Alpine Introduces Their Completely Insane New Cooler with Sound System

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Alpine Introduces Their Completely Insane New Cooler with Sound System Listen to this article

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., has expanded their traditional fleet of vehicle infotainment systems to announce they will go portable with a premium portable cooler with a built-in sound system.

Alpine Introduces Their Completely Insane New Cooler with Sound System

Called the PWD-CB1 ICE by Alpine, the In-cooler Entertainment system is shipping now to customers. Featuring an innovative design that boasts a 180-watt Alpine sound system that consists of a 2-way, 5.25-inch component waterproof speaker system with 4×10″ bass radiators and a compact audio amplifier, the PWD-CB1 certainly has the sound aspect down. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream your favorite tunes from up to 20 feet away, or use the included 3.5mm aux input if you decide you want to plug it in. If you’re on the road traveling with your PWD-CB1 Alpine ICE, you can power it up courtesy of the 16-foot cable that plugs into your car’s aux port.

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The PWD-CB1 Alpine ICE upholds the distinctive Grizzly style while maintaining the sound performance of the Alpine system. The specially designed speakers and bass radiators are recessed on the cooler’s front wall and produce balanced sound that can get loud when needed. The Alpine components are housed in an exclusive enclosure that protects them from interior cabin moisture but is only 3-inches deep, for minimal impact on the cooler’s 56-quart storage capacity.

The Alpine components are water-resistant for easy cleanup, allowing the PWD-CB1 Alpine ICE to be used at outdoor activities like boating, fishing, water sports, camping and tailgating. The coated speaker grills are protected against corrosion, and rubber gaskets help keep water away from the control panel, speakers and electronics assemblies. A plastic cover and silicon rubber plugs shield the aux input and audio outputs when not in use. The PWD-CB1 Alpine ICE measures 34” L x 16 ¾” W x 17 7/8” H. Signature Grizzly features include molded-in heavy-duty handles, BearClaw™ latching system, nylon rope handles with rubber grips, non-slip rubber feet, and a two-inch drain plug.

But let’s not forget the fact that the PWD-CB1 is still a cooler at the end of the day, and the 56-quart storage capacity can enable you to carry your favorite dishes with you on the go while being enclosed from the speaker function due to them being recessed on the cooler’s front wall.

Great for road trips, hunting, camping and more, the insane Alpine PWC-CB1 ICE is available for $1,500 at Alpine.

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