Review of the LG V30 – Not Quite Perfection

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Review of the LG V30 - Not Quite Perfection Listen to this article

Display Performance

From a display perspective, you will be hard pressed to find one better than the P-OLED display of the V30.  In a word, stunning.  The color accuracy is fantastic and the high PPI makes it easy to view the 18:9 ratio screen for long periods of time.  In my testing for this review, I had no problem with basic apps like Gmail rendering crisp, easy-to-read text while apps like Netflix were easy to watch thanks both to the size of the display as well as its HDR support.

A nice feature of the display is the always-on feature.  If you aren’t familiar with it, this will have a low power ambient display on when the phone is powered off.  You will get the date and time as well as notification icons for apps.  I’m personally a big fan of these always-on displays and LG has done a good job with theirs.

Camera Performance

Another big bright spot for the LG V30 are the cameras.  The rear dual-camera configuration is excellent, providing clear, crisp images both outdoors as well as indoors.  Color accuracy is excellent too on both indoor and outdoor shots.

As mentioned before, the rear camera setup has one normal lens and one wide-angle lens and you can alternate between the two with a touch of the icons in the camera app (one tree for normal, three trees for wide-angle).  Those same buttons are available when you are shooting video too.

LG has done an excellent job on the camera app in the V30.  There are several different modes for shooting including HDR, panoramic, manual, slow motion, 360° panoramic and even a mode to make your food shots look awesome.  The Cine-Video mode allows you to create smooth zooming of your videos (think Ken Burns style) that is really a lot of fun to use.

The camera app also has several different filters that you can use to augment your photos.  These include things like a sepia look, black & white and vivid colors.

As for the selfie camera, it too is rock solid.  It has different filters available too as well as skin tone and lighting enhancements to get the most out of it.

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