Confessions of a Doctor Who Newbie

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Confessions of a Doctor Who Newbie Listen to this article
Confessions of a Doctor Who Newbie


I am trying to rectify a big hole in my Sci-Fi viewing history, and finally giving “Doctor Who” a shot. I knew it had a huge cult following, I knew it was from the BBC and it involved a time machine, but otherwise, I was pretty much entirely in the dark about the show. A few friends on Facebook gave me some important tips, and I’ve learned a few things from the first six episodes, so I thought I would share my limited understanding with any other Doctor Who newbies out there!

Things I have learned that have surprised me:

  • Never call The Doctor “Dr”. Apparently, it makes the fans angry, or so I was warned.
  • This show reminds me heavily of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”…which gives me lots me of warm fuzzies, since I love all variations on Hitchhiker’s, even that terrible BBC series from the 80s.
  • The TARDIS is totally a Somebody Else’s Problem.
  • People keep telling me someone named “Captain Jack” is coming.
  • There is an old Who and a new Who. And many versions of the Dr Doctor. Both new and old.
  • My dog does not like this show. He leaves the room whenever the Doctor starts talking. Apparently, he’s not a fan of ADD British men.
  • This show has worse special effects than Charmed. And Charmed looked like it was made on an original Apple IIe.

Now, I have a few questions as well:

  • Where can I get a sonic screwdriver? It would make house chores much easier.
  • Does the TARDIS need to get up to 88mph?
  • Was the Dalek the inspiration for Simplehuman garbage cans or vice versa?
  • Would the Doctor be as fun if someone slipped him some Ritalin?
  • Why did no one warn me that the first season manages to hit several childhood fears at once (living mannequins, alien invasions, and zombies)?

I will be sticking this out at least through the first season, but so far I am finding this to be a fun diversion. However, as endearing as it is, I still feel like I don’t get the deep love fans have for this show. I like it, but it isn’t like “Battlestar Galactica”, where I knew in the first five minutes that I had to watch every episode. It is growing on me, though, so who knows…maybe by the end of the first season I, too, will be assimilated!


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