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March 31, 2015 • News

Jay-Z’s ‘TIDAL’ Streaming Service to Be Owned by the Artists

In a “rich getting richer” move by Jay-Z, and a way for artists to make even more money than they already have, joined forces with 15 of today’s popular musical artists to announce TIDAL, the first ever artist owned streaming service.  The subscription-based service has two tiered plans offering high quality music and sound.

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March 26, 2015 • Music Diary, News

IK Multimedia Unveils UltraTuner for Android

Just over a year ago, IK Multimedia released UltraTuner for iOS devices, and my review summed up “It’s the Best iOS Tuner Available.” Between the accuracy, easy visibility and simple usability, there is no other tuner I have needed since. Now IK Multimedia has released UltraTuner for Android, allowing anyone with Android 4.1 or later …

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March 25, 2015 • Events, Gaming, News

‘The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses’ Concert Tour Dates Expand

Jason Michael Paul Productions has added more tour dates for their increasingly popular The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Concert Series featuring music from the popular video game series. Enjoy the engrossing music with special visuals plus join the fans and take your interest a step further by dressing up as your favorite character at …

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March 23, 2015 • Music Diary, News

Amazon Prime Music Gets Ad-Free Prime Stations with Unlimited Skips

Over the last couple of weeks my wife has been saying “I am really liking this Amazon Prime Music“, because of added content and features that work with our Echo ‘smart speaker’. Today Amazon unveiled an updated iOS app that opens up streaming of Prime music with unlimited skips to Prime members, making the experience …

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March 20, 2015 • News

Take That, Taylor! Streaming Music Makes More Money Than Albums

It seems as if Ms Swift may have lost the war in the saga of free music. Many artist states that free streaming is “killing the music industry”. But for the first time ever, the annual revenue from streaming music services like Rdio, Pandora, Spotify and Soundcloud have eclipsed the yearly revenue of hard copy …

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March 19, 2015 • Music Diary, News

Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” Sets Spotify Streaming Record

Have you listened to Kendrick Lamar’s new album “To Pimp A Butterfly” yet? Well it seems as if 9.6 Million other people have!

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March 18, 2015 • Music Diary, Reviews

iRig 2 Mobile Guitar Interface is a Worthy Successor to a True Classic!

It has been nearly five years since Travis reviewed the original iRig and two since I reviewed the iRig HD. Now IK Multimedia is back with iRig 2, the low-cost sequel to the best-selling classic iRig. And while this doesn’t knock iRig HD off the sonic perch, it brings in Android compatibility and a number …

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March 12, 2015 • Music Diary, News

Check Out the ‘808’ Trailer – a Movie About a Drum Machine

I remember the Roland Rhythm Composer TR-808 at music stores in Boston and thinking it was cute and fun but not very ‘drum-like’, which was the prevailing opinion. Then songs like ‘Planet Rock’ and ‘Sexual Healing’ landed and suddenly it was THE sound – and has made a comeback in recent years. Now it gets …

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March 7, 2015 • Music Diary, News

Musicless Music Videos Will Be Your New Bizarre Obsession

Over at Buzzfeed there is a post highlighting the videos of Mario Wienerroither, who posts ‘musicless’ videos by stripping the original music and remixing them with either actual or imagined sounds and effects of what might have been going on during the filming video. The results are awkward and embarrassing … but always intriguing!

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March 2, 2015 • Gear Bits, Music Diary

What Was the #1 Song When YOU Were Born?

Have you ever thought about the music that was popular when you were born? No? Neither had I – and even those ‘when you were born’ things we bought for our kids just talked in general about popular music. But now lets you enter your birthdate and see what the top song was when …

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March 2, 2015 • News

VLC for iOS Returns! The Do-All Media Player for All Devices

After being pulled from the App Store in 2011, and a brief return before being removed in 2014, the popular open source media player “VLC for iPhone” is now back! VLC allows you to play nearly every kind of video format you can possibly think of.

