GPS Tracking Moves to the Next Level with Tack GPS Plus

GPS tracking has swiftly gone from a vaguely creepy concept that gets joked about to something that is legitimately improving people’s lives. Tack GPS Plus is a multipurpose GPS tracker that can use AI smart power to stretch up to 30 days between charges and even pinpoint elevation changes.

Tack GPS Plus

It might feel like we’re drowning in GPS devices these days, but Tack GPS Plus has a few things that make it stand out from the competition.

First, Tack offers elevation tracking. The world is three-dimensional, and whether you’re searching for a lost pet or trying to find a person in a natural disaster, knowing their elevation might make it easier and faster to locate them. Tack GPS Plus uses cellular as well as GPS connectivity to ensure you can easily track it.

Natural disasters and dementia patients are both big areas of focus for Tack GPS Plus. Tack helpfully shared that over 10 million new patients are diagnosed with dementia every year, and over 70% of those patients may go missing at least once.

On the natural disasters front, 6.9 billion people have been impacted by Asia Pacific disasters alone in the last 50 years, and that number is only likely to increase.

Tack GPS Plus app

Tack is also rolling out OurSphere, an app that allows you to track multiple Tack GPS Plus devices simultaneously.

Tack GPS offers roaming in 30 countries for under $60; the Tack GPS Plus or a global version offers roaming in 120+ countries for $79. Tack Connect costs $39.48 per year or $3.29 a month.

You can learn more about Tack GPS Plus by clicking here.

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