Is ‘Windows CE Syndrome’ Hurting Tablet Adoption?

Somewhere between Apple’s and Samsung’s last quarterly earnings reports, Dan’s review of the Galaxy S5, Dan & Judie’s Sony Xperia X2s, the Ultra, discussions with friends about a variety of tablets we’ve all used, along with the statement by the Best Buy CEO that ‘tablet sales are crashing’ something occurred to me – we’ve been here before — with Windows CE.

7 Reasons an #Intel2in1 Might Be Ideal for College #ad

I’ve been using a Mac for more than 5 years and never thought I would go back to using a Windows laptop or desktop. When Intel offered me the opportunity to become part of the #Intel2in1 program,  I couldn’t say no. I’m impressed by the device,  and think it might be ideal for someone heading off to college. Here’s why.

IOGEAR Wireless Mobile and PC to HDTV With WiDi and Miracast Review

Apple TV lets you access iTunes or view content from a Mac or iOS device on the big screen. The same holds true for Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. Unfortunately, each only works with devices in that company’s ecosystem. Looking for something more platform agnostic? Check out the IOGEAR Wireless Mobile and PC to HDTV With WiDi and Miracast.

Life With the Dell Venue 11 Pro Part 1 #Intel2in1

The other day I reviewed the HP Pavilion X360 laptop. In many ways it is a 2014 netbook with a cool design and touchscreen. This is the first in a series of posts on the Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet/keyboard I was sent as part of the Intel 2in1 Program. I could not be more surprised that … I love this computer.

Yes, Matt Lauer, You Can Be GM’s CEO and Be a Mother, Too!

Hypothetical situation: You have the CEO of a major company on your morning news show for an interview. This CEO has been under the microscope for good news (positive sales numbers) and bad news (product issues). So what’s tops on your list of questions? How to fix the products? Why are sales strong? Are they a good parent? Wait, what?!

Laptop Shopping with Linux in Mind

For the first time in many years, I was in the market for a new personal laptop You would think that buying a laptop to run Linux on would be easy, but with recent changes it’s more difficult than it has to be. With some research, and a few preparation steps done ahead of time, it won’t be a huge challenge.

Gigabyte Brix Pro (i5-4570R) Review

Lately consumers have been shunning the traditional desktop PC for laptops. Today’s mobile processors are powerful enough to meet the average user’s needs, and now power-sipping mobile chips are regularly showing up in PCs sold by companies such as Lenovo, Apple, and Dell. Is there still room for desktop CPUs in computers you won’t hide under the table?

Can the New Intel Based Tablets run Linux?

I was at Staples the other day and saw some of the new Windows 8 based tablets that have recently been released. Specifically, the Dell Venue 8 Pro. It is based on the new quad core Atom chip and uses a whole lot less power than the chips they used in netbooks. The question is: Will it run Linux? The answer is complicated.

Why You Should Have Been at #DellWorld 2013

I’ve recently attended Dell World, the newly private company‘s expo where attendees “gain insights into key industry trends, engage with industry visionaries, exchange ideas and learn how Dell is evolving to deliver the solutions of tomorrow.” Key words used during the conference were “Transform, Connect, Inform, & Protect”; amazingly enough, Dell managed to make the event interesting and fun.

The $0.50 Per Week iPad Mini Rental

The high resale value of Apple products has long been a compelling argument for the perceived premium — I remember reselling my Titanium Powerbook for ~80% of retail a year later so I could jump to the new Aluminum Powerbook. In contrast, the high-end Dell XPS laptop I bought at the same time fetched less than 40%.

Why I Want a $60 Game for My iPad … and Why You Should Too

Way back in 2009, I was lamenting the insulting cheapness of App Store games, and also the destructive ‘race for the bottom’ in terms of mobile game pricing. At the time we were seeing big game companies struggle due to the large budgets of ‘AAA’ games requiring massive sales volumes, and that dictating choices made in terms of franchises to pursue and so on. Over the last few years, Indie games have exploded, and they have shown that for a much smaller budget a game can still deliver a high-quality experience. And yet on the iPad we are still getting an…

Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Backpack Review – Bigger and Better!

It’s been a while since Tom Bihn released the original Synapse backpack.  I liked it very much except that it does tend to look a little silly on a big guy like me, and sometimes it’s just a bit too small to hold the things I want to bring along.  Apparently I am not the only one who has said that, which led Tom to design a bigger version of the Synapse, called the Synapse 25.  The original Synapse is still being made, and is now called the Synapse 19. What’s New?

Market Share and Profit Dynamics – Is Android REALLY Winning?

If you listen to most pundits, Android is absolutely DESTROYING Apple. I mean, if you look at the global smartphone market, Android has more than 70% and Apple has less than 25%. Even in the US market, iPhone and Android pretty much split the market. In the larger mobile phone market, Apple has an even smaller chunk of the total product volume. But as noted here, and as I have mentioned before, Apple continues to take in the majority of mobile device profits, with more than 60% for all of 2012 and 57% for Q1 of 2013. The rest of…

iSafe Urban Crew Backpack Review – Wired with Protective Lights and a Loud Alarm

In the last few years we have seen reports of violence on college, high school and even grade school campuses. The Virginia Tech and Newtown shootings aren’t necessarily a confirmation of increasing crime on school campuses, but they certainly serve as reminders that we can’t always be with our kids to protect them. While the iSafe Urban Crew backpack will not protect your loved one in overtly violent incidents such as a shooting, it might be helpful in other threatening situations by creating a significant amount of commotion, calling others to you or your child’s aid.  How?  Simple, the iSafe Urban…

Targus Touch Pen for Windows 8 Review

Let’s face it, most of us who have become adept at using smartphones and tablets have become quite accustomed to using our fingers as the primary input devices. Microsoft took note of this and enveloped Windows 8 in something of a hybrid interface to permit this on touch-capable devices. Right now I’m running Windows 8 Pro on a 16″ Dell XPS 1640 laptop I configured back in 2009. In my position as one of my company’s two IT admins and software tester, I need to keep abreast of the latest OS technologies, so I took the plunge and put Windows…

Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones First Look

I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on the Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones for some time. Jabra describes the Revo Wireless Headphones as combining “amazing sound clarity with peerless build and durability”. The videos on the Jabra website show just how tough the headphones are, and a live demonstration at CES 2013 reinforced the message. Yes, the Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones promise to be incredibly durable. If the sound quality is similarly impressive, then Jabra will likely have a hit on their hands. The bad news is that we don’t yet have a final price or release date on…

If You Want GOOD Service, Use the Apple Store Instead of Apple Support

Apple has a reputation and standing as one of the best customer support organizations in all of the consumer world. They top the ratings each year; due to their retail stores, the ability to quickly talk to someone knowledgeable has made using Apple products easier than ever for millions of folks. Truth is, in more than 30 years of owning Apple products starting with the Apple ][+, I have never needed service of any type. I have had a couple of questions, and had to email support about a couple of iTunes issues, but I have never had an actual…