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August 11, 2011 • News

Bongiovi Acoustics DPS (Digital Power Station) for iOS Rocks Your World

Want richer bass, higher clarity and an all around enhanced audio experience? Bongiovi Acoustics: Bongiovi DPS (Digital Power Station) technology has it. The technology is currently available in iHome dock stations and select Toyota models and, for the first time, Bongiovi’s technology is available as an iOS app. The technology “re-masters your compressed digital audio files …

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July 22, 2011 • Editorials, News

MacBook Air 11″ (rev Summer 2011) First Impressions

For the last few months I have been using a 13″ MacBook Air as my primary computer. It works beautifully. It is thin, light, and more than speedy enough for my needs. In addition, since the screen resolution is the same as the 15″ MacBook Pro I used briefly a few years ago I don’t …

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July 21, 2011 • News

Sonos Issues Mac OS X ‘Lion’ Compatibility Warning – Don’t Upgrade Yet!!

Yesterday Michael brought word that Livescribe’s Mac desktop software is not currently compatible with Mac OS X Lion. In other words, if you rely on Livescribe don’t upgrade to OS X Lion. This isn’t a surprise or even an issue since there are always small bumps along the way whenever new operating systems come out. …

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July 20, 2011 • News

Livescribe Issues Mac OS X ‘Lion’ Compatibility Warning – Don’t Upgrade Yet!

If you depend on Livescribe Desktop on your Mac from day to day, they have some advice: don’t upgrade to Lion … yet! Here is what they are saying: Livescribe Software Notice Regarding Mac OS X Lion The current version of Livescribe Desktop 2.7.2 is not completely compatible with Apple’s new Mac OS upgrade (Lion) …

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July 12, 2011 • Reviews

Office Gear Review: Sennheiser OfficeRunner Headset

I spend a lot of time on the phone and have long thought about getting a good headset to use. I was close to buying the OfficeRunner some time back but did not. Why? In part because I read a fairly scathing review of it.The “review” that turned me off to a great extent and …

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June 24, 2011 • Reviews

iPad Accessory Review: Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage

Storing information in the cloud is all good and well but with tiered data plans becoming the norm the idea of constantly streaming music and video becomes a bit problematic. After all, depending upon your plan, streaming just a couple of movies could all but do in your monthly allotment. That leaves just three possibilities. You …

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May 3, 2011 • News

GD Quickie: Apple Updates iMac All-In-One With FaceTime HD, Thunderbolt and more

As expected Apple introduced new iMacs this morning. While they look the same they have some nice upgrades under the hood. Among the changes are quad-core processors across the line, graphics that are up to 3x faster, Thunderbolt for super-fast data transfer, and a FaceTime HD camera. The 21.5″ model starts at $1,199.00 with the …

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April 22, 2011 • News

Cool MacBook Accessories: Silva Bamboo MacBook Case

This Silva Bamboo MacBook Case looks pretty darn awesome. It is super slim and, as a result, doesn’t seem to add too much size to your MacBook. In fact it pretty much looks like what a bamboo MacBook would look like. The case is handmade of raw bamboo that is milled-out To make room for …

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April 21, 2011 • Reviews

Computer Accessory Review: Field Monitor Pro with DisplayLink Technology

This is my 13″ MacBook Air. I love it. Especially now that Apple fixed it after my clumsiness a few weeks ago (when I dumped a drink on top of it). With 4 GB of RAM and 256 GB of solid-state storage, the laptop doesn’t feel like a compromise in any way shape or form. …

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April 7, 2011 • Gear Bits

GD Quickie: What a Difference Some RAM Makes

photo credit: Joachim S. Müller Last week I trashed my MacBook Air. It was a sad day and within hours the computer was with Apple and on its way to be repaired. I went two days using only my iPad and it worked fine but, as expected, I discovered there were a few things that …

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April 4, 2011 • Reviews

Desktop PC Review: Hewlett Packard HP Compaq 6000 Pro All-in-One

Recently I have reviewed the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Elitebook 8440w Mobile Workstation and the Elitebook 2540p, laptops with powerful Core i7 processors, solid graphics systems, a business focus, and a price tag higher than what a typical family would want to pay. So when I had the opportunity to look at an all-in-one system with a …

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March 29, 2011 • Gear Bits

GD Quickie: Flashback to Grad School or “I Wrote My Thesis With That?”

