Free Your Mac Mail Into Google App’s Cloud!

Free Your Mac Mail Into Google App's Cloud!
(photo courtesy lifehacker)

If you’re like me, you probably set up the Mail application on your Mac at first. And it’s a perfectly fine email program if you want your mail stored locally. I set mine up when I bought my iBook (the last of the G3 models…what a great little computer!), using my Comcast email address.

Then GMail came along and changed everything. I had always hated web-based email, preferring to use Outlook on my PCs and Mail on my Mac. But the Gmail interface was so much better than what the desktop options offered, I immediately jumped ship to the web-based site and never looked back. Except, of course, for the 25,000 times over the next few years that I needed an old email: someone moved, I needed to reference a long-ago email chain, etc.

Now, if you’ve had the same experience and use Google Apps, you can move all your old emails to your Google Apps email, freeing them from the claws of Mac Mail (or Thunderbird or Eudora) forever! Head over to the Official Google Mac Blog and grab the download, then watch as magically you can search years of email, from anywhere! We truly are living in a golden age.

Via Lifehacker

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