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Review: SmallTalk Mini Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets, although very practical , still, in my opinion, haven’t received the widespread acceptance they deserve.  Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re just another battery that needs charging, perhaps people just forget them or perhaps it’s there size.  With many states introducing laws that require drivers to use some sort of hands free device when using their phone in… Read More ›

Collapse! Chaos Free for iPhone/Touch

Just when I thought I had played or reviewed just about every puzzle collapse game, I found Collapse! Chaos Free.  The game was number two on the free app rankings this week so I gave it a try.  At first I was leery of another match the color blocks collapse game and did not expect anything we have not seen… Read More ›

Navigon Pushes out MobileNavigator for iPhone version 1.50

Last night, Navigon released another significant update to their MobileNavigator product for iPhone – version 1.5. In this latest update, we get some interesting features including social networking connections to Facebook and Twitter, we get the presentation of multiple routing choices (Navigon calls this MyRoutes), as well as the addition of a 3D terrain display called Panorama 3D View (for… Read More ›

$899 iPhone Application and No Refunds?

We all know how easy it is to purchase applications in the iTunes App. Store.  Once you have a credit card on file you simply “click” once or twice and bam!  Your new application is automatically downloaded to your iTunes library. Even 99¢ applications add up over time.  Apple has made it so easy to spend money in their App… Read More ›

Beam N Read Lights Review

Needing a light in a dark room is a funky thing. Flashlights are okay, but they take up one hand (or your teeth if you’re extra tough). Headlamps don’t always provide an even light, and don’t even bother to try those tiny LED keyring lights. If you’re reading, there’s always booklights, but I find those are tough to position well…. Read More ›

Gear Diary Deal or Dud: Bottle Tops

Bottle Tops are another invention from the “As Seen on TV” folks.  Meant to work with most size cans, the snap-on tops are said to create an air-tight seal which prevents spills and allows you to keep your carbonated beverage fizzy for longer. The Bottle Tops also prevent “things” from crawling into your drinks on hot summer days when  you’re… Read More ›

Tron Legacy Trailer Is Full Of Awesome!

Image courtesy of FilmoFilia Tron is a true classic in terms of the technical elements of film making, but unlike other groundbreaking films such as The Last Starfighter it maintains an appeal to this day. My kids thoroughly enjoy the film, the arcade games, the GBA and PC games, and generally like the whole ‘into the computer world’ … even… Read More ›

Zinio Poised to Bring eMags to the Mainstream

I discovered Zinio’s electronic magazines when I first started using Tablet PCs In the mid-00s. The company has been in existence for 10 years, so I was a fairly early user. I found that despite the Tablet PC’s relatively significant weight, short battery life and tendency to get hot, somethings VERY hot, the experience of using Zinio to read was… Read More ›