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PowerBinder Solar Charging Binder Review

It seems like today, most everyone spends at least some part of their day searching for a place to charge. The mobile gadget lifestyle is great, unless you are plagued with dead batteries. The PowerBinder strives to alleviate the daily plug search with solar panels and an internal battery. It comes in at $149 and can charge a phone 2.5…

My Spy Birdhouse Takes Birdwatching to a Voyeuristic Level

  Occasionally my wife Sarah will point out products she thinks we should cover on Gear Diary. Often they’re interesting or unusual, and sometimes they’re just “oh, come on, you’ve got to be kidding me” ridiculous. The My Spy Birdhouse we saw on TV today clearly falls in the latter category, and Sarah practically fell off the couch laughing at…

G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox Review – Rugged Boombox can Follow you Anywhere

The G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth Boombox by G-Project is a rugged speaker system that, despite it’s lower-end price tag, actually sounds pretty good.  The G-Boom has a rechargeable battery for when you want to take the boombox into the woods, audio line-in jack, and volume, play, and forward/backward control buttons on the top.  The G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox retails for $99.99.

I Can’t Wait to Go Camping with the Power Pot V

A really cool review item just came across my desk: the Power Pot V, which turns your campfire or any other heat source into juice for your USB-powered device.  All you do is fill the pot with water, heat it up, plug in your device, and the Power Pot charges your device. The Power Pot sells for $149.00.

Lems Primal2 Minimalist Shoes Let You Tread Lightly

Most days I wear dress shoes. I hate it, but they go best with a suit. When I’m not dressed up, I tend to wear a favorite pair of low-rise boots.That may change thanks to the lightweight, minimalist Lems Primal2s I’ve been trying out. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of shoes quite as so comfortable!

Get Power On the Go with the PowerBinder

I am on the go a lot — almost always without access to electricity. Whether I’m hunting or coaching, being a geek in the great outdoors can sometimes leave me with dead devices. The PowerBinder is a simple to use solar charging mobile power solution. I have the $199 PowerBinder in hand, so look for a full review soon! Check…

Take Your Party Outdoors with These Products from GSI and Sachi

As the college and pro football seasons hit the home stretch, it’s prime tailgating time. Getting your drinks safely to the stadium is a key component of any outdoor party, so check out these handy beverage transport tools, the Mountainsmith Cooler Cube, Sachi Vino Wine Tote and GSI Outdoors Wine set.

Score Band Review – The Best Scorekeeper on Your Wrist

I am a huge fan of sports, whether it’s watching professionals or playing myself.  When the weather is right, I love playing tennis with friends. Unfortunately, I get too into the game itself and forget to keep score.  Now, there’s a Score Band on my wrist to keep track for me; Score Band sells for $24.99.

TACTACAM Bow Stabilizer Brings HD Video To Your Bow

With bow hunting season in full swing, many hunters like to share their hunts as well as review shot placements. I try to use a regular video camera on my hunts, but that is not always easy when sitting in a tripod or tree. TACTACAM has brought HD video to the bow stabilizer turning the bow into the camera for…

TrackingPoint XS2 Unboxing Goodness

I have been following the TrackingPoint smart rifle system and their releases. The mixture of technology and amazing weapon technology is mind-blowing to me. TrackingPoint has released an unboxing video of the XS2 Smart Rifle. The rifle itself is amazing in its own right, but it even comes complete with an iPad mini. Check out the video for all of…

Found- The World’s Most Advanced Beer ‘Koozie’!

I’m an American. That means I eat french fries not chips, take the subway not the tube and like my beer cold. That last one is a challenge on a warm day but, thanks to the BottleCamo, keeping beer ice cold just got a whole lot easier and stylish. Made with quality stainless steel, and neoprene, you can pre-order now.

Record It All With Sony’s HDR-AS30V Action Cam

Sony’s Action Cam HDR-AS30V weighs just three ounces and is ruggedized and waterproof. 35% lighter and 25% smaller than its predecessor, it has GPS, captures 11.9MP images and records full HD. Wi-Fi connects to mobile devices with Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile App and it works with Sony’s new Live-View Remote. It will be available this month for $299.99. Check it out.

Limited Edition Ultimate Ears UE BOOM Features Tippsy the Elephant

If you are in the market for a speaker that takes sound seriously while looking playful and fun check out the limited edition Ultimate Ears UE BOOM featuring Tippsy the Elephant. The whimsical character by artist Jason Maloney looks at home on the speaker that offers 360-degree sound and runs for 15 hours per charge. Just $229.99 at Apple.com.

Redverz Gear’s Series II Expedition Tent Includes a Garage

I’m not big into camping, but Redverz Gear’s Series II Expedition Tent could change all that. Its design shelters riders, bikes, and assorted other gear under a single roof. Made from expedition-grade ripstop nylon, the sleeping bag’s double wall design eliminate’s condensation. The bay can be used for cooking, hanging, storage or even as a dressing room. $449. Get it….

TrackingPoint Super Gun Technology Enables 3,100 Yard Shot Consistency

In January we brought exciting new firearm news with the TrackingPoint precision guided rifle technology. Read the news release here and read about their iPhone game here. The TrackingPoint technology allows rifles to be amazingly accurate up to 1,000 yards. The precision guided XactSystem allows shooters to tag a target, track it and fire the round making perfect shots despite…

Bluetooth Speaker Shootout- GearFest 2013

At GearFest 2013, Judie, Mike, Carly, and I sat down with a number of Bluetooth speakers to do a blind test listening to two pieces of music Travis had put together. (Thanks for jumping in to help us Coach!) With Mike’s wife Lisa helping us out (and offering up a few dance moves at the beginning of the video), we…

Astronomy-Class 100X Telescope and Back Case for iPhone 5

A few weeks ago, we experienced a “super moon.” This is where the moon is full while at the closest proximity to the earth. My boys have a beginner telescope so we spent most of the evening in the back yard looking at the moon and discussing all of the markings and features. We were even able to see the…

Porter the Dog v iPhone 5, Thanks to the LifeProof LifeJacket!

The LifeProof case for the iPhone 5 is a terrific way to keep your phone safe from life’s bumps, bruises and mishaps. In addition to all the other protection it offers, the LifeProof case is waterproof. That means you can dump it in the toilet or leave it in the rain and feel confident it will still work. But what…

Tenba Discovery Photo/Tablet Daypack Mini Review

If you’re looking for a thin and light camera backpack that not only protects your gear, but also has enough room to let you carry your tablet or 11″ MacBook air, then you’ll want to check out the Tenba Discovery Mini Photo/Tablet Daypack. The Discovery Mini Photo/Tablet Daypack is a great way to take your camera gear on the road…

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 Review

Let me start off this review by admitting that I am somewhat biased when it comes to iPhone cases.  I carry my phone in my pocket at all times, I rarely drop my phone, and I rarely bring it near water.  With that in mind, I’ve always leaned towards bumper-style cases that are small enough to protect my phone and…