Cherro’s Backup Battery Duo Are Two of the Best on the Market

If you’re in the market for a backup battery for your phone, you’ll probably already know that there are easily thousands of them on the market, but you’ll be hard pressed to find some that actually will charge both your phone and your tablet more than 30%. I’ve been able to test quite a few of these battery cases, but the two battery cases I have in hand honestly hold their own in the market.

Intocircuit’s 15000mAh Dual External Battery’s LED Screen Sells Itself

For only $39.99 at Amazon, the Intocircuit 2nd Gen 15000mAH Smart LED External Battery offers you not only an extension to your draining smartphone or tablet, but the full speed charging, dual USB output offers up the ability to charge an iPhone 5s seven times, a Samsung Galaxy s5 more than four times, or an iPhone 6 Plus twice. When you need that extra 20-30% to keep you going, this is one that for sure will keep you going.   When I first opened the box for the Intocircuit, it reminded me of more of a remote than a battery…

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Keeping your phone going for a whole day of heavy use can sometimes be a chore, and while USB power packs are common, battery backpacks like the Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus can be a more convenient option. Rather than tethering your phone to a battery with a USB cable, the Mophie Juice Pack acts as a case for the iPhone 6 Plus, while simultaneously packing a 2600mAh battery. Mophie claims it will increase battery life by over 60%. The Mophie Juice Pack is offered in three colours to match your iPhone 6 Plus: black, white, and gold….

Twelve South HiRise Deluxe Is a Must-Have iOS Accessory

I love my iPhone 6 Plus but find the battery to be lacking. I’ve tried a host of settings tweaks to optimize battery life but still run low by early afternoon. Having a strategically-placed charging dock is key for me. The Twelve South HiRise Deluxe is just such a charging dock. I reviewed the original HiRise and was impressed. This deluxe model takes things to an entirely new level. I love it! Here’s what Twelve South has to say about it: “HiRise Deluxe is a beautiful metal pedestal for charging and hands-free use of your iPhone or iPad. Set HiRise…

Native Union’s JUMP Is a Cable/Battery Combo I Don’t Leave at Home

One thing I end up dealing with often when out at happy-hour is my phone mysteriously dying. I don’t use my phone frequently when out, but over the course of the night, I keep bluetooth and Wi-Fi on, which obviously drains the battery. So when I was asked to review Native Union’s Jump Cable for the iPhone, I was stoked.

Greg’s Gear- Devices I Use Daily

Here at GearDiary, a lot of us writers test out new products all the time. But with all of the awesome items we see & review, I figured I’d throw out a few of my favorite daily drivers that I use the most.

SHOULDERPOD S1 Smartphone Tripod Mount Review

I’m finding that, thanks to the amazing cameras in both my iPhone 6 Plus and my Sony Xperia Z3, I really don’t have much need for a dedicated camera. The right accessories make that even more the case, and the $34.90 SHOULDERPOD S1 smartphone tripod mount is one such accessory. It serves multiple functions and fulfills each role quite nicely.

Verizon’s Connection Day Will Celebrate Your Mobile Gear

On November 26, Verizon will celebrate Connection Day, offering free holiday tech gifts to everyone to connect people to their smartphone content including apps, in-flight Wi-Fi access, book downloads, magazine digital edition downloads, and music service trials. MORE Everything customers who register will also get “one-time”1GB sharable data gifts plus an additional 1GB on their next billing cycle.

The Incipio OffGRID Thin iPhone Battery Case is the Total Package

I love iPhone battery cases. They’re convenient because they provide an extra boost when your phone’s battery inevitably wears down, but most battery cases are bulky and heavy. Introducing the Incipio offGRID, a thin battery case for the iPhone 5 and 5s that provides an extra 180% battery capacity with minimal bulk. The Incipio offGRID retails for $79.99.

Mota Battery case for iPhone 5/5s Review – Great Battery Capacity in a Slim Form

The Mota Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s combines the convenience of additional battery life with a sleek, slim design that’s easy to keep in your pocket.  I’ve always been wary of extended battery cases because I keep my phone in my pocket and don’t want the added bulk, but the Mota eliminates that concern.  The Mota Battery Case is $99.99. The Mota Battery Case is extremely similar in design and features to the Naztech Battery Case I reviewed recently.  They both are made of two parts, the battery pack itself and a plastic frame that sleeves over the side of…

Naztech 2400mAh Power Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

The problem with high-tech gadgets is their huge power needs.  The best way to make sure you don’t run out of juice before the end of your day is to use an external battery.  The Naztech mAh Power Case packs a ton of backup power into an easy-to-use case for $89.99.

