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OLIVERS All Over Shorts Are Gym Shorts Re-Envisioned

If you balk at the idea of a $68 pair of athletic shorts you can stop reading this review right now. Yes, the OLIVERS All Over Shorts are gym shorts re-envisioned from the thread up. The result is a pair of shorts that are pricey but may very well be worth the price. Here’s a quick look.

The OLIVERS Brief Will Let You “Think Outside the Boxer”

I’ve backed some great- and some not so great- products on Kickstarter. This time out is something that I think will stand out from the crowd. No, it’s not a tech project but rather it is a clothing project that brings technical know-how to an everyday garment. The OLIVERS Brief promises to be an uber-comfy boxer brief. As the project page explains, “The cotton boxer brief is a relic, badly…

Makers & Riders NEOSHELL PANTS Commuter Weatherproof Jeans Review

When a review sample of the Makers & Riders NEOSHELL PANTS 3-Season Commuter Weatherproof Jeans arrived, I wasn’t initially sure what to make of them. They are light and thin, warm as hell, somewhat baggy at the top, and taper at the ankle. After wearing them for a couple of days I just call them great and want more.

Threadsmiths’ Cavalier T-Shirt Breaks the ‘Curse of the White Shirt’

My daughter, Sarah, and I have joked about the “curse of the white shirt” since she was a child. You know how it goes: you wear a white shirt, and you’re guaranteed to drop or drip something that leaves a permanent stain right onto the middle of your chest. Threadsmiths’ T-shirts say they’ve developed a non-stainable Cavalier T-shirt. Oh really?!

1 Voice Beanie with Bluetooth Stereo Built In

The other day we reviewed the 808 SoundCap beanie with built-in speakers. One comment on the video review stated, “Meh, should have been Bluetooth.” Well it just so happens we have a  1 Voice Beanie with wireless stereo headphones on hand for review. And I do agree with the commenter — the SoundCap is great but cutting the cord and having a wireless, albeit pricier, Bluetooth option is even better….

808 Soundcap Keeps Your Head Warm and Your Music Going

Ah, winter in the northeast. This season was made for crackling fires, warm apple cider, heated steering wheels, and… The 808 Soundcap. The Soundcap may sound a bit cheesy but, to be honest, I’m a fan. It promises to keep me warm AND let me enjoy my music this winter. And for just $19.99, it is a great last-minute stocking stuffer.

Spy Tec Inventio-HD Sunglasses – Agent 99 Would Approve

When I was a kid, my favorite show was “Get Smart”. I really wanted to be a spy, until I found out it wasn’t all bumbling around talking into your shoe and hanging out with Agent 99. But I’ve been testing the Spy Tec Inventio-HD Sunglasses the last few weeks, and it’s brought back my old childhood love of spying!

Lems Primal2 Minimalist Shoes Let You Tread Lightly

Most days I wear dress shoes. I hate it, but they go best with a suit. When I’m not dressed up, I tend to wear a favorite pair of low-rise boots.That may change thanks to the lightweight, minimalist Lems Primal2s I’ve been trying out. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of shoes quite as so comfortable!

Smart PJs Bring the Smartphone to Bedtime Stories

Kids love a good bedtime story, and as they get older they love smartphones too. The recently announced Smart PJs combine these loves with pajamas that rock scannable codes. Scan the code with a phone, get a bedtime story. Each code on the PJs is a different story! The concept is cool, but the website is sadly light on details. It isn’t clear if the stories are classics or new…

Adventure Underwear – Useful Travel Product and the BEST Kickstarter Pitch Ever

When we received the email telling us about Adventure Underwear, my interest was immediately captured. I mean, how often do we get pitched for underwear? (Okay, it actually happens more than you might realize.) Then I saw this… Yeah, one of the project creators actually had a hose shot at his privates in order to show how waterproof the waterproof pocket is. Now THAT’S commitment. Then I watched to video pitch…

Travel HoodiePillow Hooded Travel Pillow Review

Welcome to part two of my two-part hooded pillow review humiliation. In Part One I came clean and related that, while still watching the good folks from HoodiePillow make their pitch on SharkTank, I ordered a hooded pillow case from them. The HoodiePillow is a quality pillowcase made from sweatshirt material. What makes this pillow case special is that, as the name indicates, it has a hoodie built right into…

HoodiePillow, a SharkTank Product Pitch Product Review

I was watching SharkTank a few months ago when I saw the HoodiePillow pitch. I laughed … out loud. In part because the product sounds so silly, but also because we were pitched this product or something like it quite some time ago, and I thought it was a joke. What’s a HoodiePillow you ask? The Sharks asked the same question, and they were more than amused by the answer….

Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android Review

Back in early May of 2012, Dan posted an article about both Judie and him supporting the Pebble e-Paper Watch Kickstarter project. The project became noteworthy in that it became one of the most heavily supported Kickstarter projects in Kickstarter history. Initially hoping to raise $100,000, it meet that goal two hours after going live. In less than a week it raised nearly $5 million dollars — talk about interest in a…

V??? llc CNC Machined Aluminum Wallet is the Anti-Wallet of Wallets

We’ve looked at a few wallets over the years. We’ve reviewed the Flipside Wallet 2X, the Flipside STRATA, and we reviewed a host of iPhone cases that double as wallets such as this one, and this one, and this one. Today we are going to take a look at yet another wallet from V??? llc. More accurately, today we are going to take a look at an anti-wallet from V??? llc….

Get In Shape For 2013 With The Right Footwear

From now until 2013, we’re going to take a look at some New Year’s Resolutions and a Gear Diary way to help you keep them. New Year Resolution: Get in Shape in 2013 It’s a new year and you’ve decided to make it a new you! So you’re really going to buckle down and get fit, but before you pick up a new gym membership or start downloading “Map My…

Flipside STRATA Wallet Review

I’ve been a fan of Flipside Wallet’s products since I first saw, and later reviewed, the Flipside 2X Wallet. (Read the post.) Sure, the Flipside Wallet 2X looks a bit unusual, but I really like it. I like the fact that it keeps my wallet organized; I like the fact that my credit cards are shielded from crooks who might use RFID-readers to steal my information; and I like the…

Flipside Wallet Introduces the STRATA, the World’s Most Secure Minimalist Wallet

My Wallet of choice is the Flipside 2X from Flipside Wallet. It doesn’t look like a traditional wallet, and that’s a good thing. No, this wallet is made from a rigid Reinforced Polycarbonate. It looks like this… It gets strange looks when I pull it out but I love my Flipside 2X and have used it daily since first writing my review of it back in October of 2010. Read…

“Walk this Way” in a Run Tee MC T-Shirt A number of (many) years ago I needed to create a new email address. I initially thought about using [email protected] but that seemed a bit long. At the time one of my “kids” (now well into her college career) had taken to calling me “Rabs”. It was kinda cute, and I ended up using the email address of [email protected] It was some time before the first person told me…