PhoneSuit Lightplay Media Projector with Android Review, Part 1

This is part one of a two-part review of the PhoneSuit Lightplay Media Projector.In this post we’ll look at the actual hardware included in the PhoneSuit Lightplay Media Projector box. In the second post we’ll delve more deeply into the actual functionality of the PhoneSuit Lightplay Media Projector . About here and a half ago, Judie and I used the BenQ GP2 Projector. We were amazed that something so small and light could push out such a large, clear image. Watch our videos… Bringing the BenQ Joybee GP2 to Aruba? Why Not! Benq Joybee GP2 Saves the Day When Rain…

Brookstone Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 Devices Review

The other day I wrote about one of the Brookstone iOS accessories Elana gave me for my birthday, the iConvert iPad scanner. Today we are going to look at an accessory that lets the iPhone or iPod touch become a home theater. The Brookstone Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 devices is pretty impressive. In fact, when Elana first saw it, she declared it to be “the coolest iPhone gadget ever!”. I don’t know about “THE coolest”, but it is pretty neat; let’s take a look. Here’s what Brookstone has to say about it: Easy to use—just dock your iPhone 4 device…

DLP Pico Engine Powers a Smartphone Projector: From the CES Floor

Here’s another implementation of TI’s DLP PICO chip… This smartphone is also a projector. This “embedded Pico smartphone” is not yet on the market but it may very well be the direction the market is going. (This post and many more being brought to you from CES-stay tuned to Gear Diary for more great coverage all week!)

DLP Pico Engine Powers World’s Smallest Standalone Projector: From the CES Floor

See the device sitting in between the two iPhones? That’s actually the world’s smallest standalone projector. It is tiny but the picture is great. The product isn’t out yet but it is coming… And soon. And it is powered by Texas Industries DLP Pico chip. It is amazing! (This post and many more being brought to you from CES-stay tuned to Gear Diary for more great coverage all week!)

AAXA P1 Jr. LCOS Pico Projector Review

I’ve been fascinated by the numerous pico projectors that have been released in the past few years. The idea of being able to connect your phone or media device to something just about the same size and throw the picture, slide or video playing on the former up on a wall by using the latter seemed… well, it seemed rather cool to me. It certainly intrigued my geekier side. So when AAXA released their AAXA P1 Jr. I took note. It claims to be the “world’s smallest LCOS pico projector with onboard MP4 player”. When they reached out and asked…

The AT&T LG eXpo Windows Phone with Pico Projector Review

This is a joint review between Jason and Judie. Jason’s comments will be in black; Judie’s will be in blue italics. I recently got to spend a few days with the AT&T LG eXpo.  Quite honestly, the main attraction for wanting to use this Windows Mobile 6.5 packin’ phone is its ability to be used with a Pico Projector add-on for presentations, demos, or home movies.  As misfortune would have it,  the demo unit I was sent shipped without the Pico Projector.   Arggggghhhhh! : -( I received the LG eXpo a little over a month ago.  Just like Jason, I…

Nextar Z10 Microprojector Review

One thing that I saw come out of CES was this cool little Z10 projector from Nextar; it literally fits in the palm of your hand. This little projector is capable of 640×480 and is based on LCOS technology.  LCOS, or Liquid Crystal on Silicon, is the technology being used in most micro projectors and the small modules being made to add to new cellphones.  This allows you to have a very small and pocketable projector.