Laptop Shopping with Linux in Mind

For the first time in many years, I was in the market for a new personal laptop You would think that buying a laptop to run Linux on would be easy, but with recent changes it’s more difficult than it has to be. With some research, and a few preparation steps done ahead of time, it won’t be a huge challenge.

BW3 and Buzztime Will Go BEOND with In-Restaurant Tablet Computers

Buffalo Wild Wings® (BW3) and NTN Buzztime are teaming up to give customers a deeper dining experience with seven-inch BEOND computer tablets. Guests of all ages will get the BW3 Buzztime BEOND tablet at their table by the end of 2015. This “all-in-one” interactive offering will eventually be coming to all North American BW3 restaurant locations and approximately 500 locations by the end of this year.

Hands-On With the HP Pavilion x360 Laptop- MWC 2014

Judie got some hands-on time with the new HP Pavilion x360 laptop. Thanks to a 360-degree hinge this 11.6″ hybrid is able to switch between clamshell and tablet mode. No, this isn’t deja vu but you have seen this before. Priced starting at $399 it has Beats Audio and surprisingly good specs for the price. Check out the image gallery.

Why You Should Have Been at #DellWorld 2013

I’ve recently attended Dell World, the newly private company‘s expo where attendees “gain insights into key industry trends, engage with industry visionaries, exchange ideas and learn how Dell is evolving to deliver the solutions of tomorrow.” Key words used during the conference were “Transform, Connect, Inform, & Protect”; amazingly enough, Dell managed to make the event interesting and fun.

OS X Mavericks Brings Enhanced Voice Recognition

Enhanced voice recognition in OS X Mavericks means that you are no longer limited to the amount of time you speak and can dictate even when offline. It means global dictation is available everywhere and without time limits. It is a far easier way to write. In fact, I am dictating this and I’m not even wearing a headset.

Apple’s Big October Event News and Opinions

We’ll be posting the news as it rolls in. While we do we want to know what YOU think! Do you like what you see coming from Cupertino this fall? Are you disappointed? Did Apple nail it or miss an opportunity? Do their prices make sense? We want to know what you think in the comments.

Use an Apple Computer? Ergotron Wants You to Work in a Whole New Way

Periods of back trouble can’t slow me down, so I’ve had times when all my writing was done while standing. Many actually feel more productive when working at a standing desk, and I cannot disagree. If you have ever considered using a standing desk, Ergotron’s new WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations for Apple are worth a look. Check both out here.

Apple Quietly Innovates with Updated iMacs

We get so used to Apple introducing products with over-the-top hype and fanfare, so it is always a refreshing surprise when we discover that Apple has … um, refreshed one of its product lines. Yesterday Apple released an update to the iMac line, with upgraded processors, new graphics, next generation Wi-Fi and faster PCIe flash storage options. Faster Processors: the new 4th generation Haswell Intel Core processors are faster with lower power consumption. The standard configurations offer quad-core i5 processors, but optional builds include quad-core i7, which allows hyper-threading for 8 virtual cores. Updated Graphics: even at the bottom end…

Want OS X or Windows 8 On Your iPad? Check Out Parallels Access

I just got a subscription to Parallels Access, and although I will be doing a full review I had to share a quick post because… “It is all kinds of awesome!” Minutes after creating an account, I had full access to my Mac from my iPad. The gestures are amazing. There’s no lag time. It just works. Check it out. I’ve used LogMeIn Ignition for some time. I like it a good deal and didn’t think I needed or even wanted Parallels Access. But after trying out my reviewer’s access to the service, I’m blown away. The biggest difference? In…

Logitech’s Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Now in White

Logitech’s K400 keyboard is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the computing world. It combines a comfortable keyboard that includes media hot keys with a 3.5” multi-touch touchpad and 33 ft, long-range wireless connectivity allowing you to control your laptop or PC-connected TV from the comfort of your couch. You can even store it vertically to save space. Check it out.

