Bruush Your Teeth with One of the Smartest Toothbrushes on the Market

Nobody actually likes to go to the dentist, only to hear bad news. Cavities and other dental work can be pricey, and the best method of avoiding that all together is by properly brushing your teeth; Bruush is a toothbrush that I’ve been using recently that’s been helping improve my dental health.

Tired of buying those generic brands of toothbrushes at my local store, I was this close to doing like everyone and purchasing a Quip toothbrush (you know, that toothbrush with the subscription), and by a stroke of good luck, I had the opportunity to check out the Bruush.

Labeled as a high-performance electric toothbrush designed for convenience, the Bruush comes complete with six modes: Daily, White, Gum, Gentle, Max & Tongue. Each of the modes serves a purpose, and to me, the fact that a singular brush can handle all of these features at once is great. This comes in handy especially if you’re one of those types of people who can’t decide if they want hard or soft bristles, and don’t know the amount of pressure that they want to apply when they are physically brushing their teeth.

The kit that I received came with the Bruush electric toothbrush, three brush heads, the magnetic charger, a power adapter, as well as a nifty travel case. Initially, when I opened the packaging, I said to my friends that the Bruush was “hilariously huge” in size, as it essentially dwarfs my standard toothbrush. Luckily it comes complete with a travel case because I feel like the toothbrush wouldn’t fit in some toiletries bags because of how long the thing is.

I’ve never tried a Quip but judging by the model that Carly reviewed, Quip is a bit smaller in size when compared to the Bruush. But with size comes more battery life, which I think is fantastic. The Bruush boasts a FOUR-week (yes, FOUR) battery life, which I’ve honestly never seen in a toothbrush before. Now sure, you could carry a standard toothbrush with you on your travels, but the fact that your Bruush allows you to carry it on the go, and will last even for a long vacation trip, the Bruush’s battery life is just one of its many highlights.

Just like several electric toothbrush companies have done previously, Bruush offers a subscription model at $18 every six months, giving you three replacement heads delivered with free shipping. This is a great option, as you won’t ever have to worry about whether your toothbrush head is getting too old; you’ll always have a replacement handy.

My favorite function of the Bruush had to be the gum option. There’s something to be said about a toothbrush that just makes your teeth feel amazing after every single cleaning. I’ve been so impressed by the Bruush that I keep telling myself to actually order a second one, as I don’t trust myself to carry my home toothbrush with me every day to work and not leave it in my work gym bag that occasionally spends the night at my desk. If only Bruush would come out with a water flosser option, I would truly be in love.

Like other premium electric toothbrushes, when cleaning your teeth, the Bruush will vibrate telling you to switch sides when it’s time. This is a very helpful reminder that basically says “hey, stay on the left side a bit longer” or “you’re not done yet,” especially in the mornings when I can’t even look in the mirror because I’m still tired.

My next Dental checkup is coming up soon, and I’ve been telling myself that I want to impress my dentist; I’m hoping he notices a difference in my teeth since I’m now using this. The Bruush is much more than a tech accessory for your mouth and even more than just a standard “smart toothbrush.” It gets the job done and looks damn good while doing it; I’m sold.

At $69 for the kit, if you’d like more information on the Bruush Toothbrush, head over to their site.

Update From BRUUSH: “Since not everyone has access to a hip new toothbrush, we’ve partnered with A Reason to Smile (ARTS) –  a non-profit organization dedicated to improving oral health in developing nations. For every brush head refill we ship, we donate a toothbrush, toothpaste, and fluoride treatment.”

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Slick design, no need for a companion app to get things done; Tongue & Gum functionalities are KEY

What Needs Improvement: The size of the toothbrush is pretty large

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