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May 20, 2010 • News

Dear Gear Diary…Windows Marketplace Issues

(image courtesy TechCrunch)

I received this email from a Gear Diary reader, and unfortunately I don’t currently have a Windows Mobile phone. If anyone can help him out, please offer suggestions in the comments!

Hi Carly,
I always check out your posts on Gear Diary and find your perspective refreshing and honest. Since you are so involved with researching different techie toys and have a lot more background information than I, I was wondering if with your post on Mobile 6.0-6.1 Marketplace, if you found or encountered stories of this not loading and allowing one to buy apps. I have a T-Mobile Wing (antique I know) and I have had no success loading and trying to operate Marketplace for Mobile 6.0-6.1. I have tried a number of different loads with no success! Very Frustrating! Any tidbit would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

Ok, Windows Mobile experts…start brainstorming!

3 Responses to " Dear Gear Diary…Windows Marketplace Issues "

  1. Francis Scardino says:

    WinMo marketplace is garbage. Your best bet is downloading cab files directly from the paid developer site and signing up for a free Omarket account over at FreewarePocketPc They have all the best free software and a much more stable Marketplace than the native WinMo market.

  2. geardiary: Dear Gear Diary…Windows Marketplace Issues –

  3. paschott says:

    One thing that comes to mind is that the Marketplace didn’t work well with some cooked ROMs. If you upgraded your phone using a cooked ROM, you may need to get a newer version.

    Francis is generally correct, though. If you can buy the software directly from the publisher you’ll help them out more as they generally get a larger cut that way. I know some software isn’t available any other way, but when I asked some publishers which way they’d prefer I buy the software (off the record), they preferred a direct purchase because of the overhead.

    I’d also suggest a check over at XDA-Developers as they generally tinker a lot with WM devices. Perhaps someone there has direct experience w/ the Marketplace that may help.

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