Articles by Travis Ehrlich

Super Notebook Stand – Monitor Combi

My man cave/guitar room/sports memorabilia room/computer room is not the largest room in the house.  Last summer we decided to replace a large computer desk with a small one on wheels.  My only problem with new table was finding a place for everything.  I liked the smaller footprint, but needed a way to organize my desk while making it still look good.  One morning on my summer break I headed out the shop and built a small shelf out of some scrap wood.  I painted it black and slapped a couple of Apple stickers on it and had me a…

Review: Milk Crater For iPhone/Touch

Browsers have become a huge part of all of our computing lives. Internet, operating systems, phones, music players all use a browser. It is interesting that most browsing experiences are similar. Other than slight differences or innovations, they really stay the same. The same rings true with the iPod function on the iPhone/Touch. Nothing is wrong with the music browser, but what if you wanted something different or new? Milk Crater takes browsing to the future turning your iPod library into a visual field of cover art. Click through to find out more.

Torect Free for iPhone/Touch

As more and more of my students get iPhones, they become a greater source of apps.  At first, they asked me about games and apps they should get but now they are slowly beginning to share their findings with me.  Last week I walked into my second period American History class with four students standing at my desk.  They excitedly told me I must download Torect Free on my phone.  They explained that all of them were highly addicted to the puzzle game.  One of the young men handed me his phone and said he was stumped.  I solved the…

Cogs for iPhone/Touch

It is crazy how different my gaming habits are than they were ten years ago.  I was once a heavy console gamer, staying up late to finish levels or a game and searching for tips in magazines and websites.  These changes are probably due to age, available time or becoming a parent or combination of the three.  At any rate, my gaming habits has gone from shoot ’em up action packed games to more slower paced “smart” games.  Especially puzzle games.  Larry introduced this game to Dan who in turn sent me an IM that read, “Get Cogs.”  That is…

Arctic Sound E361 Earphone Review

Earphones have become a part of all of our gadget lives.  Most of our gear comes with earphones that are mediocre at best.  Third party replacement options can be overwhelming with prices ranging from tens of dollars to thousands.  I enjoy great sounding audio, but cannot justify spending over $100 on earphones that will be tossed in my gear bag and used everywhere.  Arctic Cooling has entered the sub $100 market with a complete lineup of Arctic Sound earphones.  I was provided with the E361 and E352 models, and the E352 review will be coming soon. The E361 earphones are…

Free Word Warp for iPhone/Touch

I will admit it…I have become a word game junkie on my iPhone!!  It is a sad state of affairs, but lately, my spare time has been spent playing a number of word games.  The latest addiction is Free Word Warp.  If you have played the flash game text twist on your computer then Word Warp will seem familiar.  Lets take a quick look.

Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

We have all seen them and most use them daily.  The old office cooler.  The place where office rumors are spread and the big game or reality show is discussed.  There is something about that cool clean water that makes the day seem to go by faster.  What about having on in your home?  Some people might, but the main reason for not having one is that they are not exactly attractive.  For those who agree with this, Primo has released a new era of water coolers for the home.  The unit Primo allowed me to review has a stylish…

Siri Assistant for iPhone Review

The iPhone has many applications to find restaurants, taxi cabs, movies or weather.  Each of these apps have a unique UI to find these places or events.  Siri has brought yet another interesting method of search and discovery. No more endless clicking on links and pages to get things done on the Internet. Delegate the work to Siri and relax while Siri takes care of it for you. Need a table for 2 at your favorite restaurant next Thursday? Just ask Siri. Need a taxi right now? Just ask Siri and with a single request the cab’s on its way….

Titan TTC-G9TZ Notebook Cooler Review

A constant issue with notebook users is heat.  There are many products to assist in heat protection.  Some of these products are designed for protecting the user’s lap from heat and some for managing the temperature of the notebook.  These coolers come in many shapes and sizes, with or without fans and a variety of material.  Some are designed to be mobile while others are to be used on a desk and provide an improved typing angle.  The folks at Titan Technology Limited recently released a notebook cooler that combines all of these options in one product and provided me…

Words with Friends Free for iPhone/Touch App Review

Word games and puzzles have become my choice of time killers on the iPhone.  Particularly games that involve finding or spelling words.  For example, Word Scramble 2 is a solo game that is great fun and former Blue Plate Special review.  Words With Friends has not only become a method of passing time, but an obsession.  It began innocently.  I played a few games with random opponents.  Then I added my wife, a fellow coach, two of my players, a few more teachers, some friends, Dan, Judie…you get the idea.  This game has become the new rage in our high…

Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

Puzzlings first came on my radar as it quickly rose to the top of the app list.  I heard several podcasters proclaim their addiction to the game so figured I better check it out.  To my surprise, the game had become free when I decided to download.  As my reviews have shown, I am a sucker for a good puzzle game.  Puzzlings is what I would call a strange game with a great puzzle aspect. Read more after the break…

Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack w/Gaming Console Sleeve Review

Everki recently supplied me with the Beacon Laptop Backpack w/Gaming Console Sleeve to review. Since school started back up, I have spent the past few weeks using it as my main gear bag.  I am pleased with the style and ruggedness of the backpack with daily use; I am able to comfortably carry all of my gear and it is comfortable and looks great. Find out the particulars after the break…

Eveningstar For iPhone/Touch Review

Divine Robot has recently released a new scrolling shooter called “Eveningstar.”  The game is a sci-fi shoot ’em up packed full of action and enemies.  The game includes nine exciting levels, each of which require different skills and puzzle solving skills.  Check out the video trailer here then read the review after the break.

Dark Nebula for iPhone/Touch Review

Labyrinth style games are nothing new to the iPhone.  You know the games where a ball or marble rolls on the screen and is controlled by tilting the phone like it is a table.  This style of games are fun, but are usually the same.  Move the ball around avoiding the holes and reach the end of the maze.  Dark Nebula takes this idea, puts a fresh, futuristic style and adds a new class of obstacles.  As the developer puts it, “it’s like a labyrinth game but on steroids.”  Check out the review after the break.

ProCamera Basic for iPhone Review

One of the lacking points of the iPhone is often the camera.  Even though there have been improvements made with the 3GS camera, it is still lacking.  Many apps are available to change the camera UI, edit photos or improve the experience.  I have used many of these apps with mixed results.  One problem with the camera is getting clear shots without blur from shaking.  Lets face it, holding the small phone still enough to get a great shot is not like bracing yourself with a nicely weighted DSLR.  ProCamera Basic proves to address some of the basic photo taking…

AppVault Pro For iPhone/Touch Review

AppVault Pro was released December 29 by C3 Software.  The vault contains 25 applications for the price of one.  Yes, there have been similar applications containing several smaller apps but often times those apps have a lower quality from a standalone app.  After spending the day with AppVault Pro I have to say this is a well polished app with some very good content.  Check out what is included for the one low price after the break.

Totemo for iPhone/Touch App Review

In my weekly search for the next Blue Plate Special, I search through the iTunes rankings and search newly released apps.  I try several apps before deciding on one that is worthy of the Blue Plate tag.  This week, my wife, (who never pays much attention to my weekly search) told me she had an app for me for the Blue Plate Special.  It seems that Totemo has caught the attention of every free moment of her time.  For a week or so she has been fiddling with her iPhone while she stands in the kitchen, while I was shopping…

I Am T-Pain For iPhone/Touch

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of music that uses Auto-Tune.  On the other hand, I found the Ocarina app from Smule to be fascinating.  Of course I had to briefly learn the Legend of Zelda theme.  The app is truly amazing.  With that in mind, I decided to try out the I Am T-Pain app.  Whether you like the genre of music or not, the app works well.  Two of my students, Kelsey and Danielle, gave it a try.  Both of them can sing and Smule was able to transform them into virtual hip-hop stars.

Zlider for iPhone/Touch App Review

Through my search of Blue Plate applications I have learned two things.  First, there are some great games and apps available for $.99 or less.  Second, well executed simple design makes for a better app than one who tries to throw in the kitchen sink.  Zlider falls into this category.  The gameplay is a simple concept, but with plenty of challenge and nice graphics they present a really fun game. Guide the little meteoroid through the galaxy and prevent him from colliding with the walls of blue and red stars. You need a bunch of coordination skills with this game…

Everki Camber Netbook Case Review

We recently released the introduction of the Camber Netbook Case-Sling from Everki (you can read the release here).  Everki was kind enough to supply a Camber for me to review.  This new case is super compact fitting netbooks up to 13″.  The product is slightly too small to hold a 13″ MacBook Pro (they actually are 13.3″), but a version to accommodate the macbook is in the works for 2010.  As the computing devices we use get smaller, so do the ways we carry them.  See how the Camber stacks up after the break.

Agile Partners Updates Star 6 For iPhone: Get To Mixing!

Agile Partners, creators of some wonderful music apps, have just significantly updated their beat mixing application Star6.  I recently reviewed two of their apps for guitarists that have become some of my most use apps.  Check out the reviews for Guitar ToolKit and Tab ToolKit. Star6 is a music mixer that utilizes the accelerometer and touch interface to create a truly unique musical experience.  I am a musician, but have never done hip hop style beat mixes, so I was unsure if the app would even work in my hands.  As you will see, it is quite easy to use!