What’s Coming to CES 2012 with Judie and Dan?


Well, it is that time of year again. That means CES and our annual “What’s Coming to CES” post. Last year was a bit tricky for me as I was doing CES as part of a SCOTTEVEST No Baggage Challenge for Charity. That meant any and everything I brought needed to be on my person. It was a challenge, but it was also rather fun.

It didn’t hurt that, due to a mess up by the hotel, I ended up with a suite with a washer and dryer, but it doesn’t change the fact that everything I brought fit into my SeV clothing. (You can see videos of it here and here and here. This year, it is no-holds barred in the packing department, and that is never a good thing for me.

So what IS coming to Vegas with Judie and me today? Here’s our list.


MacBook Air 11″ in Beyzacases Zero Series Sleeve: This is the sleeve I always keep my Air in; I love how it is protective and yet nearly weightless.

iPad 2 3G in black Orbino Padova case: I’ll be using my iPad to blog from the floor, and this case allows me to use my iPad without worrying about drops or other disaster … plus it looks fab!

iPhone 4S: for texting and updating social networking sites, mainly. I’ll also be using it as a spare camera. This will be Kev’s fourth year attending as the official Gear Diary photographer, so I can leave the heavier cameras to him.  =)

MiFi: The Verizon version, because AT&T will let me down. It’s not a question of if; it’s a matter of when.

Yoobao 11200 mAh external battery; This is such a compact and easy to carry external battery!

Louis Vuitton black Epi Gobelins backpack: Carries as much or as little as I need, and it looks fantastic.

Scottevest Women’s Trench Coat in red and black (I have a big suitcase; why not bring them both?)

Scottevest Women’s Lightweight Vest (Because it can be too hot on the floor for a full coat)

Phosphor Appear Rose Gold Crystal Watch with Clear Nylon Bracelet: I am narrating a portion of the TechWare Fashion Show on Thursday evening; this watch is way flashier than the one I usually wear, and it will look great under all those lights.


iPad 2 in a Sena Florence case will play a key role. This year the iPad will be a lot more useful for mobile blogging so it is coming for sure along with a Zagg Flex Bluetooth keyboard.

The current generation 11″ MacBook air in an Acme Made Skinny Sleeve Stretch Shell is such a small, light and capable computer that it is coming as well. (Although it will likely remain in the suite during the day and posting.)

The iPhone 4S will be there for sure but I’m still not sure if it will be for keeping in touch or find a good deal of use for pictures and video.

My Canon G11 is coming. Time and again it has proven itself as a workhorse camera/camcorder and this year will be no different. (This year it is coming with a shoulder strap for sure.)

A selection of external batteries are coming including a Mophie Juicepack Plus and a Mophie JuicePack Power Station.

A MiFi with a month-by-month sim from T-Mobile

As far as bags go I planned to bring the PowerBag messenger we review a few weeks ago. Then I remembered Continental’s 40lbs limit on bags and realized I needed to bring more ON the plane. So I’ll be using Timbuk 2 Q backpack and a Tom Bihn Ristretto for during the day.

And what is CES virgin Thomas R. Hall bringing to his very first (but definitely not his last) CES?

iPhone 4 with Mophie Juice Pack Air
Galaxy Nexus (LTE edition), with two additional batteries
Galaxy Nexus (GSM edition)
MacBook Air 13″ (late 2010 model)
iPad 2 Wifi (16 GB)
Canon PowerShot S95
All in a Tom Bihn Buzz bag

How well will this gear serve us as we cover CES 2012? Keep reading because there is a lot coming in the next few days!!

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  1. Thomas R. Hall | January 9, 2012 at 9:04 am |

    No major changes. I may omit the iPad, since I don’t see me carrying it around with me while on the floor, and if I have the MBA, then why bring the iPad? Not sure yet, though.

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