February 2014

Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery for iOS Review

G5 Games is moving of their popular franchises to social platforms – from Virtual City Playground to Secret Society to Stand O’Food Empire, the games add to the original experience while extending the gameplay to many hours. Now one of my favorite franchises – is out as Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery social game.

DHL Pranks UPS and TNT in Hilarious (and Fake) Advertising Campaign

Just because everyone looks at UPS or FedEx as the big boys of shipping, doesn’t mean that DHL has to take it lying down.  To that end, DHL decided to “prank” fellow shippers UPS and TNT by printing “DHL is Faster” on temperature-sensitive paper and glued them to large boxes and had UPS and TNT deliver them to hard-to-reach addresses.

The Democratization of Prosthetics Thanks to 3D Printing

If you need a little Friday afternoon inspiration, this is it. Not sure how I missed this video of a father 3D printing a prosthetic hand for his son. This hand cost a few dollars compared to $20,000 or more for a standard one, it can be easily updated, plus it looks way cool. Click for the video.

Wheelhaus is a Rather Weird House (and I Like It!)

Tow it. Drop it. Hook it up. That’s all it takes to add living space to almost any lot. Wheelhaus makes pre-fab homes designed for “living large with less”. These rolling cabins have a starting price of $76,000 for just under 350sq ft of living space. It is a cool way to add living space. Check out the styles.

Help Me Find the Best Universal Remote, Please

Okay, I’ve had it! We have too many remotes! Apple TV, Direct TV, TV, DVD, Roku, a Vizio sound bar, and I may even be forgetting one! Has anyone tried one of those smart remotes with a screen? I’m considering a Logitech Harmony remote, but I’m wondering if there is something even better out there?

Brew Cutlery Makes Loving Beer Even Easier

I recently built a home bar; between glass wear, jiggers, shakers and openers, there are tons of gadgets I could fill my drawers with, but a recent Kickstarter campaign has introduced an item I have never seen. Brew Cutlery combines stainless steel eating utensils with a bottle opener. A $20 Kickstarter contribution will let you eat, drink and be merry!

Lay Claim to Your Soda or Beer With CanStamp

Want to make your can of Bud stand out during a party? Want to lay claim to your Diet Coke when vacationing with others? If you answered yes, the $8 CanStamp is for you. Featuring statements like “mine”, “in use” and “fuel” it is a fun and kinda practical way to personalize your can. Check it out.

Spear-Phishing: Is Facebook the Source of Your Spam?

Have you received an email that said it was from someone related to you, but upon closer examination you saw that it was from an unknown email address, and it contained a spam link in the email’s body? If so, you might have thought that either you or your friend had been hacked, but this is something sneakier: spear-phishing.

Touch the iFrogz Cocoon for Apple iPod touch 5th Gen

If you want more protection than the iFrogz Luxe Lean we reviewed the other day, but still want something that is thin and light protecting your 5th generation iPod touch, then this may be the case for you. The iFrogz Cocoon offers up great protection and is currently an amazing bargain. Normally $24.99, it is currently just $4.99.

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Show the Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing

Did you catch the bit where Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith were giving examples of the evolution of hip-hop dancing over the years? If not, then you should watch this video; it’s almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Obviously they couldn’t fit in every hip-hop move ever, but it’s still a fun trip down memory lane. =)  

Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 350 AW: A Big Bag at a Great Price

The Lowepro Video Fastpack line of camera backpacks is the workhorse of camera backpacks. I was impressed by the 150 AW and use my 250AW constantly. The Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 350 AW is the largest backpack in the line. Not much to look at, it has great features and holds a ton. Best of all it is under $150.

Ford Debuts EcoBoosted 2015 Expedition

Last month we saw Lincoln take the wraps off its newest flagship SUV – the 2015 Navigator – and with it waved goodbye to the last V-8 engine (for now at least) from that storied automaker. This week Ford is debuting the next Expedition full-size SUV that also sheds the V-8 for the powerful, economical twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6.

Kobo Shows There’s Plenty of Life in the eBook Market

If you’ve heard of or use Kobo Books regularly, there’s a good shot you are not alone. Kobo has come a long way in a few short years, from starting as Shortcovers in 2009 to being purchased by Rakuten in 2012. Now they have some truly brag-worthy news-according to The Digital Reader, revenues are up 44%!

LinkedIn to Open Influencer Program to All

LinkedIn today announced an expansion of their Influencer program that will now allow  members to create longer form posts that exceed the standard 700 characters allotted regular members. This  expanded feature now lets members to treat LinkedIn as a type of professional blog to showcase their technical knowledge. Posts become a part of their LinkedIn profile.

Nokia Adds More Value to the Lumia Line with Treasure Tags

There’s no doubt that Nokia makes amazing phones. You may not like the operating system, but Nokia does a great job of bringing everything together into a very polished package. Their newest accessory is another “little thing” that makes Lumias better; the “Treasure Tag”, an NFC and Bluetooth-enabled accessory to insure you never lose your keys again.

WeMo Devices May Be Subject to Hacks

According to researchers from security firm IOActive, the popular home automation product known as WeMo might be susceptible to some  surprising security vulnerabilities. IOActive says a rogue user could remotely control attached devices, install malicious firmware, and remotely monitor your activities. The firm issued a critical security advisory recommending unplugging affected WeMo products.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Review on Nintendo Wii U

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games has been out since late 2013 all over the world, but don’t feel bad that you are just getting it now. This game has great all ages fun for any time of the year. Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games helps players warm up their winter with Olympic fever! SEGA Sports Japan teamed up with Nintendo for this only video game version of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, which is available exclusively on physical disc or download through the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Wii U…