The Halo Collar 3 Is an AI-Driven GPS Dog Fence That Will Help Train Your Canine Not to Roam

My first dog was a golden retriever named Maisy. She was a great dog but had a bit of an attitude. I installed an invisible fence so she would have room to run but not run away. The new Halo Collar 3 is everything that “fence” was, but it is pain-free, safe, and portable. Seriously.

When I had Maisy, there were only a few options for keeping your wayward dog nearby. You could install a physical fence, put a stake in the ground and have an extended lead from it to your dog, or install a buried electrical fence.

The buried fence was expensive, required professional installation, and “managed” the dog through vibration and, if needed, a small electrical shock. Even though the company promised the shock didn’t hurt the dog, I was never happy using it.

That’s why I find the Halo Collar 3 so intriguing. While it can also deliver a static warning (aka shock)that is a last resort and, if a dog is trained correctly, will rarely, if ever, be needed.

The Halo Collar 3

The Halo Collar 3 is…

…the next generation wireless GPS dog safety system and the only wireless fence that keeps your dog protected everywhere they go, allowing dogs to live life safely off leash, while giving pet parents peace of mind knowing that their dogs are safely within the boundaries set for them.

The system consists of a unique GPS collar and a smartphone app. There’s no need to install a wire; the collar communicates with the dog using sound and vibrations rather than electrical shocks. That would be reason enough to choose the Halo Collar over the older technology, but that’s just the beginning of what makes this product so interesting.

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The Halo Collar 3 is available in four different colors. In addition to Graphite and Ivory, the Halo Collar 3 also comes in Orchid and Sunburst.

This new version offers two durability enhancements over the prior model. In addition to more robust, easier-to-install, and more secure contact tips between the collar and your dog’s neck, the new collars have a magnetic charging port that keeps out water and debris and, as a result, increases the collar’s longevity.

In addition, the new Perfect Fit system lets owners set the collar to the exact size for their dog and can be further adjusted as the dog grows.

Inside the collar is the Halo Collar 3’s new PrecisionGPS technology that monitors the dog’s position constantly. And, thanks to the collar’s new “active antenna,” the Halo Collar 3 can actively engage satellites to provide better reception in areas with poor coverage or obstructions.

As the company explains,

It uses proprietary AI-driven software to leverage only the most accurate GPS signals when calculating your dog’s location. By using machine learning to discard false signals caused when satellite transmissions bounce off of buildings, trees, and other objects, and by using only direct signals, Halo collars will now have even better location accuracy no matter where your dog goes.

Halo Collar 3

The Halo Collar 3 also offers a “universal-carrier connectivity.” This means the radio in the collar will automatically connect to whichever cellular carrier provides the strongest and fastest signal whenever and wherever you need to activate the collar. Best of all, universal carrier connectivity works worldwide without additional expense. The Halo Collar 3 works… anywhere, anytime.

a yellow and white dog wearing a gray Halo Collar 3

So, the Halo Collar 3 is available in four colors; it is adjustable, secure, and comfortable for your dog. It automatically connects to the fastest available cellular network and actively engages satellites for accurate GPS tracking.

That’s all good and well, but it doesn’t explain how the Halo Collar 3 keeps dogs safe.

Halo Collar 3 GPS function

That’s where the smartphone app, which lets you create and save up to twenty different virtual fences, comes in. For example, using the app, I could create a virtual fence around my front yard and another around my entire property.

In addition, if we brought the dogs with us the next time we had dinner with Charles and his wife Jane, we could create a virtual fence around their property, too.

Once the virtual fence is created and the Halo Collar 3 is turned on, the system monitors how close the dog is to the “fence.” If the dog approaches the fence, the collar delivers vibrations and sounds that let the dog know they have reached the boundary and needs to turn around.

A man holding a dog that is wearing a Halo Collar 3
This only works if the dog has been trained to understand that the vibrations and sound mean “stop.” Thankfully, the app also includes a training program designed by world-famous dog behaviorist Cesar Millan. We used Millan’s techniques with our Goldendoodles; the guy really knows what he’s doing!

As they explain,

Halo incorporates Millan’s expertise in dog psychology to deliver built-in training technology that gently teaches dogs with customizable prevention and encouragement feedback including sound and vibrations meant as a timely touch. All feedback is customizable so pet parents can find what works best to keep their dog comfortable and safe. Pet owners can also establish virtual boundaries in the app, and GPS functionality helps keep dogs protected and easy to locate wherever they may go.

‘With Halo,’ Millan notes, ‘you can now communicate with your dog in a way that was previously not possible, allowing you to keep your dog safe and secure with the power of technology.”’

This promotional video offers a clear understanding of just how brilliant this innovative system is.


  • Patented GPS Technology: Halo Collar locates itself using GNSS (GPS) satellites and shows your dog’s location in the app.
  • Completely wireless — all from your phone: Create up to 20 virtual fences in the app with a finger tap.
  • Best-In-Breed Boundaries: When your dog approaches a boundary, it will receive feedback to return to safety.
  • Customizable Feedback: The collar can provide sound, vibration, and static feedback—whatever is best for your dog.
  • In addition, using the app, the Halo Collar 3 also functions as a return whistle and activity monitor so you can track your dog’s behavior even when you are out.

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Full Disclosure:

I think the Halo Collar 3 is a brilliant way to let your dog have the freedom to run anywhere you take her while you have the peace of mind that she’s safe. And, in the unlikely event they break through the virtual fence, the GPS tracking makes it easier than ever to locate her and bring her home.

The company was kind enough to send two Halo collars so Nava and Emmet, my mini Goldendoodles, could have them.

I was excited to have my pups join the 150,000 dogs already using the system. Unfortunately, when my wife Raina realized the Halo Collar 3 employs static feedback as a last resort if the dog gets too close to the virtual fence, she asked me not to use them with our dogs. It goes without saying that I honored Raina’s request and returned the review sample.

Let me be clear, though. The Halo Collar 3 is NOT a shock collar; as they explain:

Halo is NOT a shock collar. The invisible, underground wire + shock collar systems train dogs through negative association, which can have harmful effects on dogs. Our approach is different.
Warning feedback: This can be a beep once your dog approaches the edge of the fence.
Boundary feedback: This can be a vibration if your dog ignores the warning beep.
Emergency feedback: This can be a painless static pulse that feels like being tapped on the shoulder.

That does not, however, detract from my enthusiasm for the Halo Collar 3. The ability to create a virtual safe zone anywhere is brilliant. Add the ability to set up and store up to twenty different fences, and you have the most flexible fencing system possible.

Think about it: You can set up a fence around your property and, if your pup is best friends with the canine next door, create a second one that includes your neighbor’s property. Then, if you go to a picnic in the park, you can create a fence around the picnic table. That way, your dog can run free, and you can focus on devouring your hamburger.

The possibilities are endless. And, perhaps best of all, there is no recurring expense after the initial purchase. The cellular and GPS connections are included.

The Halo Collar 3 sells for $699 and is available now.

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