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Gumdrop Moto Skin For iPhone 4 – Review

The iPhone 4 is out and despite the issues some are experiencing it is pretty amazing. The screen is gorgeous (so long as you avoided the ones with the yellowish issues), the speed is great, the battery life is impressive and the whole device just feels awesome in your hand. It is everything Apple promised it would be- with one… Read More ›

What the HECK Happened to Herbie Hancock?!?

Herbie Hancock learned a lot from his time with Miles Davis, musically and also about being restlessly creative. After leaving Miles band before the earth-shaking Bitches Brew era, he headed off to release his own series of classics. He had already carved a great space in modal music with his Blue Note recordings Maiden Voyage and Speak Like a Child,… Read More ›

Get Ready to Fly To Work With Your Jetpack!

Before you head out to buy your next car, you might want to find out if your bank will float you a loan for your very own jetpack. Businessweek reported recently that Martin Aircraft has developed a viable jetpack that runs on premium gasoline! All we need is the FAA to clear commuters to use these instead of cars, and… Read More ›

Skyfire Web Browser Gets an Update!

I love the Skyfire browser. If you aren’t fortunate enough to be running Android 2.2 (aka Froyo), Skyfire is your best bet for web video on the go, and your only option for flash video. It’s also a very handy browser to have around in general, with the ability to swap between mobile, desktop and iPhone browsing. Best of all,… Read More ›

Mahjongg Artifacts, a PSP Mini Game Review

The Hype: A prequel to Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2, the Story Mode of Mahjongg Artifacts introduces players to the start of the adventure through graphic comic scenes. As players explore five ancient cultures and master more and more complicated Mahjongg layouts, they will uncover lost relics as well as special tiles that will help them in their quest. The Classic… Read More ›

2010 Chrysler 300C SRT8

During my lifetime (thus far) I have witnessed Chrysler, Dodge and the late Plymouth (R.I.P.) deliver a wide range of vehicles, taking consumers and enthusiasts on a wild roller coaster ride. Ultimate highs courtesy the likes of Super Bee, Barracuda, HEMI (of course) and Viper and bottomless lows, a.k.a. K car, Jeep Compass and bankruptcy (twice). They even invented an… Read More ›

How Spike Brand’s Doggy Style Shampoo, Microfibre Towel and Jerky Treats Saved the Day

Kevin and I recently returned from San Francisco to find that Daisy Duke, our Great Dane puppy, had managed to pick up what seemed like thousands of tiny little ticks while being boarded at her breeders. We all live in the country and we’re having an exceptionally hot early summer after an extremely wet spring which followed a rather mild… Read More ›

Vuzix Breaks Out New “Wrap Fashion Shades” Video Eyewear

Vusix has moved “video eyewear” forward yet again with their new Wrap Fashion Shades. The Fashion Shades offer an interchangeable collection features four different colors – red, blue, amber, and mirror – giving Wrap users several options when looking to personalize their video eyewear. The Wrap Fashion Shades cost $19.99 per pair or $49.95 for a 4-color pack. They snap… Read More ›

Toshiba’s New Dual-Touch & Dual Screen libretto W100 Concept PC May Help You Forget the Microsoft Courier

While in San Francisco, fellow attendees of the Netshelter Publisher’s Summit were treated to a reception hosted by Toshiba. One of the things I most liked was their display set up in the room, representative of laptop models past and present — including a few of the libretto line. I always wanted a libretto … But the fun really began when I was… Read More ›