Texas Says ‘Howdy’ To Toyota


Just wanted to say a quick “Howdy” to all of my friends at Toyota that will be heading here to North Texas in the next few years. Yes, the company has announced it is consolidating its three manufacturing, sales and marketing operations in one location in Plano, Texas, which is a northern suburb of Dallas.

For all of those Toyota employees that will be relocating here in Texas I just wanted to prepare you for a little culture shock. First, gasoline is much cheaper here – heck, everything is much cheaper here including housing. Many of you will undoubtedly become instant millionaires when you sell your west coast properties.

Second, we eat our fish cooked, mainly fried. Not much sushi here although there are a few good spots where you can enjoy that raw stuff. Oh, and we eat a lot beef here and very little veggie grass stuff but as land is much cheaper you will be able to afford space for gardens.

I say much of this tongue-in-cheek as there is a healthy lifestyle to some degree in North Texas but certainly not what I have experienced on the west coast during my visits.

Toyota’s move from Torrance, California, Erlanger, Kentucky and New York, New York will ultimately affect some 4,000 employees although not all offices will move right away. The company expects the changes to take place through 2017. The truck manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Texas is nearly three hundred miles south of Plano.

Couple of other little tidbits for ya:

  • The state flower is the bluebonnet;
  • The nickname is The Lone Star State;
  • The stars at night ARE big and bright;
  • Willie Nelson is still alive;
  • Texas’ wine country is the Hill Country;
  • Everyone is someone in Luckenbach, and;
  • The state vehicle is the pickup truck but your Prius’ are still very welcome, just not as good for hauling feed or hay.

One last thing soon-to-be relocatees – if someone offers you “beachfront” property here in north Texas, take a pass.

Yup, Toyota is a’coming to Texas!
Howdy, ya’all!

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