November 2013

Galaxy Note 3 by Samsung Mobile Phone Review – Bigger is Better

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 delivers high performance and striking screen quality in a portable yet sizable display plus it works with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. This part phone/part tablet, or phablet, has a considerably long battery life, slim design, unique S Pen design and functions, clear call quality, fast quad-core processor, and sharp picture quality.

My Spy Birdhouse Takes Birdwatching to a Voyeuristic Level

  Occasionally, my wife, Sarah will point out products she thinks we should cover on Gear Diary. Often they’re interesting or unusual, and sometimes they’re just “oh, come on, you’ve got to be kidding me” ridiculous. The My Spy Birdhouse we saw on TV today clearly falls in the latter category, and Sarah practically fell off the couch laughing at it!

TYLT TUNZ Bluetooth Speaker Tunes In To NFC Audio

Is there room for yet another small, portable Bluetooth speaker in an ever-more-crowded market? I sure hope so. The TYLT TUNZ is small but surprisingly powerful, easily customized and some features that make it a great option if you are looking to take your music on the go while charging your mobile device at the same time.

G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox Review – Rugged Boombox can Follow you Anywhere

The G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth Boombox by G-Project is a rugged speaker system that, despite it’s lower-end price tag, actually sounds pretty good.  The G-Boom has a rechargeable battery for when you want to take the boombox into the woods, audio line-in jack, and volume, play, and forward/backward control buttons on the top.  The G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox retails for $99.99.

Korus Premium, Portable Wireless System Review – Part 2

In part one of this two-part review, we looked at the philosophy behind and technology within the new Korus line of wireless speakers. In part 2 we’ll be looking at the two speakers that were part of the initial launch of the line, as well as my thoughts on the speakers in specific and the line in general.

T-Rex Runner Launches Ramblen, Resource for Traveling Runners

With the huge number of sites like RunKeeper and Yelp to give opinions and options for eating and finding routes, you might think it is easier than ever for a traveling runner to hit a new city. Sadly this is not the case, as recommendations of routes often lack context, and definitions of ‘healthy dining’ vary wildly. In this light the new site Ramblen has launched to provide curated recommendations for eating and exercise for travelers. One of my favorite running blogs is the T-Rex Runner – I appreciate the humor and randomness, but also the way she immerses herself…

Roadie Tuner, The Ultimate Guitarist Tool Kickstarter Project

One of the only annoying things about playing the guitar is tuning. I already use my iPhone as my primary tuning device since it is always with me. The Roadie Tuner on Kickstarter utilizes an iPhone app and pairs with a device via Bluetooth to automatically tune each string for you. The device will be $99 and releases soon.

Steam Launches Huge Autumn Sale for Thanksgiving Weekend

Every year Steam offers up huge savings on PC download games, and this year is no exception. They have games on sale all weekend, 24-hour sales, and quick ‘flash’ sales. All of the deals are good, and it is definitely worth checking the deals out every day! Right now they have System Shock 2 for 75% off!

Korus Premium, Portable Wireless System Review – Part 1

There’s a new player in the home audio market and they’re making some big-sounding moves. Korussound has released two speaker systems that allow you to stream music from a variety of devices using what they referred to as “SKAA”. SKAA allows the audio stream to be more consistent and of higher quality than either Bluetooth or AirPlay.

Belkin Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air Review

Do a lot of typing on your iPad but prefer a real keyboard to a touchscreen? There are plenty of Bluetooth keyboard options out there, but what about incorporating it into a case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk as most keyboard cases do? For the iPad Air, Belkin has released the QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case.

Just Mobile AluBolt Is An iPhone and iPad mini Stand That Is Just Right

If, like me, you love using your iPhone and iPad mini, you are always on the lookout for a great stand that will hold and charge your mobile device. Just Mobile’s new AluBolt promises to do just that. An upright Lightning dock for iPhone and iPad mini, the $49.95 dock is finished in aluminum and includes an integrated USB cable.

2014 Buick LaCrosse Is Quite the Premium Sedan

Many of the reviews written around stately, premium sedans these days at one point or another use a reference to Buick including my review of the Hyundai Azera where I accused that Korean sedan of being so “Buicky.” Well, let’s take a look at the latest large car from General Motors’ premium brand in the form of the 2014 LaCrosse.

The Astak Neos – An Android Tablet for Family Fun and Copious Cooking!

I love to cook. I store most of my recipes in Evernote, so when making unfamiliar dishes I always need access to a smart device. Usually I’ll walk back and forth between the kitchen countertop and dining room table where my laptop sits, checking ingredients as I work. That’s all changed since I got the Astak Neos Android Tablet.

JOBY GPod Mini Magnetic Is a Small but Mighty Camera Stand

JOBY’s GPod Mini Magnetic is the company’s “tiniest tripod with super-strong magnetic feet!” It is oh so cute and, at $14.95 it is oh so inexpensive. But don’t let the small size and low price fool you. The JOBY GPod Mini Magnetic is all JOBY and this little tripod is oh so useful. It makes a great present!

PhatPad has (Google) Drive

Gear Diary has written about PhatWare apps on a number of occasions, including here, here, and most recently, here. One of their best known products is PhatPad, a note-taking app that features handwriting recognition. I’ve used PhatWare products, including PhatPad, off and on for years. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of its handwriting recognition.

See Spot Run, See Spot Jump, See the Soundfreaq Sound Spot Rock Out

It’s good to know the days of all portable Bluetooth speakers being little, black boxes is coming to an end. Leading the way is the Soundfreaq Sound Spot. This small, $69 speaker packs big sound, good battery life and it looks great in any one of its many colors. Mix and match Sound Spots for a great looking sound.

HipShotDot Laser Sight Accessory Review – Advanced Aim for FPS Games

I never thought I needed a special accessory to play First Person Shooter (FPS) games, until now.  The HipShotDot is a tiny red LED light that’s plugged into your console or computer’s USB port.  The LED enhances your view of your weapons crosshairs in order to improve accuracy and reaction time.  HipShotDot is a brand new product retailing for $29.99.

STM Studio for iPad Mini Takes a Stand for Simple Utility

We recently took a look at the STM Catch for the iPhone 5. STM also offers a growing line of iPad accessories. The STM Studio for iPad mini is one example of what this company, better known for its bags, can do when they set their minds to it. Under $40, it offers plenty of good-looking protection.