Fujitsu’s All-New ScanSnap iX1600 and ScanSnap iX1400: Easily Digitize Your Workflow

I’ve been using Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners for years. My first scanner was already an excellent device, but each new model has added features and speed that took excellent products and made them even better. Now Fujitsu has announced two new models — the ScanSnap iX1600 and the ScanSnap iX1400. Both models are powerful, and they will make digitizing your workflow easier than ever.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 and ScanSnap iX1400

My first ScanSnap scanner was already amazing. Years later, it still works and has taken up residence in my office at work. The two new scanners Fujitsu just announced takes things to a new level!

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400

The ScanSnap iX1400 is $395. One might call it the “ScanSnap Classic” since it sees the return of the single blue button that, for years, was how users would begin a new scan. ScanSnap describes it as offering “hassle-free, seamless operation with a simple, one-touch scanning experience that is perfect for everyday scanning needs.”

But while the iX1400 sees the return of the ScanSnap one-touch button for simple scanning, it is also packed with the latest features that make speed and clarity top priorities. And while it is the simpler and less expensive of the two new models, the iX1400 leverages ScanSnap Home and other new technologies and services ScanSnap has introduced.

As Yasunari Shimizu, President, and CEO of Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., notes:

ScanSnap was introduced almost two decades ago, and we’ve learned a lot about what customers want and need from a scanner. With the introduction of ScanSnap iX1600 and iX1400, we’re responding directly to customer requests and addressing the challenges that our consumers face today, whether they are working from home or supporting a business. The transformation from paper to digital isn’t always as simple as it seems, and a high-quality imaging solution can make all the difference. With the ScanSnap iX1600 and iX1400, our company is bridging that divide, while increasing productivity, improving organization and transforming workflows to fit today’s new normal workforce.

Here’s a look

The iX1400 looks great, but it is the iX1600 that really caught my eye. I just received a review sample and will be working on its review over the next week or two, but it is worth taking a quick look at what this new scanner offers.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600

The new ScanSnap iX1600 is the latest flagship model of the ScanSnap Series. Available in white or black for $495, the iX1600 can be used as either a wired USB or a wireless scanner. Connecting wirelessly to a computer, smartphone, or tablet means users can send digitized documents to the Cloud and then quickly access their scans without needing to be seated by a computer. In fact, thanks to Wi-Fi, the iX1600 can scan directly with iOS and Android-enabled smartphones and tablets without the need for a traditional computer. From there, sharing scans or saving them to a computer or cloud service is as easy as a few screen taps away.

The iX1600 has a touchscreen and can be programmed with profiles that send scans to specific folders or cloud services. Also, one scanner can have several different user-profiles so multiple people can share a single machine. But that’s not all. My most recent ScanSnap is excellent, but the iX1600 is even better. As Fujitsu explains,

The iX1600 boasts fast scanning at higher speeds and produces superior, high-quality images. ScanSnap iX1600 enables scanning at higher speeds of 40 ppm/80 ppm (A4-size documents, color, 300dpi), 33% faster than its predecessor, the iX1500. ScanSnap’s dedicated software, ScanSnap Home, has undergone exciting improvements with better functionality, usability, and stress-free operation with faster startup times and Searchable PDF generation. With ScanSnap Home 2.0, the iX1600 can scan and process a fully searchable 10 pages (20 sides) document in approximately 25 seconds.

Key features include:

  • One-touch push button panel control to save scans to designated destinations in a breeze.
  • Option to choose direct scan to major Cloud service including Evernote, Box, OneDrive, etc., which enhances workstyle flexibility in the world of the new normal.
  • Perfect for team sharing and ideal for organizing documents in the office, at home, and in school.
  • ScanSnap Home is an all-in-one software that enables document management and utilization, as well as scanner customization.
  • USB, Wi-Fi, and LCD Panel allows for setup anywhere and scan to destination.

Both of the new ScanSnap scanners include ScanSnap Home 2.0. ScanSnap Home 2.0 is an all-in-one software that,

enables document management and utilization, as well as profile customization. ScanSnap Home simplifies processing and organizing documents post-scan. Organizing is easy as the software can recognize document type and sort by standard documents, business cards, receipts and photos. The intuitive touch screen features simple icons for quick selection of scan-to destinations including folder, email, or cloud. You can create searchable PDFs and editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint and also extract important data to help organize and search. ScanSnap Home 2.0 is compatible with Mac and Windows.

The current ScanSnap Manager software also works with both the iX1600 and iX1400. This desktop software is how I organize all my scans, and I suspect I am still only scratching the surface of what it offers.

Here’s a video look:

The ScanSnap iX1600 will be available in black or white for $495.00, and the ScanSnap iX1400 will be available in black for $395.00. You can check them both out here.

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