Get the Most from Your iPhone With the Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Get an extra 120% battery with the mophie juice pack plus When the iPhone 5 arrived, it was a welcome change. After two years using the iPhone 4’s design, the iPhone 5 was both new and familiar at the same time. The new phone was thinner, longer and lighter. It also sported the new Lightning connector. Unfortunately, the new design meant that any accessories that were “form-fitting” and either wrapped around the phone or relied upon the now-obsolete 30-pin connector were of no use. Among the accessories that were now unusable were docks with a 30-pin connection (unless an adapter…

Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 Packs a Bigger Whallop

If you have an iPhone 5, then you already know that there are times when the battery can be just a little bit lacking. Mophie has long been one of our preferred ways to keep our iPhones going, and with this latest addition to their power arsenal — the mophie juice pack plus — things just got a little bit better for us iPhone users. How so? It packs enough juice to double the iPhone 5’s battery life with one charge, and there is no need to slip your phone in and out of its case to charge, because the mophie juice…

PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone 5

We’ve looked at a few battery cases for the iPhone 5 in the past few weeks and today we’re putting the PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone 5 to the test. The very fact that so many battery cases are available for the iPhone 5 is a good indication of the ongoing issue created by battery technology not keeping pace with the power and screens on today’s smartphones. Yes, for any of us who make serious use of our smartphones an external battery or battery case is a must. So lets jump in and take a look at the PowerSkin Battery Case…

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 5 Review

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve looked at a number of different solutions for keeping your iPhone 5 up and running; we’ve looked at the PoP’n Charge battery, the mophie juice pack helium, and, most recently, reviewed the PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone 5. This time out we are going to take a look at another battery case from mophie and then, in the next few days, offer a side-by-side compare and contrast of these different solutions. The mophie juice pack air for iPhone 5 is a familiar case to anyone who has used any of mophie’s juice pack battery cases. The formfitting mophie juice…

Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 Review

I truly wish smartphone battery technology would improve to the point that companies like mophie would not be needed. Unfortunately for us- and fortunately for companies like mophie- I don’t see that happening any time soon. That’s why there is a huge potential market for the new mophie juice pack helium. The mophie juice pack helium is 13% thinner than any of the company’s previous iPhone battery cases and adds 1500mAh of additional battery to the current generation power-sucking iPhone. The company was kind enough to send one for review. Let’s take a look and see if this $79.95 battery…

Mophie Outride Review

We take our iPhones absolutely everywhere. Mophie knows this, and they’ve made their name in offering extended batteries and battery cases. But now they are branching out and pushing more than just batteries. They know you want your iPhone to record the really amazing parts of life-the “Oh man, I wish you could see this”, the “Whoo hoo, that was fun!” and yes, the “Oh crap, I can’t believe I am doing this” adventures. So they created the Mophie Outride, a rugged case, app and mount system so you can record anything, anywhere. Preferably in a place where you would…

What’s Coming with Us to CES, the 2013 Edition

Every year we make the trek to Las Vegas, and every year we try to strike the perfect balance between the gear that we’ll need and a few extra things that will make our lives easier; the trick is to not forget anything vital or to too seriously overpack. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we fail miserably. Here’s what’s coming along this time … Judie: I’ve been going to CES since 2002, and you would think that by now I’d have a perfect kit prepared … but technology keeps changing, and so does my gear. I think I…

Mophie Juice Pack Pro for iPhone 4/S Review

Tough on your iPhone 4/S? Prone to drops and breaks, and your slim case just isn’t cutting it? Want longer power for your iPhone? If you said yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider taking a gander at the Mophie Juice Pack Pro. Designed to exceed the U.S. military’s MIL-STD 810G specifications, barring any full submersion in liquid, the Mophie Juice Pack Pro will keep your iPhone safe and secure under most conditions. While lacking complete immersion protection, the case will protect your device from rain and splashes, sand and dust, vibration and shocks, as well as drops…