The Litheli B600 Portable Power Station Has a Special Trick That Sets It Apart

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The Litheli B600 Portable Power Station Has a Special Trick That Sets It Apart Listen to this article

Portable power station technology has come a long way, making them more dependable and powerful. Litheli is releasing the B600 Portable Power Station, which offers two additional detachable, modular batteries to power other Litheli tools and devices. This is a new turn in the product space of portable power hubs and provides users with a grab-and-go experience.

The Litheli B600 Portable Power Station comes with a 594Wh capacity along with a peak power output of 1200W; this should be enough to run or charge many small appliances and electronics. Seven types of outlets are available, including a 15W wireless charging pad on the top.

Stock photo of the Litheli B600 Portable Power Station

The B600 Portable Power Station is compact, measuring 12.32″ by 8.03″ by 6.65″, and it weighs approximately 13 pounds; the portability and power should be perfect for camping and other on-the-go activities.

Man holding the Litheli B600 Portable Power Station

What sets the Litheli B600 Portable Power Station apart from others is that it has two integrated, removable Litheli 16Wh U Batteries that can be used with the Litheli line of tools.

These 16Wh batteries can be detached to power products like the Litheli Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Litheli Cordless Vacuum Mop, the Litheli Handheld Vacuum, and more. In other words, you can retrieve a fully-charged removable battery from the power hub and swap it with the depleted battery from one of Litheli’s compatible devices for recharging, eliminating the need for a separate charging station.

These U Batteries also include a two-way USB-C port and can be used as small power banks for electronic devices, making this a truly new take on an up-and-coming product space.

A Litheli B600 Portable Power Station powers gear at a campsite.

The Litheli B600 Portable Power Station is now available for $499.99; you can learn more about it on their site and on Amazon

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