Cloud Computing

Transporter Transports Your Files Anywhere You Are

I’m a huge fan of Dropbox and make good use of my 150GB of cloud storage. Still, the fact that I have only 150 GB, have to pay for it, AND my files are on someone else’s server is a bit of a bummer. Connected Data’s Transporter may be the alternative; better still, it just got some great new features.

It’s a Subscription World, and We Just Live In It

HP is causing a bit of a firestorm with their recent announcement that enterprise customers with HP ProLiant Servers will no longer have access to firmware updates past their initial warranty period unless customers have enrolled in a Care Pack Service or support agreement. Apparently HP did not see the irony in their blog post titled “Customers for life”.

PhatPad has (Google) Drive

Gear Diary has written about PhatWare apps on a number of occasions, including here, here, and most recently, here. One of their best known products is PhatPad, a note-taking app that features handwriting recognition. I’ve used PhatWare products, including PhatPad, off and on for years. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of its handwriting recognition.

NeatConnect Review – Empowers Your Paperless and Computerless Lifestyle

Over the past few years I have worked to eliminate as much of the paper-clutter as possible. The NeatConnect cloud scanner takes “paperless” to an entirely new level by allowing you to scan directly to various cloud services without the need of a computer. It is a case of “the right tool for the right job at the right time”.

Evercontact Flashback Mined My Contacts and Found Treasure

Most of your business contacts probably include their contact information in their email signatures. But unless you have an assistant, mining all of that incoming data and inserting it into your address book would be a huge chore; trying to glean that information from past years’ emails would seem incredibly daunting. But not if you use two magical products from Evercontact.

A Request for Reader Input and Advice Regarding My Gear

Here on Gear Diary we often review new products and, sometimes directly and at other times indirectly, we offer recommendations. This time out, I’m turning to all of you for guidance and input: which laptop I should use on a series of upcoming trips. Here’s background on where things currently stand and what kind of input I am seeking.

Grab It and Get Scanning! The NeatConnect Cloud Scanner Is Now Available

The wireless, computerless, paperless revolution is here thanks to the new NeatConnect scanner. Its Wi-Fi capability lets you scan directly to NeatCloud, email, and cloud services such as Evernote and Dropbox. Best of all it is completely computer free. The $499.99 MSRP includes a three month subscription to NeatCloud. Our full review is on the way. Click here learn more.

Clean Up Your Desktop with Dropbox 2.4’s “Save Screenshot” Feature

I take a lot of screenshots when writing Gear Diary posts. Historically they have ben a disorganized mess that increasingly cluttered my desktop. Thankfully, Dropbox 2.4 offers a new feature that automatically saves screenshots to one’s Dropbox folder. That neatly puts all my screenshots in a single place and makes sharing them easier than ever. Get Dropbox 2.4. To activate this new feature, download Dropbox 2.4, launch it, got the preferences, and then select “Share screenshots using Dropbox.” It is that simple. But there is more. Dropbox 2.4 also introduces: Move to Dropbox: A context menu item that will show…

Don’t Be an iFool, Set Up iCloud for Your New iPhone!

The iPhone is great, so is iCloud ability to automatically upload photos. It is great for viewing and sharing photos across devices, but most importantly it provides a backup in case something happens to your phone. My mother recently got her first iPhone and quickly regretted not setting up iCloud when her phone died and took two months of pictures! She got the phone through Verizon after a succession of Motorola Droid devices, and was looking forward to the whole family being on iMessage together across the country. But the Verizon folks didn’t prompt her to set up iCloud or…

HP Pocket Playlist Review – Gives You 32GB of Stylish Wireless Storage on the Go!

With each passing year, flash storage is cheaper and more plentiful, but the options for using storage have become fewer. Apple has few options for storage expansion, and fewer Ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones allow expansion. But the HP Pocket Playlist offers 32GB of wireless storage for use even when you are offline, and does it in a stylish $99 package. Description: •Engineered to entertain: Hey, parents! The HP Pocket Playlist puts you in control of managing your mobile entertainment. No matter where you go— car, train, restaurant, mall— your kids sit still, not fight and stay happy watching their own…

Get 1GB Free Storage for Linking Mailbox and Dropbox on iOS!

I’ve been using Mailbox for the past few days – not out of some outstanding desire to revisit the app, but to get a free 1GB DropBox boost. Simply by adding my GMail account to Mailbox, heading to settings and linking my DropBox, I was rewarded with 1GB more DropBox storage! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re on an iOS device!

Will You Pay Apple for More iCloud Storage When Your MobileMe Bonus Expires?

