Apple Watch Accessories

Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch Dresses up and Protects

Looking for a great way to protect your Apple Watch while also changing up its appearance with ease? Look no further than Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch. Available for both the 42MM and 38MM watches, the cases come in a three pack. The cases surround the watch with a thin protective layer while changing its look in seconds.

Native Union Wants to Anchor Your Apple Watch to Your Nightstand

There are dozens of Apple Watch docks out there on the market, but if you spend $399 for an Apple Watch, you might want it resting on something that looks just as fancy. Luckily Native Union is known for bringing out the best in your favorite smartphones & watches with their accessories.

LUNATIK’s EPIK Watch Kit for the Ultimate Apple Watch Protection

You may have seen the LUNATIK EPIK on Kickstarter, but if you didn’t, here’s what you need to know: they’ve come up with the ultimate 42mm Apple Watch protective shell. Not only will EPIK keep your watch safe from dents, wings, and scratches, it will also make it look like a rugged beast that can withstand just about anything.

Bluelounge Kosta Is a Charging Coaster for Your Apple Watch

I bought my Apple Watch intending to return it before the two week trial period was over. I found I really like Apple’s first smartwatch and, as you might expect, I ended up keeping it. That means it’s time to accessorize. My first extra… the Bluelounge Kosta. It is a low-profile charging station that is simple as simple can be. As Bluelounge explains: “Charge your Apple Watch the way it’s meant to be charged. Kosta is a coaster that manages your existing Apple Watch charger giving your Apple Watch a convenient place to rest and recharge. Unlike other stands, Kosta…

Lucrin’s Apple Watch Bands Let Your Wrist Make the Statement, for a Price

There’s already plenty of Apple Watch bands out there on the market, in all different types of makes and colors. Some things that you might have to consider is how much you’d want to spend for one, and if you’ll actually get quality for the price you pay. Apple’s own bands are pretty nice, but, to be honest, when I saw them in the store I wasn’t really in love with any of them minus the sports bands. 

Just Mobile TimeStand: A Beautiful and Iconic Apple Watch Stand

Have you got an Apple Watch that you’d like to lift up and off of your desk when charging? Do you travel a lot and need something that doesn’t make it complicated to remove your charging cable when it’s time to pack? If that’s you, then you should check out the Just Mobile TimeStand.

Want Protection for Your Apple Watch? Here’s Your Best Option

Everyone could use some added protection to their new Apple Watch from a rough bump against something, or even if it by chance drops. A Kickstarter created by “designed by m”, the Banded Classic Protective Housing is a US made case for the Apple Watch that adds an even more protective element to your wrist wear.

Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch Review: Elegant and Handy

If you have an Apple Watch or an Apple Watch Sport, then you didn’t received a nice stand from Apple for charging your watch when it’s not being worn. Maybe you’re happy with your watch lying on the bedside table or desk, but maybe you’d rather it be on something a little bit more attractive, something like the Griffin WatchStand.

Introducing the Xylum Charging Dock for the Apple Watch

If you are one of the one of the lucky few who have an Apple Watch, you’ll be happy to know that there are new accessories coming out for it daily. One thing we do know however is your new smartwatch needs to be charged, and soon you’ll be able to in a sleek new way thanks to the company Bulbae.

ActionProof’s THE BUMPER for Apple Watch Offers Lightweight Protection

Actionproof’s THE BUMPER for the Apple Watch is exactly what it sounds like, a rubber bumper that fits around your 42mm Apple Watch and provides protection against accidents that would otherwise scratch or dent your Watch. It provides 360° protection while providing access to the entire screen, digital crown, and health sensors. THE BUMPER can be preordered now for $35.

How to Get a $12,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition for Only $400

Let’s be honest. Not all of us have $12,000 to purchase a gold Apple Watch, and to be quite honest with you, spray painting it faux gold doesn’t make it look any more luxurious. But thanks to a company named WatchPlate, you can have yourself a Gold Apple Watch for $400.

ZAGG Introduces InvisibleShield HD for Apple Watch

I didn’t plan to order an Apple Watch, but that subtle pull toward all things Apple finally became too strong. I ordered the mid-tier model because I wanted the sapphire crystal, but having an extra layer of protection over the vulnerable glass is always a good thing. That’s why I’m glad ZAGG just introduced their  InvisibleShield HD for Apple Watch. The new product offers “High-Definition Clarity and Ultra-Durable Protective Film Protects the Apple Watch from Scratches and Impact Damage.”  Considering the price of even the least expensive Apple Watch the $14.99 product is a good insurance policy. The InvisibleShield HD…

Lunatik’s Epik is a Kit for Your Apple Watch That’s Stylish and Protective.

If you ever held an iPad Nano on your wrist hoping it could one day be a watch, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Lunatik. If you haven’t, it’s worth noting that the company raised over $900,000 to turn the nano into a makeshift watch five years ago in 2010. So it’s only telling that now courtesy of Apple actually releasing the Apple Watch that they’ve attempted to put their bid in for the Apple Watch accessories category. With the Apple Watch all but have sold out to the point that if you attempted to purchase one on the 24th,…