April 2009

GVdialer for BlackBerry enables ultimate Google Voice dialing integration

Just yesterday Dan introduced you to GVdialer for iPhone. For those of you who are using a BlackBerry , here’s a version of GVdialer that integrates your device with Google Voice. Most impressive about GVdialer is that you can have it automatically intercept any type of outbound call whether it’s dialed from the keypad, phone book or recent calls – and route the call through your Google Voice account. What’s the big deal about Google Voice? There are three primary reasons I think you’ll soon see a flood of applications offering to integrate your cell phones to Google Voice.

Ask and Record Toolbar by Applian Technologies Review

Have you ever dreamed of a blazing Internet connection, so you can watch that tutorial video about making the Windsor knot on your tie? Are your children screaming and shouting at you because they can not see their favorite YouTube cartoon channel? Do you find yourself always looking at or listening at the same, choppy Internet streams as your video displays in fits and starts? Stop moaning, maybe the solution to your problem is right behind the corner. No, this is not about an offer of a cheap and superfast unlimited data plan (though that might be nice).  Instead, I…

External iPhone Batteries: Tekkeon myPower for iPhone and Konnet PowerKZ

As much as I love my iPhone 3G I am the first to point out that it has some serious short-comings. The biggest for me, by far is battery-life. I use my iPhone a lot. I do use my Touch whenever possible so as to save the iPhone’s battery but even with that I never make it through the day without having to charge the 3G at least once. That makes having an external battery a neccessity. Quite frankly, I don’t leave home without one of my external batteries charged and waiting. Fortunately there are a growing number of battery…

Astro Sphere: 2D Puzzle Game for iPhone/iPod Touch Review

Truth be told, my favorite style of game in the handheld genre is puzzle. At any given time I have at least five puzzle games loaded onto my iPhone. Astro Sphere is a challenging puzzle style game that’s available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game takes place in space and the goal is to guide your “ship” through a series of levels. To advance to the next level you must teleport your ship through a portal. You do this by bouncing the spherical ship of certain obstacles, each of which has a different effect, all the while trying…

Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus Mobile UHS206 Review

After reviewing  the Backbeat 106 headphones, the folks at Altec Lansing sent out a version of the headphones designed for mobile phones. The Backbeat Plus Mobile UHS206  are virtually identical to the Backbeat 106 ear buds in my earlier review.  The  design is a little different, and the cables are  wrapped in the same tangle proof cloth covering. This is a nice extra which keeps the cables from kinking up and getting tangled while floating around in a pocket or in your gear bag.  Other than the extra ring for the mic, the mic itself and the call button, the…

Papershow Review

In the old days I would print out handouts whenever I had a class I was going to teach or lecture I was going to give. Inevitably however, half of the packets were left on the seats or on the floor and ended up being wasted. About six months ago I decided to try a different approach. It was an experiment but it’s turned out rather well for me. Instead of handing out packets of information, I simply use my MacBook and Keynote with one of the flat-panel televisions that we’ve installed in our building. It works phenomenally well —…

La Crosse Technology Professional Weather Center Review

Everybody knows a person who is obsessed with the weather; who knows, maybe you are one. That is how my family is. As far as they are concerned, the television could stay on weather news non stop. They call each other to find out how the weather is “there”, even if the other person is only a couple of miles away. Except for me that is. I can’t stand waiting around watching reports of areas that have no affect on where I am. Internet weather reports are better, and at least I can get the information instantly. The problem is…

Tap Tap Revenge, Coldplay Edition Review

Tapulous, maker of the Tap Tap Revenge games, has introduced another artist-exclusive special edition, this time featuring British rock band Coldplay. Built on the new Tap Tap Revenge 2 (TTR2) engine, the Coldplay edition offers several new features, including an in-game feed of Coldplay news and a unique look inspired by the band.

The Speck Products See Thru Slim Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air Review

I usually keep my MacBook Air nekkid as a jaybird because I love its skinny form factor, but the scratches I’ve begun to notice appearing on its metal shell have been causing me a bit of consternation lately. In an effort to keep my svelte beauty’s skin unblemished, I agreed to give the Speck Products See Thru Slim Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air a try.

