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October 24, 2016 • Reviews

The Epson Expression Premium XP-640 Small-in-One Printer Review

At some point in the mid-2000s, except for rare situations, I stopped getting prints made from my digital pictures. I have thousands upon thousands of pictures I’ve taken stored on my phone as well as in the cloud, but with the Epson Expression Premium XP-640 Small-in-One Printer, they are now on my walls, too.

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August 26, 2015 • News, Reviews

Epson’s PowerLite 730HD Projector Gives My Living Room That Movie Theatre Experience!

Epson’s Home Cinema 730HD is an entertainment Projector that we had an opportunity to review, and it honestly didn’t disappoint. Prior to the Epson 730HD I’ve only had experience with one other projector, but the comparison between the two are virtually day and night. The $649.00 projector is the home theatre experience that you’d expect …

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November 25, 2014 • Reviews

Epson Expression Photo XP-860 All-in-One Printer Is Small and Social

This holiday season, you will be using your phone, tablet, and (shockingly) your camera to take dozens if not hundreds of photos. Some will go up on Facebook or Instagram, but many will sit on the device waiting. Well, with the Epson Expression Photo XP-860 Small-in-One All-in-One Printer the wait is over. Use it to …

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September 17, 2014 • News

Epson Expression Photo XP-860 Small-in-One Printer is Huge

I’m a big fan of Epson’s printers, so I was excited to check out the brand new Epson Expression Photo XP-860 Small-in-One printer. It leverages Epson’s MicroPiezo printing technology, and it offers much, much more in a compact, affordable printer. We have a full review on the way, but I wanted to serve up a …

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August 24, 2014 • Reviews

“Theater To Go”, Thanks to the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 – Part One

I’ve heard of churches using projectors to beam words to songs, images, and page numbers onto a screen during services, and we’ve been considering it for our sanctuary; we wanted to test it out during the summer. Fortunately, I had a review sample of the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector in hand.   It …

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April 28, 2014 • Gear Bits

Scanning Goes Mobile With the Epson WorkForce DS-40

I have an Epson multi-function printer/scanner in my home office and use it almost every day. With the new Epson WorkForce DS-40 wireless portable document scanner, your office can be anywhere. The WorkForce DS-40 is just over one pound and, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, it lets you scan directly to a PC, Mac or mobile …

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March 2, 2014 • Reviews

Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Inkjet Printer – Professional Printing Results at Home!

If any old picture is worth a thousand words, how much would a big, bright, crisp picture be worth? That’s the question raised by the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 printer. 13″ wide, it serves up images that pop off the page; while my other printers max out at 8 1/2″X11″, this printer can handle 13″X19″ …

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January 9, 2014 • Events, Gear Bits

Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses powered by Wikitude SDK at CES 2014

There has been some truly incredible technology at this year’s CES so far, and another example is the launch of the Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses powered by Wikitude SDK. The BT-200 is a set of binocular wearable display technology projecting transparent items over real-life objects. The augmented reality technology is also capable of advanced …

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October 11, 2013 • News

Bring Your Pictures into the Digital Age with the Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner

Do you, like me, have boxes of old pictures and greeting cards that are just begging to move into the digital age? Thankfully Epson recently announced the solution.The Epson Perfection V550 Photo offers “superior quality scanning and the ability to upload scans directly to services like Facebook and Picasa”. Just $199.99. Get it.

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August 22, 2013 • Reviews

Epson XP-410 Multi-Function Printer Review – Small But Does It All

If you need a small multi-function printer that has a tiny footprint and a budget price, then you will want to check out the Epson XP-410. Good quality prints, WiFi, and printing from iPhones, iPads, and Android devices — thanks to integration with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print — are just the beginning. And it …

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December 22, 2012 • Reviews

Epson Expression Photo XP-850 Small-In-One Review

We recently reviewed Epson’s Expression Premium XP-800 Small-in-One Printer. (Read the review.) I was impressed. Judie and I came back from Aruba having taken a huge number of pictures. Many of them can be seen in this post on “Amazing Aruba“. Some of them are so good that I wanted to print and frame them …

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November 9, 2012 • Reviews

Epson Expression Premium XP-800 Small-in-One Printer Review

I haven’t been all too interested in printers for the last year and a half or so. The reason for this is quite simple — I have been making a concerted effort to be as “paperless” as possible. Thanks to my iPhone, iPad and the various apps that are now available for them, there is …

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October 24, 2012 • News

Epson’s Expression® Photo XP-850 Small-in-One™ Printer Introduced Today

It’s great to have today’s digital cameras, isn’t it? It used to be that we’d take pictures using film, and we’d have to hope that through a magical combination of our equipment’s quality and our picture-taking ability, the results would be worthwhile, because we were going to pay the same price for the good shots …

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June 28, 2012 • Gear Bits, Music Diary

Tay Zonday Brings a Fitting End to the ‘Call Me Maybe’ Meme

If you haven’t experienced SOMETHING of the ‘Call Me Maybe’ meme, which takes the first line of the ultra-popular Carly Rae Jepson song and twists it around … you might need to come out from the bunker and tune into this whole ‘internet’ thing. The actual line is “Hey, I just met you … and …

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May 3, 2012 • News

Mother’s Day is Almost Here, and You Know that Mom Loves Her Gear!

Still debating what you should get the woman who loved you first for Mother’s Day? Look no further; we are here to help … Eers PCS-150 Eers PCS-150 are “high-end headphones with a special twist”. Carly reviewed these amazing headphones and loved them. The music-loving parent will too. Here’s what they offer… Custom-fitted earphones in …

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January 31, 2011 • Reviews

Review: Epson Artisan 725 All-In-One Printer

I’m a huge fan of Epson’s printers. I find they work well, offer a huge range of excellent features and are priced competitively. A while back I had the chance to review their Epson Workforce 600 all-in-one printer/fax/copier. I was impressed and continued to use it until my father needed a printer. I gave it …

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May 5, 2010 • News

Epson Introduces Stylus NX420… First Wireless-N All-In-One Under $100

I have been happily using an Epson all-in-one printer since I reviewed one for the site last year. The printer does everything I need and much more. Best of all it does it quickly and accurately, and it’s relatively easy to use despite the huge number of functions available through it. It is intended for …

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January 19, 2010 • Reviews

Mariner Paperless – Review

I am a huge user of Evernote for saving, storing and accessing my documents. I find that it works remarkably well. I especially love the fact that, thanks to the ability of it to apply OCR to documents and images that are put into the system, it lets me search for information using just a …

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November 20, 2008 • Reviews

Review – Epson WorkForce 600 Multi-Function Printer

The timing could not have been better. Our ancient multifunction printer had seen its last day, and we needed a good printer to replace it since I do much of my writing from my home study and my wife has recently started her own business. I was in the midst of doing the research  as …

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