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February 26, 2015 • Music Diary, News

Spotify Launches Major Desktop Update

While I seldom think about Spotify on the desktop anymore, it remains one of the most important platforms for the company. And today it has gotten a major update. The update shows the rapid progression in the service, and also the ongoing shift in focus from being an app platform to providing a more tailored …

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February 24, 2015 • Music Diary, Reviews

Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell Impress with the Stunning ‘Celestial Squid’

You almost certainly won’t like this record. Not only is it modern jazz, it is avant-garde, experimental, dissonant, and difficult. Henry Kaiser is what I would term an ‘easy call’ for the type of music that most people won’t like, so just go away. Still here? OK, keep reading to find out why I LOVE …

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February 10, 2015 • News

Check out the Red Band Trailer for NWA’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Movie (NSFW)

No matter how you feel about rap music in general and NWA specifically, the music and band are connected to the late 80s racial unrest in the way that Woodstock is connected to the late 60s Zeitgeist. Songs like ‘F**k tha Police’ made them few friends in the establishment, but they spoke to and for …

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February 3, 2015 • Music Diary, News

Spotify Predicts the Grammy Award Winners — with No Taylor Swift!

Each year Spotify has sent out predictions of the Grammy Award winners based on their streaming patterns. This year is no exception, though the absence of Taylor Swift – who famously pulled her catalog from the streaming service – makes the predictions a little less credible this year! Read on and see what you think!

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February 2, 2015 • Music Diary, News

Roland Brings the Classic Sound Canvas Synth Module to iOS

Much of the big noise from the recent NAMM show was about bringing back the classic analog synths of the 60s and 70s. But what about the workhorses of the digital era? Those tools for those of us starving for polyphony on a budget? Roland is answering this with the introduction of the Sound Canvas …

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January 28, 2015 • Gaming, Music Diary, News

Sony Launches Spotify-Powered Playstation Music, Shutters ‘Music Unlimited’

Sony Music is one of the biggest music industry publishers, but their online service ‘Music Unlimited’ hasn’t lived up to the ‘Spotify Killer’ origins. So they are making the smart move of partnering with Spotify to bring music streaming to Playstation 3 and 4 and Xperia phone and tablet owners on the Playstation Network.

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January 27, 2015 • Events, Music Diary, News

IK Multimedia Announces iRig PowerBridge Universal Charging Solution

One thing I love about using IK Multimedia gear is how it enhances my ability to make music anywhere by drawing power from the 30-pin or Lightning port of my iPhone or iPad. The obvious problem is the power used by an accessory such as iRig Keys Pro comes from your phone, lowering already precious …

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January 26, 2015 • Events, Music Diary, News

Peavey Electronics Introduces 50th Anniversary Guitar Amplifiers at NAMM

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Peavey, a company known for high quality amplifiers at affordable prices. They also make much-loved basses and guitars (the T40 and T60 were popular when I was in high school, and I still a T20 fretless bass), as well as sound reinforcement equipment and other products, but amplifiers have …

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January 26, 2015 • Events, Music Diary, News

Zivix Pioneers Breakthroughs in Bluetooth MIDI Tech with Jamstick+ & PUC+

Late in 2013 Zivix announced PUC, wireless MIDI interface that allowed use of traditional music gear with iOS devices. The original PUC created a local WiFi network to handle the MIDI interface, now they’re back with PUC+ using Bluetooth Low Energy to more efficiently communicate while allowing simultaneous WiFi connections. They also announced jamstik+, bringing …

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January 26, 2015 • Events, Music Diary, News

Spotify for iOS Adding Streamlined ‘Touch Preview’ Controls

After not subscribing for a while, my family has been thoroughly enjoying a renewed Spotify subscription these last few months. The constant stream of improvements since they first launched has made the service more valuable than ever. Now they have introduced a new feature – Touch Preview – that lets you quickly check out new …

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