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December 23, 2014 • Gear Bits

Last Minute Gifts for the Scientologist in Your Life!

Did you forget to buy a gift for that Scientologist relative who shunned you as a suppressive person? Show them you care with this amazing list from Drew Magary at Deadspin, who helpfully (and bravely) read the entire Scientology Christmas Catalog so the rest of us didn’t have to.   Scientology is a scary concept, and …

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December 14, 2014 • eBooks

Why I Cancelled My Kindle Unlimited Subscription

A few weeks ago I was reminiscing about my favorite science fiction book from my childhood. It was an anthology of short stories, and some intense Googling determined it was out of print. My search led me to the local library, and after poking around for just a few minutes, I cancelled my Kindle Unlimited …

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September 20, 2014 • eBooks

Amazon Boosts eBooks with New Kindles, While B&N Pulls NOOK Downloads

This has been a roller coaster week for eBook fans. If you’re an Amazon Kindle fan, it’s been a positive coaster; there are new Kindles galore! On the other hand, if you’re a Barnes and Noble NOOK fan, you just lost the ability to download NOOK books directly to your computer. Disappointed? Happy? Unsure? Read …

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August 13, 2014 • News

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Isn’t Quite Unlimited

“Kindle Unlimited” has a nice ring to it. That’s probably why Amazon uses that name, and not, say, “Kindle 10-at-a-time”, which is the more accurate assessment of the service. If you plan to load up before a vacation, bear in mind you’re capped at 10 books before you have to “return” one!

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July 28, 2014 • eBooks, Gear Bits

The Golden Notebook Nails Why Paper beats eBook

We are on vacation in Woodstock, NY, and the local bookstore had a very entertaining comic in the window. If the picture isn't clear, it shows a 90lb weakling getting stronger from reading the complete works of Plato in hardcover, then smacking for using an ebook reader on the beach. Certainly one advantage to hardcover! …

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July 18, 2014 • eBooks, News

Amazon Announces Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has officially announced Kindle Unlimited, a $9.99 all you can read monthly ebook subscription. This was leaked earlier in the week, but now we have more details on this ebook and audiobook service!

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July 16, 2014 • News

Amazon Kindle Unlimited – $9.99 – Coming Soon

Amazon is reportedly testing a new offering named Kindle Unlimited according to a series of images posted on their site which have since been removed. For $9.99 per month, Kindle users could have access to over 600,000 Kindle eBook titles and thousands of audiobooks. It’s not yet known exactly which publishers would be included or which audio …

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June 1, 2014 • eBooks, Editorials

Target and Librify Partner Up for a New Twist on Subscription Ebooks

Target has sold books and eBook readers in their stores for years, and now they are sticking a very tentative toe into the world of selling digital books. No, you won’t be heading to for your next eBook (yet), but they are partnering with new website Librify, which is a social network/eBook subscription service …

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April 15, 2014 • Gear Bits

Gone Girl Movie Trailer Hits, and It’s Deliciously Dark

Did you read Gillian Flynn’s 2012 book, Gone Girl? Full of dark twists and a satisfyingly unexpected ending, I liked it so much that I devoured Ms. Flynn’s two other (unrelated) novels. Amy Dunne disappears on her 5th wedding anniversary; did she leave voluntarily? Did her husband David kill her? Or is something even more …

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April 11, 2014 • Gear Bits

FarFaria Children’s Book App Now Available on Android

FarFaria is a children’s book app that has been called “Netflix for Kids.”  It has a ton of awesome features, most of which you can read about at my previous FarFaria post, here.  Today is an exciting day for FarFaria, as they’ve just announced that FarFaria is now available on the Android platform.  Download it …

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February 19, 2014 • eBooks

Kobo Shows There’s Plenty of Life in the eBook Market

If you’ve heard of or use Kobo Books regularly, there’s a good shot you are not alone. Kobo has come a long way in a few short years, from starting as Shortcovers in 2009 to being purchased by Rakuten in 2012. Now they have some truly brag-worthy news-according to The Digital Reader, revenues are up …

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February 18, 2014 • eBooks, Music Diary, News

‘One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band’ Book Details Iconic Band!

