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October 31, 2012 • Gaming, News

Disney Acquires LucasFilm, Including Movies and LucasArts Gaming Division

If you could name one company better and bigger at monetizing franchises than LucasFilm, it would have to be Disney. So perhaps it is fitting that the ‘House of Mouse’ that also owns Buzz & Woody and Marvel’s Avengers has taken on the Skywalker clan and Dr. Jones. Here are some details from BusinessWeek: Disney …

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October 31, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

Cool Video of James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince on Stage in 1983!

Sometimes when checking out yet another random ‘list of stuff’ you will find a gem … and here is yet another cool video as a result! It is a 1983 James Brown performance, in which he calls Michael Jackson to the stage and later Prince. Michael and Prince are still reaching the height of their …

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October 31, 2012 • Gear Bits

If You’ve ‘Gotta Know’, Here is How to Check iPad Mini Status at UPS or FedEx

If you head to Apple to check the status of your iPad Mini order obsessively, you will notice that all you see is ‘preparing for shipment’. This has stuck while credit cards were billed, Smart Covers have already been ordered … and November 2nd is rapidly approaching! Don’t worry – if your order is due …

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October 31, 2012 • News

How We Can Help the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We knew for at least a few days before Hurricane Sandy hit that it was going to be bad, but knowing something will be bad and living through it are two completely different things. On October 29th, at about 8pm ET, Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the southern coast of New Jersey. Before hitting the …

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October 31, 2012 • Gaming, Reviews

Righteous Kill HD for iPad Review

Righteous Kill is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) game that is available for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store . Its developer is Starz Media / G5 Entertainment. Description: Hunt for clues to apprehend a vigilante killer in this thrilling hidden object adventure! Terry Collins is the prime suspect in the vigilante-style murder of a criminal who …

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October 31, 2012 • Autos

Chevy to Offer Real Hot Wheels Camaro

Hot Wheels fans who dream of driving some of their favorite miniature toys are getting their wishes as Chevrolet has announced it will offer a limited-edition run of the Kinetic Blue Camaro it debuted at SEMA in Las Vegas. “Millions of us grew up playing with Hot Wheels,” said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet …

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October 31, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Thankfully, Apple Delays iTunes 11 Until Mid-Late November

Let me be blunt – I agree with those who have been increasingly critical of the state of Apple’s software releases in terms of readiness. iOS 5 was patched almost instantly for some awful bugs, iTunes Match stumbled out of the gate late and feeling like it should have been later, Siri was beta at …

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October 31, 2012 • Gaming, Reviews

Spooky Treats for iOS Game Review

Type of app: Puzzle / Arcade game Platform/where to buy: iPad/iPhone (Universal); available in the App Store Developer: GameTantra Description: Play as Harry, a candy-obsessed boy whose sweet tooth has lead him into a haunting dilemma! Guide him through over 40 levels of mayhem and a never ending survival mode so that he can collect …

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October 30, 2012 • Gear Bits

How Bodyguardz Saved My iPhone 5

Ugh! So aggravating! I took my iPhone out of its case while traveling (I know, I know) because it was so bulky. At least I had purchased and installed a Bodyguardz skin on my phone last week; because of that, my iPhone 5 survived a horrific flying drop and slide at the airport. The only …

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October 30, 2012 • Gaming, News

Classic RPG ‘Chrono Trigger’ Launches on Android!

Square Enix has a reputation for making awesome RPG games … and a reputation for re-selling the same game over and again … and for having the most expensive games on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Games such as Final Fantasy III still command $16 nearly two years after release on the iPhone …

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October 30, 2012 • Autos, Gear Bits, Travel

The Amazing American Cars of Cuba

I was in Havana last week with two dozen members of my community; we were there as part of a “religious mission”, which meant that we brought down supplies to share with the aging members of the Cuban Jewish Community and spent time learning about the history of Cuba, the Jewish community in Cuba, and …

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October 30, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Google Music Will Get ‘Match’ Capabilities

Google has a huge blog post here related to their product announcements On November 13, we’re bringing music on Google Play to Europe. Those of you in the U.K, France, Germany, Italy and Spain will be able to purchase music from the Google Play store and add up to 20,000 songs—for free—from your existing collection …

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October 30, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

Warsaw ‘Alley-House’ Takes Minimal Living to a New (lack of) Dimension!

Imagine having to make a house translucent in order to minimize the fear-factor of such a compressed space? That is exactly what the architect of a new house in Warsaw did, according to a report at Here is some more info: Wedged in an alleyway between two apartment blocks, the ‘world’s thinnest house’ opened …

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October 29, 2012 • Music Diary, News

End of an Era – The Final Jazz Session Episode Airs Today

As Judie has always said when recruiting for new writers at Gear Diary – blogging is not something you do for the money; it is all about the love – love of product, technology, sharing and interacting. All you hope for is to cover costs. Now imagine that instead of blogging you ran a jazz …

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October 29, 2012 • Reviews

XtremeMac Tuffwrap Case for iPhone 5 Review

XtremeMac has a full series of cases and accessories for the iPhone 5. Among the offerings is their Tuffwrap line of cases. These offer “powerful protection and added grip for your new iPhone 5 device”. Let’s take a look and then start a giveaway!!   From XtremeMac: Made from flexible, high-grade TPE material, the XtremeMac™ …

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October 29, 2012 • News

Livescribe Introduces the Sky WiFi SmartPen

Having a LiveScribe smartpen has very much helped me stay organized and keep my projects in line over the past few years. The biggest problem was that I needed to remember to connect the pen to my laptop sync things up so I had access to my notes offline. Now LiveScribe has taken care of …

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October 29, 2012 • Editorials

Keeping Trick or Treaters Away from Your Home while Scaring Your Kids in the Days of Yore!

What you see before you, gentle reader, is an instrument of torture, a 33 1/2 RPM record euphemistically titled “The language and music of the Wolves – narrated by Robert Redford”, circa 1971. Ostensibly a product of environmental awareness and respect for Nature, it was an excellent tool for acquainting modern America with wolves, which had …

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October 29, 2012 • Events

Windows Phone 8 Launch Event

I’m at the Windows Phone 8 launch event this morning in San Francisco, waiting in the lobby of the Bill Graham Civic Center with roughly 150 other members of the media. There are probably fewer in attendance than originally intended, due to Hurricane Sandy’s grip on the Eastern states, but the mood here is upbeat …

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October 29, 2012 • News

JBL Offers a Complete Portfolio of Wireless Speakers

The other day my favorite Kickstart-Addicted friend (aka Judie) and I were debating backing an awesome project for iOS devices. I commented that we needed to place a moratorium on projects that are specific to the iPhone 5 or the iPad since, at the moment, we are in a transitional period. Yes, with the iPad …

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October 29, 2012 • eBooks

Penguin and Random House to Form Franken-Publisher

Now that the Agency Model has been rendered toothless as a way to keep publishers afloat, we’re seeing the next phase in book publishing evolution: mergers! Random House, which was already the biggest publisher in the USA, is buying a controlling stake in Penguin, forming a super-publisher! According to the New York Times: PARIS — …

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October 29, 2012 • News

DomeSkin Bumps Up to iPhone 5

With the announcement of any new device come the announcements of matching accessories. And if the device in question is a new iPhone, then you get a LOT more accessory announcements, given the popularity of that handset. Skins for iPhones (and other devices) are nothing new, of course, but the announcement Gear Diary received from …

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