Zombie Invasion – iPhone Game Review

In my lighter moments and more adolescent male times, in other words all the time; I play games on my iPhone! Currently I have two games, Bejeweled 2 and Zombie Invasion.  By far its more fun to play Zombie Invasion and watch the zombies bite the dust!  Zombie Invasion is a classic shooter game with one shooter standing at the bottom of the screen shooting at the approaching zombies.  As the level increases there are more zombies and more weapons.

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter Review

There was much outcry when Apple unveiled their new unibody MacBook and the new Mini DisplayPort. There was even more of an outcry when it became clear that it included —High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). As MacWorld explained at the time– HDCP is a digital rights management (DRM) specification developed by Intel to help content providers protect their content across DVI and HDMI connections. Like other forms of DRM, HDCP will not allow content to be played on non-authorized devices. And because purchased content on the iTunes Store—protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM—is HDCP-enabled, owners of new MacBooks are finding they…

Macally BookShell Pro2 Review

I’ve always been interested in protecting my baby MacBook Pro, but I didn’t like the look of the plastic hard cases, and I used an elastic neoprene sleeve for a while. I then searched the internet again, in the hopes of finding a cover for my MacBook Pro that was protective, and at the same time stylish. However, all I could find were really variants of the plastic case model. Until I stumbled across Macally.

Yahoo! iPhone App Review

Yahoo! has done a nice job of optimizing its mobile website and products for use on an iPhone, but until now hasn’t released a more robust application to compete with Google’s iPhone app.  That changed this past week with the introduction of Yahoo! for iPhone. Previous Yahoo! iPhone applications focused on specific functions such as social networking (OneConnect) or web searches (Inquisitor).  The new application – simply titled “Yahoo!” – is an attempt to pull together several of Yahoo!’s standard website products into one mobile software package, simulating some of the website’s primary features on your iPhone. It’s a nice…

Brown Bottle DIY with Mr Beer

The weather is beginning to break, baseball season has started, and NASCAR is getting into full swing. What better time to start thinking about cookouts and libations. With DIY mania in full swing as the weather warms up, at least that’s what my wife tells me as I work on project #49.3 on her “to-do list”, what better way to test your skills than making your own beer.  For those of you brave enough to attempt making your own brew, I have just the site for you. The folks over at Mr. Beer offer 5 different kits that range from…

Garmin Nuvifone G60 demo from CTIA 2009

Garmin’s nuvifone G60 is a quad band phone (850/900/1800/1900) EDGE, HSDPA and Wi-Fi device running Linux. Naturally you’d expect a phone from Garmin to be heavy on GPS features and this won’t disappoint. The video gives a nice overview of the GPS heavy feature set. The bigger question on this phone – is it introduced too late and will people buy phones that are designed around GPS rather than phone functionality? nuvifone G60 via Nan Palmero

Resco Brain Games 2009 Review

I’ve been a fan of brain training games for a while now.  I own a number of them for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and even my Nintendo DS.  What I like is that I can work with them in short time bursts – like in the gap between meetings, without a big time commitment, yet doing something fun and even personally productive. This time around, I’m taking a look at the latest brain training offering from Resco – Brain Games 2009.  Let’s take a look…

Sennheiser MM50 IP Headset for iPhone

I’m always on the quest to find new headphones to use with my phones and as we all know the headphone set that comes with the iPhone are most inadequate to the task. In my own case, I couldn’t keep them in my ear!

One simple tweak that made my iPhone Gmail retrieval lightning fast

Dan posted earlier today over at Whatsoniphone about my discovery that if you enable Advanced IMAP controls in GMAIL Labs (look under settings) and remove the check marks from your folders so that only the INBOX is checked – your iPhone will retrieve email at a blistering pace as opposed to the 3 to 5 minutes that it previously took. Almost from the day that I bought the first generation iPhone I have been bothered by slow retrieval of my Gmail. Since I have a large number of folders, it makes perfect sense that this tip to stop synchronizing the…