Add A Bit of Elegance to Your Wrist With the Nomad Strap for Apple Watch

If you have yourself an Apple Watch and have been stuck using the Sport Band, and looking for something a bit more elegant for your wrist wear, you don’t have to look any further. I’ve reviewed quite a few Apple Watch bands over the past year, many being good, but NONE quite like the Nomad Strap for Apple Watch. I’ve been rocking the band for the past few weeks and I can honestly say it’s one of the best leather bands made for the techie but trendy watch by Apple. The band itself is made of leather on both sides…

Get All of NOMAD’s Great Products for 30% Off!

If you’d ever read some of our reviews about NOMAD products, you’ll know that they are some very unique, and helpful products, from their portable charging items to their other random accessories. So we’re pleased to announce that for until Friday at 12AM Pacific time, you can get 30% off their entire line of products! Using the coupon code SPACE30 at checkout, you can purchase yourself one or all of Nomad’s great products from their Pod & Pod Pro battery pack and charger for your Apple Watch, down to the beautifully designed Nomad Powerplant, which is a 12,000 mAh Lo-Ion…

Get Yourself a Leather Strap for Your Apple Watch from NOMAD

With news that the Apple Watch has dropped $50 as of yesterday, plenty of people are out there attempting to get themselves one of the best smartwatches on the market. So why not get yourself one of the best bands on the market? Nomad is popular for their battery chargers and accessories for Apple products, but did you know that they make leather bands for them as well? Available today for $59.99 – $79.95, you can get yourself their Strap for Apple Watch in two styles and two colors. Available in both sizes: 42mm and 38mm, the Apple Watch band…

The Nomad PowerPlant American Walnut 12,000mAh Battery Is a Natural Beauty

As long as manufacturers are making devices with batteries, we’ll need extended batteries; and as long as manufacturers are making extended battery packs, we’ll be covering them. It takes a little something extra to pique my interest in a battery anymore (yes, I’m slightly jaded), but the Nomad PowerPlant in American walnut 12,000mAh battery did just that.

The Nomad Roadtrip Charges Your Phone Both in the Car and Out

Picture a charger that plugs into your car’s DC connector; like any other charger you can plug a USB cable into it to top off your mobile device’s battery. Now picture that same charger out of your car, tucked into a pocket until you need to top off again. That’s what the Nomad Roadtrip can do.