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Book Review: The Man Who Lied To His Laptop

Talking with Clifford Nass is a real treat. He clearly loves what he does, and his passion for his work comes through in his stories and anecdotes. Not everyone gets to talk to Cliff Nass about his studies, but luckily he’s written a fabulous book, “The Man Who Lied To His Laptop”, that shares some of his best work and… Read More ›

Review: GreenSmart Puku Messenger Bag

I like supporting “green” products and companies. It makes me feel a little less like “ooh, shiny new toy” and more “ooh, shiny new toy AND I did something sort-of good for the world”. Of course, any product, recycled/green or otherwise, needs to be well built and functional. So when I had the chance to review a GreenSmart Puku messenger… Read More ›

iPhone App Review- Doodle Cam

Remember this video? (Or see it on YouTube if you are too young to actually “remember” it?) Back in the day when MTV was actually all about Music Videos (go figure) there were a few stand-out videos that had effects that, at the time, truly “wowed”! Fast forward a few years and you can now use your iPhone or current… Read More ›

Lenovo Releases Their First AMD-Powered M-Series ThinkCentre Windows 7 PC, and We’ll Be Giving One Away Soon!

This is just a heads up! Lenovo and AMD have joined together to create the new M75e ThinkCentre, and the specs are pretty impressive … The ThinkCentre M75e is an enterprise-class mainstream desktop designed for cost-conscious large enterprises and public segments. This is the first M-series ThinkCentre desktop featuring the powerful AMDTM processor AMDTM VISION Pro Technology. The ThinkCentre M75e offers… Read More ›

iPhone 4 Case Redux: Speck Pixel Skin HD

When the iPhone 4 first launched many of the case manufacturers had cases for the new device at the ready. How this process of creating cases for a device that technically doesn’t exist yet works I have no idea but my guess is Apple forwards certain companies the specs of their upcoming device to go off. While this does mean… Read More ›

Sprint SERO Plans Adding Support for Newer Phones

Before the advent of “Simply Everything” there was an even cheaper way to get Sprint service. All you needed was the email address of a Sprint employee, and you’d qualify for a special plan called “Sprint Employee Referral Offer” or SERO. Basically it was deeply discounted service, and the people lucky enough to sign up have enjoyed ridiculously cheap wireless… Read More ›

Review: Thinksound ts02+ mic: Going Green Sounds Even Better Now

Last February I had the chance to review Thinksound’s first two offerings. The “Rain” and the “Thunder” were the company’s first entries into the earbud market. Thinksound is a company that takes environmental impact seriously. Everything they use in the construction of their products, from the packaging made from recycled materials to the PVC free cable, is all about leaving… Read More ›