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Sid Meier’s Starships Takes Us Even Further Beyond Earth Later This Year!

While Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth launched just three months ago, the legendary strategy game create is already preparing his next bold adventure – Sid Meier’s Starships, which is coming later this year to Mac, PC and iPad. The game will offer some connectivity to Beyond Earth, but is its own grand adventure. Check out the announcement info!

Phoenix Online Studios Announces Supreme League of Patriots Coming Jan 29!

I love Phoenix Online Studios because whether they are developing or publishing, they manage to put out some hilarious and high quality games. So when I hear they have something in the works – I want to know about it! The newly announced Supreme League of Patriots looks hilarious and engaging and like just the sort of amazing game I’ll love!

Soldak Entertainment Announces Zombasite Coming in 2015!

Soldak Entertainment is an indie developer making great games, mostly in the RPG genre. From the incredible Depths of Peril, the never-old Din’s Curse, light-but-fun Kivi’s Underworld to the sprawling space adventure Drox Operative. Now for their next game they are dipping into the undead with Zombasite, a post-apocalyptic fantasy action RPG coming in 2015 to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

KNeoWORLD Arcade – Stimulating Workouts to Exercise Your Brain

Brain Training games gained popularity with the Nintendo DS and ‘Brain Age’, and have remained popular for two simple reasons – they work, and they’re fun! But after playing games that feel a little too close to taking a test, it is nice to step back and immerse yourself in something more game-like. That is where KNeoWORLD comes in!

Defense Grid 2 Now Available for PS4, XBOX One, PC, Mac, and Linux!

Back in 2008, Hidden Path Entertainment released Defense Grid: The Awakening, which catapulted the popularity of the resurgent ‘tower defense’ genre into the mainstream. In 2012 they launched a Kickstarter project to help fund the sequel, and this week it arrived! Defense Grid 2 is available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox® One and Steam (PC, Mac, Linux).

Avernum 2 Crystal Souls – Officially Announced for for Mac, PC and iPad

Spiderweb Software alternates between releasing games in the Avernum franchise and a different game. First it was Geneforge games, and more recently Avadon, his first iPad release. In 2011 he brought the original Avernum to the iPad, and modernized and revamped it along the way so it was worth replaying for everyone. This fall we get Avernum 2: Crystal Souls!

G5 Gives Away Red Crow Mysteries on All Platforms

Last year I reviewed the iOS and Mac versions of Red Crow Mysteries: Legion and found it managed to wrap together solid adventure game elements and a story worth following. More than a few hours of gameplay, plenty of content, varied locations, a great story, and a fun adventure. And now it is FREE … grab it now!

What eWallet Needs to Do to Stay on Our Devices

Judie and I were huge fans of eWallet from its earliest days, back when we used Palms; we synced the info on our Palms to the eWallet program on our desktop PCs. Later on we used eWallet on our Pocket PCs. Once the app became available for iOS, we loaded it onto our iPhones and eventually also on our Macs.

The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Charms Mac App Store Today!

Just over a year ago I reviewed the iPad version of The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery, noting I “would have reviewed it sooner … but I just can’t stop playing the darn game!” It is a game that constantly sends a ‘rush of good feelings’, but with the annoying hard-sell of in-app purchases. Now it is out on Mac!

Evernote Tops 100 Million Users! #Evernote

Evernote just topped 100 million users; that’s pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that those 100 million users can be found in any of 190 different countries. Taken together, the two numbers speak to the fact that the popular and powerful service meets a truly international need; this milestone reminded me that many of us were early subscribers.

Mystery of the Opera Plays Its Opening Theme on the Mac!

My review of the iPad version of Mystery of the Opera noted that it employs the common ‘woman in peril and romantic interest left to solve mystery’ trope; rather than bogging the game down, it makes for an excellent launching off point! Now the game is available for the Mac, and it remains a fun and compelling experience.

Make Awesome Slideshows and Movies with FotoMagico 4

If you want to bring your pictures and videos to life, but you don’t want to got to school to learn how to create a presentation that doesn’t look like a five year old did it, then you’ll want to check out FotoMagico 4. At $99 the application is pricey, but the ease-of-use and output results are amazing.

Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac Version 4 Is Bigger, Better, and Faster Than Ever

Nuance has just announced a brand new version of Dragon Dictate. Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac Version 4 offers voice recognition that is faster and more accurate than ever. In addition, Dragon Dictate includes powerful audio file transcription prowess. I’ve been using the new version of the voice recognition app for Mac for the last week, and I’m impressed.

Eschalon Book III Launches on Steam, GoG, and Official Site!

There are a few developers who have driven indie RPG development for the past several years – Spiderweb Software, Soldak Entertainment and Basilisk Games. Basilisk released the stunning Eschalon Book I in 2007, and followed up with Book II. Now they are back with the finale, available on, Steam and Basilisk.

Depths of Peril is now available DRM-Free on for only $9.99

One of my favorite indie developers is Soldak Entertainment, and perhaps my favorite game (I actually like all four) is Depths of Peril. DoP is a game where your choices have consequences, and the rest of the world continues even if you ignore your quests. This ‘indie classic’ Depths of Peril is now available DRM-Free on for only $9.99! Celebrates 5 Successful Years with Retrospective Video

Has it REALLY been FIVE years since opened up to the public? Actually it’s been longer – it was mid-November 2008 when I bought Fallout 1 & 2 and fully embraced the site and its model and began amassing what has become a 200+ game collection on the site. Because they have great games, fair prices, and no DRM. Here is what I said back then: (they) wanted to make a site that would charge a reasonable amount and give gamers older games that were out of circulation in a convenient, DRM-free package that you can download forever. I…

Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel Apparates on the Mac!

Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel takes you on a journey with Detective Bridget “Biggi” Brightstone as she explores a hotel that holds many mysteries. This is a classic Cateia game, like many others G5 has published before, and I love the way they put together games that combine hidden objects and puzzles in a story-based adventure.