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April 1, 2010 • Reviews

Joby Gorillamobile for iPod touch Review

I have been a big fan of the Joby Gorillamobile since it was first released for the iPhone. I love the bendable flexible tripod that allows me to have my iPhone securely attached to just about any surface and then held there for pictures. One of the best uses for it is to set up …

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March 16, 2010 • Reviews

The Amazing Miniot iWood Cobra iPhone Case

When Larry posted about the Case-Mate Mohogany Wood Case, I was smitten — there’s no other way to put it. I loved the look of the rich red wood on the iPhone, and I was thrilled when he sent it to me after the review was complete. I used the heck out of that case, …

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March 12, 2010 • Reviews

Destinator 9 for iPhone Review

The iTunes App Store is filled with GPS applications.  Destinator 9 from Intrinsyc is the latest addition to the category. Destinator has been running on a variety of other mobile devices and GPS units for a while now and it’s achieved a large following. The iPhone version of the application brings a rich, featured filled …

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March 11, 2010 • Reviews

Review: V-MODA Remix Headphones

Image courtesy of V-MODA There’s some old saying the goes along the lines of “you’re only as good as the people around you.”  I feel the same way towards the relationship between my iPod or my iPhone and the headphones I use with each.  I may have the largest, most comprehensive music collection on the …

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March 11, 2010 • News

Forked Up Art Serves Up the Coolest iPhone and iPod Touch Holder Ever!

Larry sent out a tweet last week that immediately grabbed my attention: Coolest iPhone stand ever. Oh really? And then I clicked the link and found myself agreeing …

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March 5, 2010 • Reviews

Review: The Hug Wireless Charging System by Case-Mate

While at CES 2010 one of the products which excited me most was the wireless charging system Case-Mate unveiled for the iPhone 3G/3Gs called The “Hug.”  We at Gear Diary are huge fans of everything Case-Mate does both from their products to their customer service.  They are one of the companies that simply get it. …

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March 5, 2010 • Reviews

Review: Clear Coat, the Clear Choice for Maximum Protection

There are plenty of choices when it comes to screen and body protection for your electronic devices and I think I’ve tried them all.  Clear Coat might just be the best of the bunch. What is Clear Coat?  Here’s how the company describes it. Simply put, Clear-Coat is the only protection you’ll need for your …

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February 28, 2010 • Reviews

Review: Dacha Works Module SmartCase for iPhone 3G and 3Gs

Often times case manufacturers work hard at creating cases that look great but in doing so sacrifice how the cases feels when held in your hand.  Ergonomics play a key role in keeping you comfortable while sitting at your desk, on your computer. The Module SmartCase from Dacha Works seeks to create the same level …

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February 26, 2010 • Reviews

ZAGGsmartbuds – Review

A few months ago I found myself a little bit short in the headphones department. I had given away most of the headphones I had used and reviewed and one of the two pair that I tended to use on a daily basis broke. I mentioned this to Judie and she was kind enough to …

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February 25, 2010 • Reviews

The TruePower iV Pro 3100mAh Extended Battery for iPod touch and iPhone Review

Reading, surfing, watching movies, listening to music — these are all activities that I enjoy doing on my iPhone; when I do them I usually have a rough idea of what type of battery life I should be able to expect, and it helps that I can watch the battery icon. However, I’ve recently discovered …

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February 24, 2010 • Reviews

Case-Mate PWND Case for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

If we believe what Steve Jobs tells us (that argument’s meant for a whole different discussion) the Apple iPhone OS is an built to be one of the best operating systems for gaming.  Any look at the sheer abundance of games in the iTunes App Store and you might just have to agree. Do you …

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February 21, 2010 • Reviews

Review: Innopocket CF Formula Series Case for iPhone 3G/3Gs

There are plenty of cases out there for the iPhone which bill themselves as being made from “carbon fiber.”  Few however are the real deal, and most are made from imitation plastic.  Such is not the case with the Innopocket CF Formula Series case for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. The case, which comes in …

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February 20, 2010 • Reviews

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS – Review

The first high-quality leather device cases that I used came from Sena Cases. At the time I was impressed by the quality of the leather, the impressive construction that included double or even triple stitched seams, and the overall design of the cases. The company took an approach that ensured cases would be stylish enough …

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February 19, 2010 • Reviews

Arctic Sound E361 Earphone Review

Earphones have become a part of all of our gadget lives.  Most of our gear comes with earphones that are mediocre at best.  Third party replacement options can be overwhelming with prices ranging from tens of dollars to thousands.  I enjoy great sounding audio, but cannot justify spending over $100 on earphones that will be …

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February 18, 2010 • Reviews

Review: Whoomp! Boost Apple’s Ear Buds for Even Less

It’s not a big secret.  The ear buds Apple provides with all of its iPods & iPhones aren’t great.  Okay I was being kind, they suck!  They do a decent job of providing sound but they often fit poorly.  Apple used to provide the ear buds along with two sets of those foam covers which …

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February 17, 2010 • Reviews

Review: Trexta Racing Series Case for iPhone makes me go vroom vroom

Snap on back covers are a popular category in the over-crowded iPhone case market.  These simple to put on cases mostly protect the back of the iPhone and keep the phone’s profile slim. Trexta has been making accessories for wireless devices for over ten years but just recently began doing so for Apple devices. Their …

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February 8, 2010 • Reviews

Review – Danglets iPod Neck & Wrist Strap

Apparently in Japan and some other countries it is very popular to wear your cell phone on a neck strap – especially when using it as a media player. That trend has not hit North America. Now Collins America hopes to make it more popular through the introduction of the Danglet, an accessory that clips …

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February 7, 2010 • Reviews

Thinksound Headphones: Green Sounds Good, Really Good

Going green and buying electronics usually don’t mesh very well.  Thinksound set out to create great sounding headphones that were also friendly to the environment too.  Not an easy task to say the least, but one the company took very seriously. Thinksound‘s lineup currently consists of two eco-friendly headphones.  The company was kind enough to …

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February 4, 2010 • Reviews

Video Review: Case-Mate Turtle Case for iPhone 3G/3Gs

There are not a lot of choices when it comes to maximum protection for your iPhone.  One of Case-Mate‘s newest additions, the Turtle Case, seeks to join the select group. The two-part plastic and silicone construction of the Turtle case means you’ll “have the best armor available for the more delicate iPhone technology inside.”  It …

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February 3, 2010 • Reviews

PhoneSuit Primo “Made For iPod, Works w/iPhone” Battery Review

The iPhone has been great for the aftermarket battery business. I don’t know any power-user who does not carry at least one additional method of charging the device. I’ve tried, and been impressed by many. Most recently PhoneSuit sent me one of their Primo Micro Batteries to try out. The last product from PhoneSuit that …

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February 2, 2010 • News

Buffalo Dualie Fire Wire 800/USB500GB Hard Drive + iPhone Dock

Here’s another item for the “super-cool convergence item” file I’ve got going. The Buffalo Dualie lets you sync and charge your iPhone or iPod while simultaneously backing up or storing digital assets on the integral 500GB portable hard drive. As an added bonus, it offers a brushed-aluminum and black soft-touch two-tone finish. The Dualie works …

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