPhone 3G S – A GD Video

Travis got his iPhone 3G S at the Apple Store this morning, and Larry’s iPhone arrived at his home home a bit ago. I’m still waiting. 🙁 Larry has unboxed his on camera for your viewing pleasure. (Hint: Pay special attention to the gentle way Larry treats his iPhone 3G, now that it has been left for a newer, hotter model.)