Citizen Jumps into the Smartwatch World with the C Z Smart

When smartphones hit critical mass, every manufacturer of “dumb” phones started leveraging all their designs to add smarts to every phone in their lineup. We’re seeing a similar push with smartwatches. Traditional watchmakers are finding ways to raise the intelligence level of their iconic designs. The latest watchmaker to do so is Citizen, with their C Z Smart line.

Citizen Jumps into the Smartwatch World with the C Z Smart

These watches run Google Wear OS, so you’re getting the typical Google smartwatch experience — “Ok Google,” notifications, Google Fit, customizable watch faces, etc. Citizen says they’re including some of their own watch faces as well; if you like the Citizen style, they’re inserting it in the software as well as in the hardware design. You can pick up a CZ Smart with a stainless steel link band, blue silicon, or black silicon. Citizen says C Z Smart will have 24+ hours of battery life, though like all smartwatches that’s likely very dependent on your use case.

No matter which design you pick, these come in at $395. With a 46mm case, they aren’t for petite wrists, but they do look well made and very much in line with the Citizen watch style. And I’m only slightly biased since the C Z Smart has the same initials as me!

You can learn more about the Citizen CZ line here.

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