For the true fan of music, genre doesn’t matter in appreciation of an iconic and legendary artist or group. This is true for Miles Davis, Beethoven, Michael Jackson, or the Allman Brothers Band. Alan Paul’s new book One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band seeks to illuminate their history for new …

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February 10, 2014 • eBooks

Oyster Books Subscription eBook Service: Great Idea, Awful Execution

One of the hardest things about quitting my job in a bookstore was giving up on easy access to and an employee discount on books … lots and lots of books. I love to read, and I’ve deeply embraced eBooks. So I was very excited to try Oyster Books, the so-called “Netflix of eBooks”, with …

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January 16, 2014 • Gear Bits

Out of Print Clothing Keeps Book Covers Relevant with Style

It’s no secret that I love books. If someone you know has a soft spot for true book geekery, and you’re looking for something special for them, check out Out of Print clothing, where book covers and book themes are the inspiration for t-shirts, tote bags, iPhone cases and more!

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January 12, 2014 • eBooks, Editorials

What Really Caused the Drop in NOOK Sales?

Barnes and Noble tried to bury some very bad news by releasing it during CES-NOOK sales for the holiday season were dreadful. Plenty were quick to blame Amazon’s lower prices, but while that’s no doubt a factor there’s some bigger issues here than prices on a few bestsellers…like marketing, and whether B&N plans to maintain …

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December 30, 2013 • Crowdfunding, eBooks

John Bigg’s Novel Mytro Finds Funding Via IndieGoGo

Traditional publishing is terrified of the rise of ebooks from Amazon, but it’s not just ebooks that threaten the publishing world. Crowdfunding is useful and disruptive for more than just gadgets, and can be used to fund books as well. In fact, John Bigg’s novel Mytro is being funded successfully via IndieGoGo!

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December 29, 2013 • eBooks, Reviews

Book Review: Goodnight iPad

My six month old son received lots of great books for Christmas and Hannukah this year, but the one we reach for more than any other these days is definitely “Goodnight iPad“. For one, he really likes the rhyming and the pictures, and two, I am pretty sure he wonders if the book is specifically …

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November 19, 2013 • Reviews

Lowepro Streamline 150 Lets You take Your Shooter and Reading Material On the Go

We recently reviewed the small, light but highly functional Lowepro Streamline 250. (Read the review.) The Lowepro Streamline 150 is a smaller, less expensive bag that offers the same design and features as its big brother. If you carry a point and shoot or a small mirrorless camera, it may be just the thing for …

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November 6, 2013 • eBooks, News

Amazon Offers Indie Bookstores a Small Cut to Sell eBooks, But Will Anyone Bite?

  It’s no secret that “Amazon” is a dirty word among independent booksellers. They’ve fought against carrying Amazon-published books, railed against Kindles, and fought Amazon’s no-internet-sales-tax stance. But Amazon really wants to win over the indie booksellers, so they’ve rolled out Amazon Source, an affiliate Kindle program for indie booksellers. Because when someone hates you, …

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November 4, 2013 • Gear Bits

Are my eBook Formatting Issues Due to Kindle for Windows Phone, or More Universal?

I usually read books on a dedicated eBook reader, typically my Kindle Paperwhite. But lately I’ve done a fair amount of eBook reading via the Kindle app on my Lumia 928, and I’ve discovered an unusual bug. At random intervals the formatting will become wonky, cutting off sentences during page turns, and requiring an orientation …

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October 29, 2013 • Gear Bits

Doctor Who Is Very Bullish on Paperbacks!

  I am slowly working my way through Doctor Who; I just watched the fourth season episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp”, when the Doctor and his traveling companion Donna meet Agatha Christie. The episode is amusing all by itself, but what really had me cracking up was the end …

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