Articles by Travis Ehrlich

ProCamera Basic for iPhone Review

One of the lacking points of the iPhone is often the camera.  Even though there have been improvements made with the 3GS camera, it is still lacking.  Many apps are available to change the camera UI, edit photos or improve the experience.  I have used many of these apps with mixed results.  One problem with the camera is getting clear shots without blur from shaking.  Lets face it, holding the small phone still enough to get a great shot is not like bracing yourself with a nicely weighted DSLR.  ProCamera Basic proves to address some of the basic photo taking…

AppVault Pro For iPhone/Touch Review

AppVault Pro was released December 29 by C3 Software.  The vault contains 25 applications for the price of one.  Yes, there have been similar applications containing several smaller apps but often times those apps have a lower quality from a standalone app.  After spending the day with AppVault Pro I have to say this is a well polished app with some very good content.  Check out what is included for the one low price after the break.

Totemo for iPhone/Touch App Review

In my weekly search for the next Blue Plate Special, I search through the iTunes rankings and search newly released apps.  I try several apps before deciding on one that is worthy of the Blue Plate tag.  This week, my wife, (who never pays much attention to my weekly search) told me she had an app for me for the Blue Plate Special.  It seems that Totemo has caught the attention of every free moment of her time.  For a week or so she has been fiddling with her iPhone while she stands in the kitchen, while I was shopping…

I Am T-Pain For iPhone/Touch

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of music that uses Auto-Tune.  On the other hand, I found the Ocarina app from Smule to be fascinating.  Of course I had to briefly learn the Legend of Zelda theme.  The app is truly amazing.  With that in mind, I decided to try out the I Am T-Pain app.  Whether you like the genre of music or not, the app works well.  Two of my students, Kelsey and Danielle, gave it a try.  Both of them can sing and Smule was able to transform them into virtual hip-hop stars.

Zlider for iPhone/Touch App Review

Through my search of Blue Plate applications I have learned two things.  First, there are some great games and apps available for $.99 or less.  Second, well executed simple design makes for a better app than one who tries to throw in the kitchen sink.  Zlider falls into this category.  The gameplay is a simple concept, but with plenty of challenge and nice graphics they present a really fun game. Guide the little meteoroid through the galaxy and prevent him from colliding with the walls of blue and red stars. You need a bunch of coordination skills with this game…

Everki Camber Netbook Case Review

We recently released the introduction of the Camber Netbook Case-Sling from Everki (you can read the release here).  Everki was kind enough to supply a Camber for me to review.  This new case is super compact fitting netbooks up to 13″.  The product is slightly too small to hold a 13″ MacBook Pro (they actually are 13.3″), but a version to accommodate the macbook is in the works for 2010.  As the computing devices we use get smaller, so do the ways we carry them.  See how the Camber stacks up after the break.

Agile Partners Updates Star 6 For iPhone: Get To Mixing!

Agile Partners, creators of some wonderful music apps, have just significantly updated their beat mixing application Star6.  I recently reviewed two of their apps for guitarists that have become some of my most use apps.  Check out the reviews for Guitar ToolKit and Tab ToolKit. Star6 is a music mixer that utilizes the accelerometer and touch interface to create a truly unique musical experience.  I am a musician, but have never done hip hop style beat mixes, so I was unsure if the app would even work in my hands.  As you will see, it is quite easy to use!

Traffic Rush for iPhone/Touch App Review

We are all feeling the financial pinch!    Blue Plate Special is a weekly review of bargain apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Nothing over $.99. Anyone who drives in the city knows the frustrations of a busy intersection.  How great would it be to get rid of the stop light and control the traffic on your own?  Take control over a busy intersection from above with the addictive game Traffic Rush.  The game is currently the top ranked free app in iTunes and will provide some traffic relieving fun for the passing gamer. The object of Traffic Rush is…

iAssociate Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

I have begun to like playing puzzle games, especially word games.   Maybe I am getting old, but games that require thought have become more fun for me.  I have reviewed many different types of puzzle games, including several word games but iAchieve has turned out to be not only fun and addictive but very unique.  One of my Sophomore students showed me iAchieve Lite and told me I must try it because she thought I would love it.  She was correct!  I was instantly addicted.

iFarm for iPhone/Touch App Review

Attention Farmville and FarmTown fans!  Many of us spend way too much time on Facebook.  If much of that time is spent on one of these farm simulation games, do I have an app for you!  This summer I did fall into the Farm Town trap and spent (wasted) a lot of time harvesting and planting crops in hopes to buy more stuff and a larger piece of land.  Yes, there is no point, but for some reason it is extremely addicting.  So, how about taking this addicting waste of time mobile!?! iFarm will give you the chance!

