Xreart Studio Review: Give the Gift of Upcycled Gadgets with Unique Teardown Art

Art is subjective. What speaks to one person might not strike someone else in the same way. However, if you’re reading Gear Diary, you probably have a strong appreciation for technology, especially the devices that impacted your life. Maybe your gateway to geekery was a Game Boy, an original iPhone, or your first smartwatch; Xreart takes that love for gadgets and turns them into works of art!

This Instagrammer Is Bringing Art to Life in Quarantine

Are you bored in lockdown? Of course you are! We’re all getting sick of staring at our four walls. Some of us are using quarantine a bit more productively than others, though. Just look at the amazing art reproductions being done on Instagram by performer and pinup model, Miss Anne Mary!

Upgraded Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet Brings Your Art to Life

The newly updated Intuos pen tablet from Wacom builds on the brand’s great history of digital illustration tablets, bringing their top-tier pen-to-PC technology to an entry-level price range. With small and medium size options, wired and Bluetooth connectivity options, the Wacom Intuos is a great fit for beginners and experienced illustrators.

Posterjack, Turn Your Images Into Art

It seems that today we all take tons of digital photos but very few ever become physical media. If there is a photo worthy of being on a wall, it is usually something special. Posterjack, Canada’s Photo Art Experts, now provides services in the United States. They offer quality printing on a variety of media. Read on for my experience. 

H.R. Giger, the Brilliant BioMechanical Artist, Dead at 74

Hans Rudolph Giger, the artist who created the terrifyingly beautiful biomechanical creatures used in the Alien movies, and other weirdly fascinating artwork seen everywhere from the covers of rock albums to video games to tattoos, died yesterday due to complications from a fall suffered at his home; the artist was 74.

Are Video Games Art? MoMA Answers with New Exhibit

It’s the question everyone’s asking nowadays: can video games be considered art? Should they be? While it’s been over two years since film-critic Roger Ebert blew up the debate with his now-famous commentary, the fight rages on. This time, it’s New York’s Museum of Modern Art that’s taking a side. In the past, curators and critics alike have been hesitant to put a label on gaming. Pundits of established artistic disciplines were the worst offenders, often heard dismissing the industry in favor of their own respective fields. Ebert’s notorious quote that “video games can never be art” unleashed what has…

Diana Beltran Herrera’s Paper Artistry

It’s not often that I spot something so creative that I am just amazed by the talent involved, but that’s exactly what happened when I found artist Diana Beltran Herrera’s three-dimensional paper creations. The British have a word for it: Gobsmacked. Ms. Herrera’s anatomy series is made of cut paper and vinyl, and they were created because, sometimes u ask me what the birds have inside. Well they have inside what real birds have inside. Little by little i am finding the way to discover what they are made of.   Diana’s birds, animals, bugs and other paper critters are…

Music as Art … Sheet Music Art, That Is!

An artistic duo called ‘People Too’ from Novabrinsk in Russia are known for their amazing papercraft that seeks to bring small scenes to life, but apparently they can also bring sheet music to life as well! We all know that music is art, and therefore sheet music contains art … but it is amazing when the sheet music ITSELF becomes art! The site linked below has more than a dozen examples of great art done in between the stanzas – definitely check it out. Take a look at this one! Head to the site and check out all of them!…

Red Bull “Creation” Event — the Official Gear Diary Report

If the apocalypse comes, I want to spend it with the teams who competed in the Red Bull Creation event. They were given 72 hours and a pile of junk, along with the mission to illustrate “Energy in Motion”. Any scraps were fair game, from metal to electronics to slabs of wood, and the creations were just astounding. What they created was absolute brilliance, from hamster wheels to see-saws, and did I mention they did it in 3 days? If you left me in a room with a pile of junk and Red Bull, you’d come back to find a…

Bent Objects: What Happens When an Artist Is Given a Bit of Wire and a Few Household Items

My friend Holley just forwarded an email that’s making the rounds; maybe you got it, too. It shows the art of Terry Border, the artistic genius behind Bent Objects. Some of the pictures are cute… Modest pear … some are silly … Paper training our little dog, Frank … and some are creepy! You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato. You Say Potatoes, I say Zombies. Zombies are nuts about brains Zombies! =) I am now officially a fan, and I’ve bookmarked his site. I bet that you’ll want to, too! Bent Objects

Dalton Ghetti’s Amazing Pencil Art

I was forwarded an email from my cousin Dusty this morning, and in it there were incredible carvings which had been done in the tips of pencils — some involving the lead (graphite) of the pencil, and some involving the wood around the lead. The name of the artist wasn’t listed, nor was the original source, but a quick Google search revealed both. Dalton Ghetti, a carpenter who lives in Bridgeport, New York, has been making his “miniature masterpieces” for about 25 years. From the February 11, 2007 New York Times article about him: “You could see how he could…

Salt Dough Ornaments are Holiday Fun for the Whole Family

After moving this year, Kevin and I realized we were a bit light on Christmas tree decorations; but instead of going out and buying a bunch of them, his girls and I spent a day making salt dough ornaments. This is something that my mom used to do with my brother and me when we were kids. Mom thinks it’s because play-dough wasn’t easily available living overseas, but it could just as easily be because we were on an enlisted military man’s budget and she was a stay-at-home-mom. Whatever the reason, salt dough is very similar to play-dough, and the…

Restoring Family Treasures: My Great-Grandfather’s Pocket Watch Restoration

A couple of months ago, I was given a box containing a treasure like no other. Inside were the remains of two pocket watches; both were in terrible shape, and both were obviously old. Since they came from my uncle’s widow, I knew that they were somehow related to my family, but there was no further information. One of these pocket watches would yield a most amazing discovery, the other is still a mystery. When I opened the box I was given, this large Waltham pocket watch was the first thing I saw. It was in pitiful shape, having no…

Iri5’s Ghost in the Machine Series

Over the past couple of weeks, the internet has been abuzz with posts about the artist Erika Simmons’ iri5 “Ghost in the Machine” creations. These pieces of art, which are made from old cassette tapes and other media, feature musicians and film stars. I first learned about her work on Neatorama, and when I checked the artist’s Flickr, I was hooked; I wanted to own one! Bob Dylan

Pimping my Mac (Aquarium)

This past August in Nashville, Tennessee it was too hot to be outside to do any yard work, so I decided to work on a project in the comfort of air conditioning. Everything I do or build is a mentally consuming exercise. I Google for ideas, pictures and documentation. Later I sketch, process and make the commitment to get it done. But I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to building things, so I have to manage my time. I’m taking a break from Legos and anything lumber related to try my hand on something totally different. I’ve got the…