Flo by Moen Announces New Smart Water Detector to Help Protect Your Home

By now, you must have read our glowing review of the Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff and you may have been wondering, “Why don’t they have a water detector accessory yet?”  Well, you’re in luck because Flo by Moen has just introduced a new Smart Water Detector that will alert you if it comes into contact with water.

The Smart Water Detector from Flo by Moen works with its wonderful, redesigned Flo app to alert you if it comes into contact with water pooling up on the floor.  The sensor can be placed anywhere in your house, as long as you have Wi-Fi connectivity, and it can work in conjunction with or independently from the powerful Smart Water Shutoff device that we previously reviewed.

The Smart Water Detector can be placed in your attic, basement, laundry room, under the kitchen sink, etc. and will alert you when it noticed the presence of water, freezing temperatures, or high humidity.  The Smart Water Detector is best placed where you think there is a risk for water intrusion or plumbing fixture malfunctions.  If you have the Smart Water Shutoff device, you can also set it up to shut off the water supply if the Smart Water Detector finds a leak.

Michael Poloha, group manager, IOT, at Moen, had this to say about the Smart Water Detector:

“The addition of the Smart Water Detector was a natural extension of the Flo by Moen system to allow homeowners to further enhance the control they have over their home’s water.  The Smart Water Shutoff offers a completely preventative approach to leak detection, and now the Smart Water Detector can sense and notify users of water events that happen outside of the pipes – like a flooding basement or a malfunctioning appliance – to help reduce the risk of water damage and provide full home protection.”


The Smart Water Detector will be available in February 2020 at $49.99 for a single unit and $129.99 for a 3-pack with free shipping directly from Flo by Moen.

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