When iCloud launched and MobileMe was mercifully bludgeoned, those of us fool enough to have paid for the service were rewarded for our stupidity with an extra 20GB of free iCloud storage for a limited time. That time was extended once, but is now set to expire at the end of September according to emails that went out this week. Here is the message from Apple on their support site. Former MobileMe members received a complimentary storage plan after moving to iCloud between October 12, 2011, and August 1, 2012. On September 30, 2013, the complimentary iCloud storage plans will…

Evernote Turns Five- When Did You Subscribe?

Evernote is five years old and its growth sees no time of slowing any time soon. The company’s iOS app was one of my most important productivity apps early on. And, since then, Evernote’s various apps have become increasingly powerful. (I love capturing handwritten pages with the new Page Camera!) The other day they sent out emails to all Evernote subscribers thanking them for their support and indicating what number subscriber each was. Here’s the text of Mike’s email and his number. Yes, there are 65 million Evernote users and Mike is below 100,000. Not bad! Judie, however has been using…

Organize, Share and Enjoy Your Dropbox Photos in New Ways

Dropbox is one of the most important productivity tools I use these days. Having my files, documents and images in Dropbox means I can have access to any and all of my files no matter where I am and no matter what device I happen to be using on any particular day. That’s the reason I keep almost all my active documents in my Dropbox account. Side note: I also have a huge folder in Dropbox entitled “Not Kept Local”. It has all the files, movies and pictures I want to safeguard but don’t need on a daily basis. That…

PC Sales Plummet, But are Windows 8 or iPad to Blame?

There is one reality bolstered by two bits of speculation getting loads of attention today. The reality is that sales of personal computers are abysmal, in fact they just hit the lowest point since the IDC started tracking numbers nearly 20 years ago. As happens whenever numbers are released for anything, analysts swoop in to rationalize and spin, which has led to two major speculations about the origins of the decline. All we know is that PC sales plummet, but are Windows 8 or iPad to blame? Let’s look at those two, and a few more dynamics at play: Windows…

Who Has Your Digital Back in an Emergency?

This past weekend my brother had a massive heart attack, and while he is now stable he has a long road ahead of him. Right after it happened he was treated – it was amazingly fortunate that it happened in a gym with a doctor next to him and a nurse on staff! It is a symptom of our far-flung society that aside from his ex-wife and high school daughter, I am the closest one in terms of distance – and I live nearly FOUR HOURS away! In situations like this it is worth asking who has your digital back…

iTunes, the Cloud, and Forced New purchase Downloads

As more and more information storage moves into “the cloud” — that is to say, you aren’t necessarily storing all those movies, TV shows, books, and whatever else locally on your system, but pulling them in from the Internet at need instead, using other people’s storage instead of your own hardware — it’s interesting to me watching various companies adapt.  Amazon has of course been out in front with their AWS service.  But Apple has also done at least a workmanlike job as well, slowly adding services so that now, if you like you can store a bunch of your…

Shot Note Pad and App Helps Save Your Notes and Memories

If you take notes with a pen and paper and incorporate those notes into your digital life, the Shot Note Pad and iOS app may be just the thing. Each Shot Note Pad looks like a standard writing tablet, but when used in conjunction with the free app the pads make it easy to capture your notes, drawings and diagrams in digital form. I’ve been trying the Shot Note Pad and app out for a few weeks, and I think they are a decent way to merge traditional and digital workflows. Let’s take a look. The Shot Note Pad looks like any inexpensive standard paper,…

Dropbox “Official” app vs. Box File Provider app on Windows 8 (Modern UI)

A couple of days ago, Dropbox added their app to the Windows Store for use in the Modern UI of Windows 8.  Before this app became available, I had been using Box File Provider to access my Dropbox files via the Modern UI. If you are using an RT version of Windows, a Modern UI version is critical, as the desktop function is severely limited on the RT versions of Windows 8.  There is always the option to access your files stored in Dropbox through the web browser interface, but I find that to be kludgy and not as easy…

Scansnap iX500 Scanner Review, the Best ScanSnap Scanner Yet

Scansnap’s scanners have been a mainstay of my move toward a paperless life. They have also played a huge role in my digitizing much of my rabbinic library. I wrote about it here and here and here. The hardware is always top-notch and the software integrates with the hardware to create an excellent and seamless workflow. And while I have enjoyed using the mobile scanners I’ve reviewed it has been the desktop versions of the device that have truly been a huge help to me as I have continued to convert my documents and library into electronic formats. The company…