Space Safe Protects Your Valuables and Keeps You Aware from Anywhere

If you’re looking for the most technologically advanced safe space to lock away your valuables, you’ll want to check out Space Safe. With features like Internal and external 1080p HD live stream cameras with two-way talk, a huge 10-inch LCD touch screen display, and a large fingerprint sensor with 360-degree technology, the Space Safe will offer a versatile and revolutionary option for storage of your valuables.

Space Safe

Space Safe connects to your home’s WiFi to send up-to-date information and alerts about your valuables through its dedicated app, which helps you control the safe when you’re out of the house. The app allows you to receive notifications, perform a remote lockdown, and receive over-the-air updates.

Some of the Space Safe’s features include:

  • Internal and external HD live stream cameras with two-way talk
  • A huge 10″ LCD touch screen display
  • 360° fingerprint scanner with 508 DPI (the same as is required for FBI-compliant systems) 192×192 pixel sensor
  • 256-bit encryption
  • SMS and in-app notifications via WiFi
  • Multi-user access with temporary access for emergencies
  • Advanced motion-sensing accelerometer
  • Two interior USB charging ports to charge any device
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Internal Li-Ion backup battery – in case of a power outage
  • Remote lockdown with alarm and 911 contact capabilities
  • Plenty of interior and exterior LED lights.

All of these features add up to a tech-packed safe that stores your valuables securely and discreetly.

Space Safe

You can personalize your Space Safe with its customizable exterior lights; they allow you to select the brightness and color to match your aesthetic.

The Space Safe measures 17″ wide by 13.3″ deep by 9.5″ tall, and its interior measures 16.8″ wide by 12.4″ deep by 9.4″ tall, giving 1.2 cubic feet of storage space. Inside, there are LED lights, so there’s no need to dig for items in the dark. There are two USB ports inside the safe, so if you want to store something and keep it charged, you can do that. Speaking of security, Space Safe has some impressive specs. Its 35-pound body is reinforced with a 10-gauge steel shell; there are two 4014-diameter steel pins to secure the door against up to 3,000 pounds of force, as well as a pry-resistant hinge bar.

You can add up to four users to Space Safe; each person can have up to three registered fingerprints, and the company recommends that each user enroll at least one finger from each hand. Because Space Safe has a 360-degree fingerprint reader, there is no need to place your finger in a specific way to unlock the safe — odd angles are just fine for quick and easy access. Space Safe also comes with three keys, so you can always access your valuables no matter what happens.

If you need to provide access to someone who doesn’t have an enrolled fingerprint, you can do that through the app — you can send temporary PINs. To maximize security, Space Safe allows only one PIN to be sent once every 24 hours; they are valid for five minutes from the time they are sent.

Space Safe has humidity and temperature sensors to keep its contents monitored and in perfect condition. While the safe isn’t water- or fire-proof, you will get notifications on temperature and humidity, and with streaming from both the inner and outer cameras, you’ll get a heads-up if anything disastrous is happening.

Space Safe

Space Safe’s 256-bit encryption is also worth noting, as this type of encryption is almost impossible to crack; if one were to use the world’s fastest supercomputer, it would still take millions of years to do so.

Space Safe

If you are worried that a burglar might just opt to pick up your Space Safe and make a run for it, don’t be. The safe comes with four bolts to securely anchor it into a wall stud or concrete. Space Safe has eight predrilled holes, with four on the bottom and four in the back.

While its pre-order price of $599.99 may seem steep, it seems well worth the money. The Space Safe looks like one of the most advanced on the market today, and I’m here for it.

You can learn more about Space Safe and place your pre-order by clicking here; shipping is scheduled to begin this summer.

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