Native Union’s Curve Twin Handset Perfect for Multi-Device Professionals

Native Union CURVE TWIN Wired 3

We’ve previously reviewed a number of products from Native Union, and we have been impressed by the design and utility of them. That’s why Judie and I made sure to set aside time to visit the Native Union booth at CES. We are glad we did, because a couple of the items that were in the pipeline for 2012 really impressed us. One of them, the $59.99 Curve Twin, is finally available and for those of us who use multiple mobile devices; it promises to be a great accessory.

Native Union CURVE TWIN Wired 1

As the Press Release notes,

Universally appealing to anyone who uses their mobile device for business calls, personal conversations and video chats, the new Curve Twin makes every communication opportunity more comfortable, streamlined and enjoyable by being dual compatible with any two devices via a 3.5mm jack. Additionally, users will appreciate the soft touch black finish, contemporary look, as well as the retractable cables to keep work spaces tidy.

Users can easily toggle between a smartphone, tablet—such as the newest iPad—or a computer using the central line switch button included on the handset, reducing the time it takes to plug a cable into a separate device. The device also features noise-reducing technology, so users never miss a thing in a conversation. Taking the juggling of tasks even further, the Curve Twin includes a base unit which allows up to two devices to be mounted, letting users view the screen of their smartphone or device-of-choice while comfortably talking on the handset.

Since, thanks to Line2, I often use my iPad as a speakerphone, the Curve Twin is ideal. I always have my iPhone AND my iPad with me, and Line2 lets me use both as phones. Better still, “The Curve Twin reduces absorbed cell phone radiation by 99 percent, keeping users safe from harmful emissions.” That’s important to me, although between all my cellphone use over the past few years and the fact that I live in New Jersey, I’m not really sure it matters all that much. 🙂

Native Union CURVE TWIN Wired

And the fact that one of the devices that can be used with the Curve Twin is a computer, thanks to an available adapter, makes the Curve Twin Handset even more flexible and universal. We have one on the way, and we are looking forward to putting the handset through its paces. If you want more information or if you want to order your own right now, you can jump over to the Native Union website and check out the product page.

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