Anker RE Charge Event Introduces Plenty of Wish-List-Worthy Gear

Anker is the world’s #1 mobile charging brand, and one of the reasons we like their products so much is because the brand is constantly innovating and developing quality, long-lasting gear while keeping conservation in mind. Several new products were unveiled at the recent Anker RE Charge event in New York City, including a few from Anker sub-brands Soundcore, Nebula, and Eufy. Here’s a quick look at some of the newly-announced wish-list-worthy items.


Anker is working on making even faster charging devices with the new Anker Prime series. These premium high-speed multiport devices will be released in July, and the collection is set to include 67W, 100W, and 250W USB-C chargers. There will also be an Anker Prime 250W power bank that will feature a 100W charging base with a 27,000 mAh capacity.

Available now, the $169.99 Anker 548 Power Bank features a 60,000 mAh LiFeP04 battery; it has two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, as well as a standard XT 60 solar plug that is compatible with solar panels ranging from 10-24 volts.

On its top is a pop-up, adjustable light source, which will make it perfect for use during backyard cookouts and when camping.

Anker RE Charge Event Introduces Plenty of Wish-List-Worthy Gear


Anker RE Charge Event Introduces Plenty of Wish-List-Worthy Gear

Anker’s audio brand, Soundcore, announced the $99.99 Liberty 4 NC true wireless stereo earbuds.

With a high-sensitivity in-ear sound sensor, an oversized driver, and a noise isolation chamber that Soundcore says will cancel up to 98.5% of noise, the Liberty 4 NC produces high-quality audio via an 11mm driver and LDAC decoding. You can expect to get 10 hours of playtime with up to 50 hours from the charging case,

If you sign up between now and June 29th, you can get a launch bonus that includes a luggage tag and Soundcore Care; you’ll also get an early-bird price of $79.99.


Anker RE Charge Event Introduces Plenty of Wish-List-Worthy Gear

Nebula, Anker Innovation’s smart entertainment brand, is introducing the Mars 3 1080p LED portable projector, which they’re billing as the first true outdoor projector due to its IPX3 water and dust resistance and its ruggedized, drop-resistant build.

The Mars 3 has a built-in AI system that will analyze the environment to determine the optimal brightness level, and the 185WH battery will last for at least five hours at its brightest.

Running AndroidTV11.0, you’ll have your choice of running thousands of apps and watching hundreds of thousands of movies without attaching a Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV dongle.

The 40W, three-speaker system ensures portable sound, and the projector can beam up to a 200″ image; whether you’re using it inside or outside, it is sure to impress!

The Nebula Mars 3 will sell for $1099.99, but it is available now for pre-order with a $200 early bird discount that lasts until July 10th.

Eufy Clean

Anker RE Charge Event Introduces Plenty of Wish-List-Worthy Gear

Next up is the Eufy Clean X9 Pro robotic vacuum and mop. This new vacuum includes a 12-millimeter Auto Lift with carpet detection feature, allowing it to switch from hard floors to carpets intelligently.

The MopMaster system features self-cleaning pads and will clean and dry itself when the job is done.

The X9 Pro will be available on June 29th for $899.99, but if you put down $10 now, you’ll get a coupon for $180 off once the X9 officially goes on sale.

Eufy Security

Anker RE Charge Event Introduces Plenty of Wish-List-Worthy Gear

Eufy Security has announced full compatibility between HomeBase 3 and their Video Doorbell Dual and Video Smart Lock. AI facial and body recognition filter out friends and family arrivals and alerts when a stranger approaches.

The Home Base includes expandable local storage with no monthly fees. It is scheduled to achieve full compatibility with other devices by the end of the year.


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