June 2014

Papernomad Little Tootsie for iPad Mini Review: Expensive Nostalgia

There are all kinds of cases out there for tablets these days-rugged, leather, pleather, vinyl, rubber, folio-style…if it’s a material that can be tablet-sized, chances are someone’s made a case out of it. Papernomad has an interesting twist with cases made from brown paper and felt, allowing you to feel like your iPad is a childhood textbook.

Will iOS 8 Lure You Back to the iPhone?

After Apple’s iOS 8 preview at WWDC, I posed the following query to the Gear Diary Team: Carly: So for everyone who has used iOS and been using Android, or for those who have used both platforms…does iOS 8 make you want to jump back to iOS full time? Personally I think this looks like an awesome upgrade.

Meet the “New” Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, KitKat Edition

At this point the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a bit “old”. Launched in April 2013, by Android standards it is an antique. And while we’ve seen many new Galaxy devices in the last 14 months, there’s been no new Note 8.0. The arrival of Android 4.4.2 KitKat on my WiFi version today made it a model worthy of 2014.

Temple Run Series Hits One Billion Downloads

Temple Run was one of those unlikely successes – a simple ‘endless runner’ game that has you continuously running and trying to collect as many coins as possible before dying. It was the simplicity and easy charm that made the game quick to pick up and hard to put down. Now the game has passed 1 BILLION downloads!

E3 2014 Overview/Company Presentation Schedule

E3 2014 will bring more details about the highly anticipated new games for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console and Microsoft’s Xbox One console, while Nintendo looks towards the future and bolster their game library. We will also gear up for some exciting services, virtual reality games, the used game market, and independent sleeper hits.

Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher Review – Connects Your Home Theater

I’m setting up a home theater and, in the process, discovered how much I hate having multiple cables running from the back of my television. Still, when I connect an Apple TV, a gaming console etc each needs its own cable right? Wrong. The Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher is one HDMI cable that connects three devices.

Swype is Excited for iOS 8, and You Should Be Too!

A huge swath of users jumped up and cheered during yesterday’s iOS 8 announcement when one simple option was mentioned: Swype. iOS 8 will be open to changing keyboards from the default Apple keyboard, much like Android has for years, and Swype is one of the best. If you aren’t excited about this, you probably haven’t used Swype yet.

LACU Video Chat Interpreter App Is Perfect for the World Traveler

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign land with no way to communicate with the people around you? LACU is an app that directly connects you to a live interpreter via video chat who can instantly help you get your message across. LACU has free and paid options and can be downloaded for free on the App Store now.

2014 Toyota 4Runner: 30 Years Strong

While many automakers have chosen to remove the frame from underneath their midsize SUVs lately, Toyota takes a different approach by delivering two medium-bodied sport utes – one with a frame and one without. We’ve already looked at the latest unibody Highlander, and now we’ll spend quality time with the 2014 Toyota 4Runner frame-based SUV we first saw last fall.

Incipio Watson Folio Wallet Serves Double Duty

If you like the idea of an iPhone case that can double as a wallet, but also tend to prefer minimalist cases, the Incipio Watson Folio Wallet for iPhone 5S is the case for you. It is a functional wallet-style case that, within seconds, transforms into a minimalist case so you can go light, and it is under $45.

The Next Chapter for Apple Begins Today with the WWDC 2014 Keynote

Apple’s WWDC- World Worldwide Developers Conference- is the first chance we get to see what will be coming in the next versions of iOS and OS X. As usual we expect to get updates on sales numbers, store performance and more. We might even see new hardware today but… Who knows. We’ll have a summary of the news and more.

Target and Librify Partner Up for a New Twist on Subscription Ebooks

Target has sold books and eBook readers in their stores for years, and now they are sticking a very tentative toe into the world of selling digital books. No, you won’t be heading to Target.com for your next eBook (yet), but they are partnering with new website Librify, which is a social network/eBook subscription service coming this summer.

Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case Review: Affordable Luxury

Judie has reviewed a number of different offerings from Oberon Design and been impressed by them all. The gorgeous designs, quality leather, and impressive craftsmanship come together to create some beautiful cases and bags. This time out we are looking at the Oberon Design Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Case. It is gorgeous, and at under $40, it is surprisingly affordable.