YUBZ Magnum Review: Hands Free Calling and Audio Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is often underused in my eyes.  For a long time there was no use beyond sending ring tones and talking over a wireless ear piece.  As of late, this technology has found greater utilization allowing for wireless syncing in vehicles and even multi-player gaming.  Using Bluetooth to listen to music has become a great option while on the go or for wireless listening. The YUBZ Magnum takes several of these technologies and combines them in one attractive device.  I was hesitant before testing the unit since crossover devices often do not successfully execute both tasks.  Here’s how I…

Orba for iPhone/Touch App Review

My gaming tastes are either changing, or I have become a simple person in my older age.  It seems the flurry of simple puzzle games not only entertain me, but also keep me addicted to the small bursts of gaming time I have.  Orba is a simple screen clearing game.  The premise is simple and has been seen in several games.  Tap chains of three or more orbs in an attempt to clear the board.

Real Racing GTI for iPhone/Touch App Review

Before deciding this is not an interesting gaming option because it is the Lite version, read this review.  You may be surprised on what you find!  I have to admit I am usually not a fan of lite versions of paid apps, but this game is different.  One reason is Firemint has teamed up with Volkswagen to bring this game as an introduction of the new 2010 GTI.  Yes, the game is basically a commercial for the new GTI, but this also means it is a really nice version of the $4.99 Real Racing game for free!

Sudoku (Free) for iPhone/Touch App Review

Sudoku is a terribly addictive number puzzle game.  The object is to fill in 9×9 grid using numbers 1 through 9 as well as filling them into a 3×3 region with no numbers repeating in rows or columns.  Before the iPhone days, I was hooked on sudoku playing the puzzles on with pencil and paper.  I even used to carry around a little sudoku puzzle book in my bag so I could play when there was a spare moment.  My sudoku play tends to attempt to work quickly and I rarely stop before finishing a puzzle.  The iPhone has changed…

Skee-Ball for iPhone/Touch App Review

I recently took my oldest son and a few of his buddies to Incredible Pizza in San Antonio for his 5th birthday.  We started with the pizza of course, but the boys could hardly contain themselves just staring into the game room.  Once I let them hit the games, we headed straight for the skee-ball.  They decided tickets were what they were after so they could get some wax lips and parachute men, you know the good stuff.  I can think of no better way to earn tickets in a game room than play skee-ball.  The game has been one…

NASA for iPhone/Touch App Review

What geek does not love space?!?!  Over the past few months, my iPhone has gained a handful of apps for space enthusiasts.  My 5 year old son and I love to sit and look at these apps to learn about the planets and solar systems.  One night this summer he asked why we cannot look at space ships while we were looking at the stars using pocket universe.  I did not really have an answer.  NASA has come out with their own FREE app to follow current space missions.

iPlaylist Creator for iPhone/Touch App Review

How amazing would it be to be able to create play-lists from any songs on your iPhone without syncing or using iTunes or a computer?  I have found a way to do just that!  iPlaylist Creator enables iPhone users to create and listen to play lists on the go easily on the iPhone. Features: -Creates Playlists -Easy Drag and Drop songs into any playlist -Sort the songs how you want to play them -Reorder your playlists manually to make your favorite ones show at the top of the list -Color your playlists and change the colors to match your moods…

Pang For iPhone/Touch Review

A bubble blast from the past, Pang is the game you love and remember from the 80’s, even better today on the iPhone and iPod touch. Test your reflexes in this hugely addictive official remake, “Pang”, also known as “Buster Bros” in the US. Travel from Japan to the tropical shores of Hawaii as you take up the task of saving civilisation from dangerously bouncing bubbles that threaten city landmarks across the planet. Can you save Mount Fuji from being flattened by spherical dangers? Will your reactions be good enough to defend the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty?…

Mobile RSS Free Google Reader for iPhone App Review

MobileRSS is a full featured Google Reader client for your iPhone & iPod touch. All you need to use MobileRSS is a free google reader account. We have built a great offline integration that you will find using MobileRSS is a wonderful experience. Two-way sync will help you to keep track of your favorite contents in a simple and elegant way. MobileRSS is designed in a way as the mail app comes with iPhone, very simple to use. Stay in sync with Google Reader about everything. (Subscriptions. Folders, Tags, All items, Read items, Starred items, Shared items, Notes, Unread count)…

Hour Glass Coffee: The World’s Coolest Coffee Maker

Soon temperatures will finally start to cool off here in South Texas and it will finally be time for some serious coffee drinking.  Yes, I know many of you cannot live without your daily dose, but I only drink it when it is cool outside and without caffeine.  First of all, I don’t do caffeine at all, and if I drink coffee everyday the acid starts to bother my stomach.  The Hour Glass Coffee maker produces a low acid coffee extract via a cold brew process.  (hence the title “World’s Coolest Coffee Maker”) The video shows how the system works. …

Word Scramble 2 for iPhone App Review

Scramble is the fast fun game of finding words in a jumbled grid. Compete with friends and play live with fellow word game fans. The iPhone has proven to be a great gaming platform especially for puzzle games.  I am a fan of word games like scrabble and text twist.  Way back when we used to actually play board games (like physical games, not on a screen!), I liked to play boggle.  You remember it!  Letter covered dice are shaken up and fall into a grid then each player forms as many words as possible while the sand timer drained. …