When to Use the Command Line and When to Stick to a GUI

Back in the early days of computing there was DOS, and DOS used what we call a command line. A command line or shell is a text interface for interacting with your computer. Today graphical interfaces rule the day, but the command line is still useful … in fact, sometimes it might even be better. Read on for more on how to improve your computing life with the good ol’ command line. When I bought my first IBM compatible PC, as we called them back in the day, DOS was the only way to interact with the PC. We launched programs…

The Atari 800XL, My First Computer

Everyone can recall their first car, a first school, and a first phone, but today I am going to reminisce about how I first got started into computing.  In 1986 my brother and I received our first computer as a gift; that computer was the Atari 800XL.  Back then there were many players vying for home computing supremacy.  IBM may have ruled the office with the IBM PC, and Apple may have ruled some homes and schools with the Apple II, but in most of my friends homes back in the day it was one of two computers: you were…

WWDC 2013 Opens the Door to Apple’s Future

  Apple WWDC Developer Conference is THE media event of the spring for Apple fanboys and girls everywhere. It is usually the place we get our first look at the next versions of iOS and OS X but, more than that, it is the event that reveals Apple’s overall direction for their products. At times there are also some hardware announcements. And, while this is more geared to developers, the fact that the Apple Store online is currently down indicates that there will be some new hardware revealed. We have been careful not to speculate and quote rumors but serious…

Is Your Laptop As Flexible as Lenovo’s Yoga11S Convertible Ultrabook?

Lenovo’s Yoga 11S Ultrabook convertible laptop captured a good bit of attention at CES 2013. Now it is available directly from Lenovo or for pre-order at Best Buy. If you are not familiar with the Yoga 11S Ultrabook convertible it is a thin, 11.6” ultrabook that will ship with a Core i3, i5 or i7 third generation Intel processor. That means those purchasing the Yoga 11S can configure the machine that will best serve their needs. What makes the Yoga 11S special is its ability to quickly and easily convert into four different modes. That means the device can serve…

Mitchell’s Gear, Spring 2013

  We all have our selection of favorite gear; you know, the equipment we have that we actually keep with us on a regular basis. So spring seemed like a good time to take a renewed look at the gear various members of the GD team actually use. First up — from Gear Diary’s Australian Bureau — Mitchell Oke. My job takes me on the road a lot, so my laptop bag is never more than a few metres away, packed with all the gear that I might need when I’m out of the office.

PC Sales Plummet, But are Windows 8 or iPad to Blame?

There is one reality bolstered by two bits of speculation getting loads of attention today. The reality is that sales of personal computers are abysmal, in fact they just hit the lowest point since the IDC started tracking numbers nearly 20 years ago. As happens whenever numbers are released for anything, analysts swoop in to rationalize and spin, which has led to two major speculations about the origins of the decline. All we know is that PC sales plummet, but are Windows 8 or iPad to blame? Let’s look at those two, and a few more dynamics at play: Windows…

APC Releases Rock and Paper Computers

  The Raspberry Pi has been openly embraced by the hacker community for all sorts of projects.  From roll your own set-top boxes to Amateur Radio uses, it’s become a fast favorite of the hacker community.  Not to be outdone, APC has released two new computers that are sure to peak interest of the hacker community and anyone who wants a nice, simple computer without worry of viruses or other malware. The Rock computer is a board only device that runs a customized version of Android 4.0 that is designed to work with a keyboard and mouse.  The Rock has a Via…

Keep Your Data Safe in 2013 with Dropbox’s Packrat Feature

From now until 2013, we’re taking a look at some New Year’s Resolutions and Gear Diary ways to help keep them. New Year Resolution: Protect Your Data in 2013 This is one of those lessons you learn, forget, and then learn again once a data-loss disaster strikes. Here’s my story, and why DropBox’s PackRat feature is my new best friend. I have spent the last year on and off creating an interactive iBook that can be used by all my Bar Mitzvah students to help them study toward becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The iBook has the prayers the…

Building a Budget-Friendly Home Theater PC

Hello again, friends and tech-lovers.  Today we are going to talk about building a Home Theater PC or HTPC for short.  More importantly, building a budget-friendly HTPC.  In one of my previous posts, I talked about the Ceton inifiniTV 4 tuner, a great way to turn your PC into a set-top box for your cable TV.  But, what if you don’t have a PC lying around to use?  What if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money to buy a PC?  I’m going to show you how you can build an HTPC for around $300. Why build an…