Nomad ChargeKey: A Handy EDC Classic Is Reborn and Updated!

As I have shared countless times, Nomad’s products are among my favorite device accessories. I use their cases, chargers, and batteries daily. It all started with a single product, the Nomad ChargeKey. A small, key ring-friendly charging “cable,” while great, I never expected it to lead to what Nomad has become. Now, about a decade later, the ChargeKey is updated and reissued.

The original Nomad ChargeKey has a USB Type-A on one end and a Lightning charger on the other. It is shown holding a pair of keys and attached to a keyring.

The original Nomad ChargeKey that started it all

I was first introduced to Nomad as a company years ago when Judie got one of their ChargeKey accessories during CES; she still has it, and it still works. It was a small accessory that would “live” on your keychain and meant you would always have a USB-A to Lightning connection available.

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t overly impressed. Although it was a fine product, it was nothing earth-shattering.

The company quickly expanded its offerings, and its products were all thoughtfully designed and made from premium materials.

It was clear that Nomad’s designers understood what end users like you and me need, and boy did they deliver.

And all of it began with the Nomad ChargeKey.

Nomad ChargeKey: A Handy EDC Classic Is Reborn and Updated!

Now the company has updated and reissued the Nomad ChargeKey, and, honestly, it’s something everyone should have on their keychain.

Available in two models, the USB-C model is $25, while thanks to the “Apple tax,” the Lightning model is $35. Even at $35, I think the new Nomad ChargeKey is worth it!

Nomad describes the new ChargeKey this way:

Meet ChargeKey – the ultimate charging solution for the modern nomad. Featuring a durable braided cable and zinc cable tips that connect magnetically, ChargeKey looks sleek and minimal on your keychain while powering all your Lightning devices.

The Nomad ChargeKey is a small accessory with a small loop on one end that can be secured to any key ring; this keeps it available at all times.

The updated Nomad KeyCharge

The “business end” of both models is magnetic, so the charging tips stay together when not in use. That’s great since it means the short cables connecting them can’t snag on other items in your pocket or bag. Then, when you need to charge, you pull the two connectors apart, plug them in, and … charge.

Made using a braided nylon cable, ChargeKey has electroplated zinc cable housings for durability. I’ve always been impressed with the durability of Nomad’s cables, and the ChargeKey promises to be no exception.

Nomad understands that durability is only part of what matters. Charging speeds matter and the ChargeKey has that covered, too; it can charge an iPhone at speeds up to 20W or an Android smartphone at speeds up to 60W.

The name implies this, but it’s worth mentioning that the ChargeKey is only meant for charging; it will not transfer data.

The Nomad KeyCharge plugged into a laptop and into the bottom of a smartphone

As mentioned, the Nomad ChargeKey is available in two models. If you use an iPhone, you’ll want the Lightning version. You’ll want to opt for the USB-C if you use an Android device, an iPad, or any USB-C device.

Obviously, the iPhone will eventually move to USB-C, but it’s good to have two options for now.

ChargeKey is a small, inexpensive accessory that will always keep a cable at your fingertips. No longer will you find yourself with a depleted phone and no way to connect it to your external battery. I don’t know about you, but that makes the Nomad ChargeKey worth every penny.

You can learn more about and purchase the updated Nomad ChargeKey by clicking here.

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