Kayla’s rant about iPads and her description of college tech was striking to me. She ASSUMED (accurately) that anyone going to college these days has a computer. Yup, access to a computer isn’t a luxury for students these days, it is a necessity. (As she then goes on to point out, iPads, on the other …

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March 22, 2011 • Reviews

Review: Warpia StreamHD Streams Video from Your PC to the Big(ger) Screen

The modern computer is an amazing thing. It is a work device, a communication device, a jukebox, and a video machine. I don’t know about you, but I probably watch just as many shows through either iTunes or Hulu or Netflix as I do on my HDTV these days. Yes, a huge amount of video …

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February 16, 2011 • News

Twelve South Introduces the MagicWand for Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard

Twelve South makes some great Mac products. They make the Compass iPad stand and the BookBook iPad case, along with a host of other Mac accessories. Well today they are rolling out a new product that seamlessly connects Apple’s Magic Trackpad to the Apple Wireless Keyboard to create one, easy to use, accessory. Judie recently …

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January 21, 2011 • Gear Bits, Reviews

GD Quickie: the BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform; Thankfully Someone Was Listening

I have been using a Mac laptop of some kind for a relatively short amount of time — only since March 2008, but since then there has always been a MacBook nearby, whether it was the 15″ MacBook Pro, a first generation MacBook Air, a second generation MacBook Air, a 17″ MacBook Pro, or more …

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January 20, 2011 • Reviews

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Review: a Small Form Factor Desktop Computer

It has been a while since I have used a desktop computer, and even longer since I used a desktop computer running Windows. Truth be told, the last time I had the opportunity to use a Windows desktop computer it was not the most pleasing experience. Yes, it was in the days of Vista, and …

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January 4, 2011 • News

AMD Makes Processors Sound Exciting!

I love corporate thrillers. One of my favorite books of all time is “Paranoia” by Joseph Finder, an awesome espionage/thriller with cool twists. However, despite being a big geek words like “silicon” and “graphics chip” don’t really pique my interest. However, AMD has put together an AWESOME trailer for their newest chips, and if this …

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October 1, 2010 • Reviews

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z All-In-One Desktop Computer Review

photos by Kevin Lenovo recently sent me a 23″ touchscreen ThinkCentre M90z all-in-one desktop computer to use for long-term evaluation. Because of its similar form factor to the ThinkCentre A70z (which had a 19″ non-touchscreen monitor), I already knew that I would like its space-saving design. But what I didn’t expect was how much I …

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September 29, 2010 • Reviews

Review: Lan Gear’s SFF “Da Box 100 Blackheart” Gaming Case, Little Package With A Big Heart

Image courtesy of Lan Gear Back since I bought my first caddy load cd drive I have been building my own computers for personal use and gaming. Since IT is now my career, the past few years I don’t do as much gaming but still like to keep my home system up to date with …

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September 27, 2010 • News

Work Gear Review- The Ergotron WorkFit Sit-Stand Desk

I have a bad back, and when it goes out I have a very difficult time sitting for extended period. This can be more than a slight problem in light of the fact that, between my work as a rabbi and my work on the site, I do so much writing. At times I’ve ended …

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September 24, 2010 • News

Lenovo Releases Their First AMD-Powered M-Series ThinkCentre Windows 7 PC, and We’ll Be Giving One Away Soon!

This is just a heads up! Lenovo and AMD have joined together to create the new M75e ThinkCentre, and the specs are pretty impressive … The ThinkCentre M75e is an enterprise-class mainstream desktop designed for cost-conscious large enterprises and public segments. This is the first M-series ThinkCentre desktop featuring the powerful AMDTM processor AMDTM VISION Pro …

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