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Help Kerry Woo’s ‘Take the Long Way Home’ Project Hit the Road

Kerry Woo, past Gear Diary writer and current street photographer extraordinaire, has just launched his first Kickstarter project — the aptly named “Take the Long Way Home”. His goal is to “document a rich pictorial history of America’s back roads, [and] upload the images online with professional printing and direct mailing to you” while driving cross-country from Seattle to Nashville. And now, in my words: Kerry is someone who I have never met in person, but over the ten or…

Leef PRO Ultra High Speed Memory Card – Not Exactly

One of the gifts I received from my husband Kev for Christmas was a Canon G16; he included a 32GB SanDisk Extreme SD Card and a spare battery — totally sweet, right? Around the same time, a 64GB Leef PRO SD Card showed up for review; comparisons were begging to be made, and I couldn’t help but make them …

Iron X Action Camera Review

The Iron X Action Cam (A.K.A. DXG 5G9V) is a small, lightweight action camera that’s got a lot going for it.  It records video in 1080p at 30 fps and takes 5 megapixel photos.  It also has an OLED screen on top and comes with a remote control wrist strap and waterproof case.  The Iron X retails for $249.99.

SJ2000 Outdoor Sports HD Digital Video Camera Review

The SJ2000 Outdoor Sports HD Digital Video Camera is a budget entry into the action camera market.  It has a 12MP sensor for digital photos and it records digital video in 1080p with its 170-degree lens.  It comes with many Velcro and pressure mounting options and does not have any built-in memory.  You can purchase the SJ2000 for $64.95.

More Colorful Picture Taking With Olloclip’s New 3-in-1 iPhone 5C Lens

I’m a big fan of Olloclip’s various smartphone lens offerings and they just introduced a $59.99 3-IN-1 clip-on lens solution for the iPhone 5C. Best of all, like the iPhone 5C, it comes in a range of awesome colors. It offers wide-angle, fisheye and macro lens and is ready to take the iPhone’s 8-megapixel iSight camera to new heights.

Carry Camera Gear in Style With booq’s New Python Slimpack Camera Bag

Booq has been coming out with some great new bags and sleeves for carrying all your mobile gear. Their new Python Slimpack Camera Bag now brings booq-style to carrying photography gear as well as a laptop and a few key essentials. The $149.95 backpack is made from great materials, offers superb ergonomics and looks great. Learn more.

JOBY GPod Mini Magnetic Is a Small but Mighty Camera Stand

JOBY’s GPod Mini Magnetic is the company’s “tiniest tripod with super-strong magnetic feet!” It is oh so cute and, at $14.95 it is oh so inexpensive. But don’t let the small size and low price fool you. The JOBY GPod Mini Magnetic is all JOBY and this little tripod is oh so useful. It makes a great present!

Lowepro Streamline 250 Lets You Take “Just Enough”

If you want to travel light, but still need to carry your compact camera, 10″ tablet, smartphone and a few accessories, then you might want to check out the Lowepro StreamLine 250. It’s an everyday bag from one of the leaders in camera bags and backpacks. Light and inexpensive, the $44.99 bag carries a surprising amount of gear!

Lowepro Nova Sport 17L AW Camera Bag Review

If you are looking to carry a DSLR, a few lenses and accessories, a tablet, and some personal items, Lowepro has some great bags from which to choose. And if you want to carry all those items in a sturdy yet light bag that is under $80 but not cheap, you’ll want to check out the Nova Sport 17L AW.

Want Better iOS Pictures? Check Out Olloclip’s New 4-IN-ONE Lens System

Olloclip’s pricey but awesome iPhone lens system just got even better thanks to the new Olloclip 4-IN-ONE. Offering two different Macro lenses (10x or 15x) it also includes fisheye and wide-angle lenses. Made with precision ground, coated glass multi-element optics, the barrels are aircraft grade aluminum and the iPhone attachment is soft plastic material. It is $69.99 and available now.

Lowepro Urban Reporter 150- Tablet-Loving Photographers Rejoice!

Lowepro just announced there new line of Urban Reporter Camera Messenger bags. The line includes the Urban Reporter 150, Urban Reporter 250 and the Urban Reporter 350 and prices range from $119.99 to $159.99. The Urban Reporter 150 is the perfect bag for the photographer who wants to grab a tablet and travel light. Check it out. We reviewed the Urban Reporter 250 and were impressed. The bag is light, has great style, offers a good amount of flexibility and…

Lowepro Urban Reporter 250 Camera Messenger – For the Street-Smart Photographer

When Lowepro told me they had a brand new line of camera bags on the way, I was excited. The new line — the Lowepro Urban Reporter Camera Messenger Bags — consist of the Urban Reporter 150, 250, and 350. Priced from $119.99 to $159.99, they are a great option for someone looking to carry their gear in style. The first thing you notice when you pick up an Urban Reporter is the fact that it doesn’t look like a…

Mind Shift Gear Lens Switch Case Review –

If you need more storage and flexibility for your camera bag/backpack check out the Lens Switch Case from Mind Shift Gear. This lightweight case offers added flexibility and helps keep an extra lens, flash or microphone handy. Just $42.50, it is designed for the rotation180° pro backpack, but I see it being useful in many different situations. Check it out. Here’s a look at the Lens Shift Case on video. Mind Shift Gear describes the Lens Shift Case in this…

The Nokia Lumia 1020 Is the Only Camera You’ll Need When Traveling

I use an HTC One, but its camera is subpar, and I take a lot of pictures. When the Nokia Lumia 1020 was released, who wasn’t intrigued by its camera? I sure was, and so I bought one. But could the 1020 function as my only camera while on a dream vacation in Paris and Dubrovnik? I would soon find out. From the moment we arrived in Paris, I started snapping pictures predominantly with the Lumia’s Pro Cam app set to 5…

Keizus Quadropod + Clamp Review – a New Way to Hold Your Smartphone

As smartphone photography has gotten better and better, it has become increasingly clear that the right accessories will help take things to an entirely new level. The Quadropod + Clamp is a tripod-like stand and mount. Easy to use and flexible enough to hold your smartphone or tablet in pretty much any position, it is just $39.95. As you can see the Keizus Quadropod + Clamp is going up against the likes of the Joby Gorillapod line. It offers some…

Mindshift Gear Contact Sheet Review – a Clean Photography Surface Anywhere

Mindshift Gear, an offshoot of ThinkTank Photo, is now offering the Contact Sheet. This multi-purpose photography accessory is specifically for photographers working in wet or dirty settings. In seconds the sheet extends to 3.5′ by 5′, and it provides a neat and clean surface for photographer’s gear or themselves. Just $39.99 you can find it here. The Contact Sheet is a great example of “the right tool for the right job”. This isn’t a “can’t live without” product, but it…

Case Logic Reflexion DSLR and iPad Backpack Review

Case Logic’s Reflexion DSLR and iPad Backpack stands out thanks to its “split-pack opening” design and a zipper tha runs around the middle like a jagged belt. It opens and allows the top half of the pack folds down and out of the way. This leaves the camera and tablet compartment open and accessible. Check out the $99.99 pack. As you can see this is a rather unusual camera backpack. The Case Logic Reflexion DSLR and iPad Backpack lets you carry…