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Amazon adds eBooks, drops prices, and offers up freebies so often it can be a huge headache to keep track of them all. There’s Amazon’s free bestsellers list, but that gets cluttered with classics as well as new titles. And sometimes authors or publishers will showcase a freebie, but that’s very hit and miss. Aside from combing the usual suspects, there’s a fast, easy, and convenient way to find free and cheap Kindle books: eReaderIQ!

There are a few different ways this site tries to help you sift through the enormous virtual pile of Kindle books. One, it lists new freebies. Two, it lists new price drops (and lets you set alerts for future price drops!) and three, lets you track and view “recently Kindlized” titles (aka titles that have just been converted to ebooks). It’s these last two features that are really great!

Price drops are great in the age of agency pricing. Remember, many new books are debuting at $12.99-$14.99, only to drop after a month or two. eReaderIQ is tracking that on your behalf, so if you’re holding out for books that are only $9.99 or less, it’s an easier way than refreshing every day. And the “recently Kindlized” section is very cool! It’s a huge frustration of any ebook fan; you’re waiting for your favorite author, a book in a series, that title you read 15 years ago, all to appear in eBook form. But they’re not so important that you’re checking regularly. So eReaderIQ does the checking for you!

Now, this doesn’t remove the hard work of figuring out what books you want to read, nor is it going to help with the sometimes Sisyphean act of sifting through all. those. free. eBooks. But it does make searching them slightly easier, plus their RSS feed and watchlist options leave you more time for reading over hunting for reading material!

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