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August 13, 2009 • Autos

Infiniti M reveal may be onto something


The event takes place at the prestigious 2009 Concours dí Elegance event in Pebble Beach where Infiniti will become the first company to launch a car via a full-size virtual model.

The sedan won’t actually be there as Infiniti will become the first automaker to use virtual technology mapping to project the car on a full-size clay model of Infiniti’s flagship sedan to simulate the effect.

In-person attendees will feel like the car is actually in the room.

“On August 14 at 6:30 PM PDT, be one of the first to see the unveiling of the all-new 2011 Infiniti M through a cutting edge technology that creates a “virtual M” on a 3D form. will host the exclusive live broadcast from the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, one of the world’s premier automotive events, as Infiniti Design Director Shiro Nakamura unveils our newest expression of sculpted form and rejuvenating refinement.”

Link to live webcast:

So after reading this, and wondering if it wouldn’t just be easier to have the actual car at the unveiling, I started to think …

Why not take this virtual mapping projection technology and bring it to the masses. How about offering a home projection kit where I can project my dream ride onto the rusting hulk that currently occupies space in my driveway.

I could (in virtual reality) turn that 15-year-old minivan with the broken air conditioner and drooping headliner into – presto, chango – a Ferrari or Lamborghini or even the new Infiniti M.

Guys, I think we may be onto something here.

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